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San Fernando Rey De Espana

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1 San Fernando Rey De Espana
Tyler Mackulin

2 Table of Contents Mission Site Father Serra and Founder of Mission
Mission Layout and Bell Tower When and where Mission was built Agriculture and Livestock Indians Joining this Mission Significant Events Population Current Use of Mission What I Liked Best Bibliography Back to main menu

3 When Mission was Built (Founded)
My Mission Found by Padre Fermin Fraciscode Built on September 8th in 1797 It was the built near the mission sight of the gold discovery [Alta California. It was one of the seventh mission that was establish in California.

4 Mission Site Established at the native site of Acooykomenga/Paskeeknga in Spacious Valley on the Spanish grazing concession of Rancho los Enicino held by Don Fancisco Reyes. Whereas the Spanish referred as El Valle de Santa Catalina de Bononia de los Encinos the Tataviam called the area Achois Comihabit.

5 Father Junipero Serra He was born on the Island of Majorca which was a little island on the island on the east side of Spain. He change his name when he entered the Franciscan order in 1730. He was ordained in 1737 and began teaching philosophy and theology for 12 years. He was also the founder and president of many mission throughout California.

6 Founder of Mission The founder of my mission is Father Fermin Francisco Lasuen .

7 Mission Layout and Bell Tower

8 Agriculture and Livestock
In 1806 San Fernando was producing hides ,tallow, soap, cloth, and other mission products in bulk. They had 13,000 cattle, 8,000 sheep, and 2,300 horses, this was the largest herd compared to the other missions.

9 Indians Joining this Mission
The type of Indians have are the Chumash Indians they made stuff out of sea shells and rocks The Indians that joined were called Fernandinos. Another tribe was called the Gabriel.

10 Population By 1811 the mission population reached1081 and stayed over 1000 for the next ten years. There were still 400 former neophytes residents at the San Fernando Mission in 1843.

11 Significant Events On march 8th 1842 Francisco Lopez was one of the mission ranches. Pulling up a wild onion discovered gold particles clinging to the roots of the onions. The particles of gold were found in Placerita canyon, which was near San Fernando mission.

12 Current Use of the Mission
The San Fernando mission is in use today as a museum for people to come tour the mission The mission was an active catholic church in Los Angeles.

13 What I Liked Best What I like best is my founder of my mission and my father I like that Father Fermin taught the Indians about god,

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15 Bibliography

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