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San Juan Bautista My Mission Report Of: By: Juan C. Meza.

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1 San Juan Bautista My Mission Report Of: By: Juan C. Meza

2 Table of Contents Mission Site Father Serra and Founder of Mission
Mission Layout and Bell Tower When and where Mission was built Agriculture and Livestock Indians Joining this Mission Significant Events Population Current Use of Mission What I Liked Best Bibliography Back to main menu

3 When Mission was Built (Founded)
The beautiful mission San Juan Bautista was built in June 24 , 1797. It was also the 15th mission.

4 Mission Site It was located in a plaza in a town that developed around the mission some 90 miles southeast of San Francisco. It lies in the town/city of San Juan Bautista. ( I know, right?)

5 Father Junipero Serra Fr. Junipero Serra was
born on November 24, 1713. He died on August 28, 1784. He was buried at Mission Carmel at age 70.

6 Mission Layout and Bell Tower

7 Founder of Mission The founder of my mission is Fr. Pedro Estevan Tapis. He taught Indians how to play music.

8 Agriculture and Livestock
Total agricultural output between 1798 through 1832 was over 90,000 bushels of wheat, barley, corn, beans, and also peas. It also had flowers and cactus in the garden.

9 Indians Joining this Mission
The mission was founded near the village of the Mutsun tribe. The Mutsuns joined San Juan Bautista and Santa Cruz in the 18th,19th,and early 20th century.

10 Population The highest population of San Juan Bautista is 1,890 and was recorded in 2011. In 2010, it was recorded 1,862.

11 Significant Events San Juan Bautista has suffered earthquakes such as those of 1800 and 1906. The mission earthquake shook the mission as much as 6 times a day.

12 Current Use of the Mission
It was used as a Spanish church. It was used as a museum. There is a gift shop there at my mission.

13 What I Liked Best I liked how I got to learn many things about San Juan Bautista. I liked how the church was made because I went to San Juan Bautista myself. How amazing on how they made the missions. That the nickname for my mission is “ Mission of Music.”

14 Bibliography Wikipidia, the free encyclopedia
San Juan Bautista/ California Missions Resource Center Google San Juan Bautista mission

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