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MISSION SANTA INES By Cole Ashburn 5/6/13 Gil.

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1 MISSION SANTA INES By Cole Ashburn 5/6/13 Gil

2 Founding History Mission Santa Ines was founded on September 17, 1804 by Father. Estevan Tapis, and the founding fathers are, Father. Jose Antonio Calzada and Romualdo Gutierez.

3 Location Mission Santa Ines is located in Solvang, three miles east of U.S. 101, also seven miles east of Buellton. Solvang, CA GPS 34°35’26”N 120°08’25”

4 Layout The layout for Santa Ines is quite simple. The layout is a traditional quadrangle and neophyte housing area. It has pretty thick walls. It has a church, cemetery, warehouse, corral, workers’ quarters, granary, Friars’ quarters, bell wall, workshops, barns, a courtyard, and a fountain.

5 Mission Life Chumash Native’s Life Missionary Life Nonviolent tribe
Loved music and made it everyday life Sadly, over half of the children born on a mission died before age four and only about two of every ten lived to be teens The children who lived presidios(Forts) or an outlying rancho had a higher chance of living All though life was harsh for Indian children, they played games that they had learned before the Spanish came They were taught Christianity at a very young age The girls help their mothers cook and clean The boys help in the fields The missionaries gave lots of orders and hard work to Indians They were very busy They made sure there was enough to eat The missionaries would never see their country or parents again if they volunteered

6 Mission life today The Santa Ines today has an active parish. It also has a lot of Franciscans that take a lot of care of the mission, and it also has all of the stuff it used to have, like fountains and rooms. Mission Santa Ines also has Lots of beautiful flowers, and people walking around it.

7 Take a Stand I think the mission system was very mean and cruel. The main reason Father Serra started the mission system is to hold Spain's claim on California, so on July 16, 1769 Father Serra built the first of the twenty-one missions, San Diego De Alcala. Once he started to build missions, Father Serra has noticed that there was signs of Indians near a cross, so he started to let Indians join and practice Christianity. Soon the missions started to force Indians to a new way of life, Christianity. After long years of doing very hard work in all missions, presidios, and pueblos, the mission system ended in Native Americans were soon forced into a new way of life(Christianity). The Indians also had to forget their old way of life. Another reason Indians were treated cruel is that they were forced to pray to Christianity even if they believed in another religion. Also Native Americans were treated cruel because they were forced to work and do everything for the Padres. Children were separated from their parents for the rest of their lives. Indians were treated unfair and cruel if the Padres saw any evidence of the Indians old way of life they would be hurt or punish. If the Indians were not doing what they were supposed to do they would also be whipped or killed. Native Americans were forced to do everything for the padres, for example they had to carry blocks, bricks, wood, tiles, twigs, and sticks for the Padres.

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9 Mission Santa Ines

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