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Mission Santa Barbara By Ali Taquie 29 May 3, 2013 Mrs.Gil.

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1 Mission Santa Barbara By Ali Taquie 29 May 3, 2013 Mrs.Gil

2 Founding History The mission was found by Father Fermin Lasuen. Mission Santa Barbara was the tenth mission found in the mission chain. The mission was named after Saint Barbara. Santa Barbara was the third mission that was established in the land of the Chumash (Natives )

3 Location Located at Santa Barbara,93101 You can get to the mission by following Mission St. In Santa Barbara The mission is in the Coastal Region

4 Design/Layout The mission has two awesome fountains. One is in the middle of the mission, and the other is by the parking lot (Great attraction) The mission includes a Cemetery, Church, Altar, and a spectacular garden The mission has two altars. One is a original altar by the exit. The other is (Not original) is by the cemetery. The cemetery also contains bodies of about 4000 missionaries and natives

5 Mission Life Native American Life  The Life for the natives were strict because they had to give up beliefs and live in a different lifestyle  Their routine was started by waking up by the bell (Bell also told them other events such as mealtime.), going to prayer, learn about Christianity (Bible lessons), and improve the mission.  They learned how to weave baskets, leather and more items to trade with.  Day by day they learned more and soon enough they learned how to recruit other natives. Missionaries Life  It was the friars (missionaries) responsibility to teach the natives about Christianity  They thought them how to trade and hoped one day the can run the mission independently  The missionaries also worked hard to guide the natives and worked hard to make the mission better.

6 Mission Life Today The mission still approximately has 30 friars. It is the only mission still continued in control of the Franciscans. The mission has about 800 families in the church’s membership

7 Take a Stand I actually disagree with the mission system. It was a good way to keep claim on the land, but a unfair to the Chumash (natives) because they didn’t get to live in their own lifestyle, and had to give up their own beliefs. They also couldn’t teach their children tradition of their own lifestyle. It was very unfair that they were whipped or hurt because they didn’t do things properly. It was also really unfair that they didn’t get to life freely in the land and were in the rule of the missionaries., also they were forced to be converted to Christianity, so they had no choice but go with the flow. That’s why it’s unfair to the natives.

8 Bibliography  “ I am a Morning Dove” Weekly Studies, 2012-2013  Margret, Amy. Mission Santa Barbara. New York; Power Kids Press,2000.   ions/missions.html

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