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Jannah the garden from the Qur’an and Hadith Part One.

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1 Jannah the garden from the Qur’an and Hadith Part One


3 Time given to us: A very short span of life

4 Life in this world is like a blink of an eye.

5 Hereafter : Endless Perfect lives

6 We have an inbuilt desire for perfection

7 But we never find it !

8 Why has Allah (swt) created an imperfect world ?

9 “The life of this world is nothing but a game and a diversion. The abode of the akhira _that is truly life if they only knew.” (surat al- ankabut:64)

10 Sickness, injury Our body

11 Death by an accident !

12 Everything Dies with time!




16 This world is not the place we should long for

17 Everything we look for is in Jannah

18 Blessings Allah (swt) has prepared for the people of Jannah

19 Imaginary perfections in this world

20  The result: they become more aware about of the imperfections that surround them and get depressed. We get depressed easily !

21 People with faith work hard for Jannah

22 The abundant wealth of Jannah

23 A symbol of power and respect!

24 Wealth can be imperfect !

25 REASON: To appreciate better things in Jannah

26 Who would be more delighted?

27 World’s richest person!

28 Wrapped in a few meters of cloth

29 The wealth of Jannah is an everlasting wealth

30 Wealth turned into

31 Precious stones and metals in Jannah

32 Rare in this world


34 But yet it can’t be compared!

35 The settings we desire

36 Rivers flow beneath them and that they are built on high and secure places.

37 Cities in Jannah

38 Problems in a city

39 No such problems in The city of Jannah

40 “They will experience there neither burning sun nor bitter cold” ( surah al-insan :13)

41 No heating system No air- conditioning required

42 Smell of sewerage ! Pleasant aroma of flowers

43 Sweet aroma is a wonderful blessing

44 The blessings of this world are extremely bland when compared with the blessings of Jannah.

45 Markets of Jannah

46 Do u enjoy all this?


48 All this is just perfect in Jannah!

49 Physical appearance in Jannah

50 We all like to look beautiful



53 Human beauty

54 Want to change your looks? Hadith: There is in the garden a market wherein there will be no buying and selling but forms of men and women…

55 The food of Jannah

56 and hungry

57 Are you allergic to strawberries ?

58 They have to be grown And washed

59 No taste sometimes Go bad easily

60 Its shading branches will drop down over them, its ripe fruit hanging ready to be picked.” (Surah Al-Insan: 14).

61 Hand picked Fruits

62 Hadith: When opened, each fruit of the tree of Jannah yields seventy two colors and types of food and no color or type is like any other (al-qurtubi). PLEASE CHECK

63 Fruits? How boring!


65 End of part one

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