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6.3 The Spanish Return to Texas

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1 6.3 The Spanish Return to Texas

2 A New French Threat After the settlement failures in East Texas, the Spanish ignored Texas for 20 years. Father Francisco Hidalgo wanted to return to East Texas and work with the local Indians. Spain said no. He wrote a letter to the French governor of Louisiana to help build missions. It was a daring move because France and Spain were enemies.

3 A New French Threat cont.’d
French traded furs with the Native Americans at their trading posts along the Mississippi River Governor Cadillac of Louisiana saw Hidalgo’s letter as a way to begin trading in Texas. He send Louis Juchereau de St. Denis, an experienced explorer into East Texas. He could not find Hidalgo. He went to the San Juan Bautista presidio with lots of goods to trade. Presidio commander Diego Ramon arrested St. Denis, but treated him well After marrying Ramon’s step- granddaughter, St. Denis was sent to Mexico City for questioning St. Denis and the Caddo

4 New East Texas Missions
St. Denis told Spanish officials that he had traveled to Texas to look for Fr. Hidalgo. It is doubtful that the Spanish believed him because they were threatened by the French presence in Texas. Diego Ramon’s son Domingo, led an expedition through East Texas and St. Denis was the guide. When they arrived in East Texas the Caddo welcomed them warmly The Spaniards built Nuestro Padre San Francisco de los Tejas. Fr. Hidalgo was put in charge. The Spanish built five more missions in East Texas

5 In 1716, Spanish officials approved to build a mission-presidio outpost along the San Antonio River.
Spanish governor Martin de Alarcon led a group of colonists to the area in A priest, Antonio de San Buenaventura y Oliveras traveled with a separate group and met up with Alarcon’s group along the San Antonio River. The San Antonio River

6 San Antonio Settlements
They built San Antonio de Valero (the Alamo) which was simple and made of mud and straw. The group moved about a mile away and built a presidio named San Antonio de Bexar and established a small settlement called Villa de Bexar The San Antonio River area was a good place to settle. The Spanish built several more missions along the river.

7 The San Antonio Settlements cont.’d
The missions soon became ranching centers Spanish officials brought 15 families from the Canary Islands to live near the presidio in San Fernando de Bexar. San Antonio became the halfway point on the Texas part of the El Camino Real. The El Camino Real was a dangerous road, but the Spanish used it to supply the East Texas missions

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