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San Fernando HS Mighty Tigers Dress Code Update Spring 2015.

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1 San Fernando HS Mighty Tigers Dress Code Update Spring 2015

2 Why Are There Changes? The parents on the Leadership Council recommended the changes. The rest of the Council – including teachers, administrators, staff, and students – approved them. The goals of the dress code are to maintain an appropriate educational atmosphere and insure safety and security for students.

3 SFHS Hats ONLY Only San Fernando High School hats will be allowed on campus Only San Fernando High School beanies will be allowed on campus

4 No Gang-Related Items No gang-related apparel (high socks, initialed belt buckles, long shorts, hairnets, handkerchiefs, and red/blue shoelaces) No gang paraphernalia, including symbols, emblems, insignia, bandanas or other gang identifiers

5 Prohibited Clothing Clothes must conceal undergarments at all times Blouses and shirt straps must be at least two inches wide and completely cover undergarment straps See-through or thin fabrics which expose the body or undergarments are not acceptable Bare midriffs, tube tops, muscle shirts, bralettes, crop tops, see through, mesh type shirts, or halter-tops are prohibited

6 Prohibited Clothing No skirts or dresses shorter than mid-thigh No leggings or tights worn as pants No baggy pants (pants must fit at the waist: width of pant leg may not be excessive) No pants that are cut-off, split at seams, or stapled No overalls with straps No items of clothing that becomes affiliated with an off campus group or gang.

7 No Inappropriate Messages No t-shirts or other items of clothing with profanity, with messages that may be inappropriate or offensive, or which promote the use of controlled substances (including but not limited to: nudity, alcohol, marijuana, drugs, guns, etc.)

8 No Dangerous Items No item or clothing accessory that could be used as a weapon or could pose a safety threat will be allowed (including but not limited to: long waist chains, overly large rings, belt with large buckles, etc.)

9 No Inappropriate Electronics Inappropriate use of electronic devices are not allowed in the classroom.

10 School Staff and the Dress Code All school personnel have the right to confiscate inappropriate items (hats, cell phones, iPods, etc.) if they are brought to school. These items will be sent to the Dean’s Office where they may be released to the student’s parent/guardian. Students who refuse to surrender inappropriate items will be subject to parent/student conference, behavior contract and/or participation in Restorative Justice Practices.

11 Clothing Violations Students whose clothing is in violation of the Dress Code will be sent to the Counselors/Deans where their parents will be contacted and requested to bring suitable clothing. Students will be detained in the office if they are in violation of the Dress Code.

12 We Want You to Succeed Come to school every day Do your homework Bring your materials to every class Follow the dress code Make us proud – and graduate!

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