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VGHS Dress Code Read your Agenda…pages 12-14. VGHS Handbook, Page 12 Brief and revealing clothing are not appropriate apparel in school. The following.

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1 VGHS Dress Code Read your Agenda…pages 12-14

2 VGHS Handbook, Page 12 Brief and revealing clothing are not appropriate apparel in school. The following guidelines are examples and do not cover all situations.

3 Students shall not wear: Tank tops Halter-tops Garments with spaghetti straps Strapless garments Shirts that reveal a student’s back, midriff, or hips

4 Students shall not wear: Garments that are “see-through”, cut low, or expose one’s midriff are not acceptable. This is school appropriate

5 Students shall not wear: Sleeveless garments must have at least a one inch strap and fit closely under the arms; undergarments (bras, boxer shorts, etc) must not be visible. Having a see- through or lace shirt over an spaghetti tank top is not school appropriate.

6 Tank Tops Students are currently allowed to wear tank tops. Bra straps should not show. Racer backs are not appropriate. They should fit closely against the armpit. See through clothing is not appropriate. Solid 1 inch (minimum) strap is required.

7 Not School Appropriate

8 Tip

9 School Appropriate

10 Garments that are designed as sleepwear are also prohibited. This means pajamas are not school appropriate.

11 Clothing must cover the entire buttocks and extend (without holes) to at least the end of the student’s fingertips when hands are at his/her sides to ensure modesty. Jeans with holes exposing skin above the appropriate shorts length are not appropriate.

12 Not School Appropriate


14 School Appropriate If you have to stand and prove your shorts are long enough…they are not appropriate.

15 Pants Students shall not wear pants that, when fastened, sag or fit below the waist. All pants must fit around the waist (waist meaning above the hip bone) and be properly fastened.

16 Page 13 Students shall not wear clothing that contain messages that are vulgar, offensive, obscene, or libelous; that demean others on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or disability; that promote alcohol or drug use or violence; or are otherwise contrary to the school’s educational mission. This includes, but is not limited to, the “I love boobies” apparel and accessories.

17 Hats Students shall not display head gear on campus, except for documented health reasons, religious, or military purpose. School activity-required head gear must be worn for uniform purposes only (i.e. band, baseball).

18 Gang Related Attire Any attire or grooming deemed to be gang related is prohibited when such attire or grooming creates an atmosphere of threat, intimidation, or undue pressure or disrupts the educational process. This includes blue, red, and brown shoe laces, “do-rags”, and bandanas of any color. This also includes wearing of any solid colors i.e. all blue, brown, red, or any other color that may have any gang significance

19 Footwear/Jewelry/Accessori es Shoes must be worn at all times on campus according to state law and for student safety. No house slippers are allowed. Body piercing that is a safety hazard and/or hinders performance in a classroom is not allowed. Wallet chains are not allowed

20 Students and their parents/guardians have the responsibility to be aware of the school’s dress code and conform to these requirements. VGHS reserves the right to add other restrictions if the school administration deems it necessary.

21 Questions? If a student has any questions whether specific attire or accessories are in compliance with dress code they must contact an administrator prior to wearing such attire or accessories to ensure compliance. Carrying a sweater with you or rolling your shorts down after you are caught does not excuse you from consequences.

22 Administrator Discretion The school administration retains th e final discretion to determine that the garment or accessory meets the dress code. Some exceptions may be made for uniforms, formal attire, and/or costumes.

23 Consequences Any student violating this policy is subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to a warning, confiscation of item(s), parent conference, lunch detention, community service, or Out-of-School suspension. In addition, the student will remove the garment or accessory and replace it with an appropriate alternative provided by the school, student or parent, depending upon the circumstances.


25 Or this















40 Changes Administration reserves the right to make changes. If the inappropriate dress continues then we will go back to a no tank top school. A committee is forming to discuss future dress code policies.

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