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Tundra Alison Emmons.

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1 Tundra Alison Emmons

2 Also found on the tops of mountains…called Alpine tundra

3 Defining Characteristics
Cold, windy, and little precipitation Long winters, short summers Low biotic diversity Permafrost Precipitation is greater than evaporation 50-60 days of summer with 24 sunlight -34 degrees average in the winter 3-12 degrees in the summer

4 Permafrost Permanently frozen rock or soil Close to melting point
Remains frozen for at least two years Close to melting point Surface layer melts during the summer Bogs and shallow lakes Talik—soil that remains unfrozen because it lies under a body of water Fragile, easily disturbed by climate changes or human influence Summer brings plant and animal life About 450 meters

5 Vegetation Moss, lichens, low shrubs 400 wildflowers Adaptations
Shallow root systems Grow short and group together Short growing season Small leaves Fuzzy hairs Lichens and moss can grow on bare rock Small leaves to retain moisture

6 Animal Life Arctic fox, polar bear, caribou, gray wolf, arctic hares, ground squirrels Migratory birds—snow geese, falcons, loons Insects—mosquitoes, arctic bumble bees Insects flock in the summer when there are pools of water

7 Animal Life Adaptations Fat insulation and thick fur coats Migration
Hibernation Breed and raise young quickly

8 Threats—Global Warming
Permafrost melting Changing of habitat Invasive species New carbon contributor Rising sea levels Red fox from the south is competing with the Arctic fox for food and territory 11% of the Earth’s carbon Releasing of carbon stored in the dead organic material that was once frozen

9 Threats—Human Disturbance
Air pollutants—DDT and PCB Oil and gas development Roads create heat Tire tracks Chernobyl deposited contaminated meats Tire tracks leave permanent scars Roads create heat that melt the permafrost beneath them

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