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Doral Middle School Discipline Plan 2012-2013 Mrs. M. Caceres, Principal Mr. D. Atlas, Asst. Principal.

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1 Doral Middle School Discipline Plan Mrs. M. Caceres, Principal Mr. D. Atlas, Asst. Principal

2 Student & Parent Compacts Each student and parent will receive a copy of the discipline plan and will review, sign and return it to their homeroom teacher.

3 Doral Middle Uniform Dress Code Plain pants Black dress pants/slacks. Pants are NOT to sit below the waistline. Undergarments CANNOT be visible at any time. A belt must be worn at all times. Solid white polo shirts are to be worn and must be tucked in. Sweaters are to be solid black or blue. Under shirts cannot be seen and they must be tucked in at all times. Camisoles may be worn but may not be seen. Non-Hooded sweaters maybe worn.

4 Accessories NOT permitted NO Hooded Sweaters Bandanas Items that may be of concern

5 Cellular Phones No Cellular Phones at any time during school hours. Can NOT be visible Can NOT ring NO text messaging is allowed. Cellular Phones must be turned off. After the second time the cell phone has been taken they may not bring it to school. The school is NOT responsible for the loss or theft of the phone.

6 Students are expected to: 1.Attend class daily and not be tardy. 2.Be prepared for class with appropriate materials. 3.Be respectful to all individuals and any property (NO THEFT IS TOLERATED). 4.Refrain from using inflammatory or inappropriate language (insults or cursing). 5.“NOT BRING ANY” iPOD’s, MP3 players, laser pointers, playing cards, or any other recreational electronic devices that disrupt the orderly educational process. The school is NOT responsible for the loss or theft of these devices. 6. “NOT BRING ANY” alternative transportation (i.e. skateboards). 7.Comply with all reasonable requests from school personnel respectfully and in a timely manner. 8.Abide by the rules and regulations set forth by school personnel, individual classroom teachers, office, security, and cafeteria personnel. 9.Change classes in an orderly, respectful, and appropriate manner. 10.NO BULLYING ANY STUDENT(S) verbally or physically.

7 After or Before School Detentions Administrators and teachers are allowed to issue after or before school detentions to students for minor violations, such as: Tardiness Cutting Class Dress Code Violations Failure to complete assignments Lack of materials Rude or discourteous behavior Use of Electronic Devices Chewing gum

8 Detentions Students are given a 24- hour notice of the obligation to serve detentions. Parents are responsible for the transportation of their child after the child has served their detention. Failure to serve the detention will result in the student being given double detentions or work detail.

9 Criteria to Participate in School Activities (including field day, dances, or field trips): Any student who does not meet all of the following guidelines will be excluded from all rewards or activities: 1.A’s, B’s, or C’s in conduct only for each class for the nine- week period. 2.At least A,B, or C in all academics or in that nine-week period 3.No suspensions whatsoever 4.0 unexcused absences 5.A 1 or 2 in their homeroom effort grade

10 CAFETERIA RULES Walk through cafeteria lines quickly and in an orderly fashion. Order food and be seated. Once seated students are not allowed to get out of their seats and walk around. Students must throw away their own food trays.

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