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Opportunity Awareness Center. Intake Information.

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1 Opportunity Awareness Center

2 Intake Information

3 Campus Mission Statement In partnership with teachers and parents, the Opportunity Awareness Center provides a dynamic learning community which prepares our students for academic success in an atmosphere enhanced by positive social interaction.

4 Belief Statement We believe that all students are entitled to a safe and orderly learning environment. We believe that student behavior impacts learning. We believe that inappropriate behaviors can be decreased through effective instructional and disciplinary strategies. We believe that innovative educational practices can maximize student learning.

5 Security Necessary security measures ensure safety for all Metal detector upon entry Removal of shoes Checking waist area Checking socks Checking pockets No backpacks, purses, binders Paper, folders, and regular #2 wooden pencils only.

6 Daily Point Sheet (10 days each level) Level 1 GREEN Level 2 ORANGE Level 3 YELLOW

7 OAC REWARDS Students who comply with dress code every day can earn “Free Dress Friday.” 85% of teacher Star Credits earned on point sheets for the week earns “Fun Friday” activities.

8 Students in Campus Guidance Center (RED) Modified Level Sheet Time spent in the GC does not count toward 30 day review.

9 Progress Reports Progress reports must be returned within TWO days of receipt by student or student will be assigned an overnight suspension. WHITE COPY MUST BE SIGNED BY PARENT AND RETURNED TO OAC

10 Early Release Program Early release will be defined as students able to return to their home campus prior to the end of their assignment review. Specifically, students must have clearly demonstrated exemplary behavior during their entire stay at the OAC.

11 Early release would be based on: successful completion of the level system (all three levels - a minimum of 30 school days) reviews conducted at 30, 45 & 60 days no suspensions, ACS assignments, or police interventions no truancies Must be passing all classes agreement between the home campus principal, OAC principal and the student’s parents

12 Transportation is provided Students are not permitted to drive to OAC.

13 Students may only leave campus with the parent/guardian or emergency contact individuals listed on their enrollment card.

14 Physical Education Information Physical education may be an elective class at OAC. Uniforms will be provided and laundered by the school.

15 Breakfast served daily $1.00

16 Lunches $ 2.25 Sack lunches may be brought from home must be in a clear plastic bag left in the office until the student’s lunch period Students may not have more than $5.00 in their possession at any time.

17 Counseling Services Counseling services are a central part of the support services at OAC.

18 Students have the opportunity for individual and group counseling sessions…

19 …designed to help the student become aware of the behaviors that are causing his/her problems. … designed to help him/her to find better or alternative ways to deal with behavior issues. …designed to help him/her resolve problems before they escalate out of control. … designed to provide someone to talk to about sensitive issues in a secure environment. …designed to provide alternatives to destructive behavior.

20 All counseling contacts are considered confidential and will be treated as such both for students and parents.

21 Exceptions are, of course, those situations where the counselor is dealing with a life threatening, dangerous, or illegal behavior. In such a case all appropriate authorities and experts would be contacted.

22 Forms to be signed

23 Notification of Trespass Law KISD Student Enrollee Information Directory Information Enrollment Card Student / Parent Contract Medical and Safety Form Permanent Health Record Inventory Transportation Rules KISD Computer / Network / Internet Acceptable Use Guidelines Home Language Survey Student Handbook Discipline Management Plan and Student Code of Contact Parent/Student Acknowledgement

24 Dress Code

25 The OAC standard mode of dress will be followed in addition to the district dress code.

26 This dress code is essential for students’ safety, and it provides an environment free of distractions.

27 Students must wear Docker-style solid khaki (tan) colored pants, skirts or shorts. (No jeans allowed, including khaki-colored.) Pants must be cotton or cotton blend. No nylon or parachute pants are allowed. “Cargo pants” with pockets on the legs are not permitted. Pants/shorts must be hemmed. Shorts/skirts must be no shorter than mid-thigh.

28 Belts, black or brown only, must be worn. Belts no longer than two inches too long. Pants must be at waist level. Pants/shorts will not be allowed to have holes in them. Appropriate undergarments must be worn No gym shorts are allowed underneath pants. Specifically prohibited is form-fitting or spandex-type material. Pants cannot be split on the leg or frayed.

29 Students must wear a solid white polo-style shirt. Shirts may be long- or short- sleeve. All shirts must have a collar. All shirts must be tucked into pants. Only the top button of a shirt may be unbuttoned. No writing or logos permitted on clothing Any t-shirt (long- or short-sleeved) worn underneath the white collared shirt must be white as well, with no writing, graphics, or pictures.

30 Students may wear a white or gray solid color sweatshirt over their white shirt. The sweatshirts may not have zippers or pockets. All jackets must be stored in the coat closet and will be returned at the end of the school day. Any item with a hood will be considered a jacket.

31 No jewelry Any confiscated items will be returned to a parent at the end of the program.

32 Hats and caps are not to be brought to school.

33 All students must wear tennis shoes/sneakers for safety and health reasons. (No house shoes,sandals, slides or thongs.) Tennis shoes/sneakers with laces must be laced and tied. Tennis shoes/sneakers may be white, black,gray or a combinination of these colors only.

34 Any clothing, accessories, symbols, or paraphernalia, which depict or suggest association with a gang, must not be brought to school.

35 Any article of clothing the principal or designee determines inappropriate expected to cause disruption interfere with normal school operations …will be prohibited.

36 Students are not allowed to bring: purses wallets backpacks radios, ipods, MP3 players cell phones, laptops,ipads make-up any other non school-related item These items will be confiscated.

37 Students may bring a small key ring with the student’s house key.

38 Students are not allowed to write or draw on themselves, their clothing or shoes.

39 Nails must be trimmed to one inch from cuticle to tip.

40 Male students must be clean- shaven. (Notes from doctors must be on file for exceptions to this rule). Tattoos are to be covered prior to coming to campus.

41 Parents will be contacted when students are in violation of the rules, dress code, and policies of the OAC. Parents may be required to pick up students. If parents cannot be contacted, students may be suspended for the following day.

42 To contact us, call 281-237-6350

43 Please make sure all paperwork is complete. We will be happy to answer any questions.

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