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List three things you recall about the tundra.

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1 List three things you recall about the tundra.
Bell Ringer List three things you recall about the tundra.

2 Yesterday…… What did we study?

3 That’s right deserts……….
I believe that you had home work Take it out, Let’s go over the questions as I walk around

4 Questions (Please copy) due on Tuesday!
1. List 3 animals and their adaptations for the desert. 2. Why would desert plants with very shallow root systems be a good adaptation to life in the desert? 3. What kind of soil is in the desert? 4. How are plants adapted to life in a desert? 5. How are animals adapted to life in a desert?

5 I can describe two harsh biomes.
I can give details about each biome. Can someone tell me what the word harsh means?

6 What does the Tundra look like?
Looking at the next two pictures describe the Tundra. (on paper)

7 Tundra

8 Tundra

9 Tundra Layers of permafrost (permanently frozen soil)
Temperatures---94F (-70C)

10 What animals do you find in the Tundra?
Animals—Caribou, polar bears, musk ox, arctic hares Boggy pools ( perfect from mosquitoes and the birds that feed on them)

11 What about the plant life?
Poor nutrients in the soil Shallow roots and short growing seasons Mosses, lichens, some shrubs Treeless

12 What are characteristics of the tundra?
Ground is frozen all year Treeless Soil poor in nutrients Light almost all day and night during the short summer

13 What could be some of the animal adaptations?
Animals with thick fur, layers of fat, migrations,

14 How do plants adapt to life in the tundra?
Shallow roots Adapt to a short growing season

15 Next, Taiga


17 What did you notice from the pictures?

18 What changes takes place in the summer in the taiga?
Flowers bloom Ice melts Insects breed Migrating birds move back into the area

19 How do animals adapt to the tundra?
Thick coats Layers of fat Hibernation during the winter

20 How is the taiga different from the tundra?
Create a Venn Diagram to show your answer! What similarities and differences do you notice in these two biomes? What do you observe about the animals in these two biomes?

21 The taiga is south of the tundra
Has forest of coniferous evergreen trees Soil is low in minerals Taiga has cold temperatures but not as cold as the tundra The tundra has no trees


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