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By Adrian, Daniel, Salam, Klarize and Franchesca

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1 By Adrian, Daniel, Salam, Klarize and Franchesca
Legends Of The Environment By Adrian, Daniel, Salam, Klarize and Franchesca

2 Introduction This is a choose your own adventure which allows you to choose from different choices to shape your future.

3 CONTENTS Transport-Klarize Energy-Franchesca Environment-Salam
Food and shopping-Adrian Housing-Daniel

4 Transport You have to choose the kind of transport you will use in the future. Solar-powered car Public Transport Motorbike High-powered car

5 Solar-powered car (+)Positive It doesn’t need fuel.
It only uses the sun. (-)Negative You can’t use at night You can’t fit in many people

6 Public Transport (+)Positive It’s cheap
You don’t need to pay as much as if you had a car (-)Negative It causes pollution Too crowded

7 Motorbikes (+)Positive It can go through traffic
It can take you places (-)Negative It can be dangerous It hurts the environment

8 High-powered cars (+)Positive It can take you places It is cool
(-)Negative It hurts the environment It wastes fossil fuels Energy Answer 4

9 Energy Solar Panels Coal Electricity Wind Energy Hydro Electric Power
You will have to choose what kind of energy you will use in the future. Solar Panels Coal Electricity Wind Energy Hydro Electric Power

10 Solar Panels (+) Positive Use Solar Panels instead of coal.
Solar Panels save coal energy. (-) Negative If you use coal you need to dig coal and clear the environment. Coal causes pollution in the air

11 Coal electricity Fossil fuels like coal and oils are non-renewable.
(+) Positive Coal is very cheap than other gases Water heated by burning coal converts (-) Negative The more you dig for coal there is less more environment. Fossil fuels like coal and oils are non-renewable.

12 Wind Energy (-) Negative Wind power is very noisy
(+) Positive Wind is clean energy source Wind power is the fastest growing source of energy in the world. (-) Negative Wind power is very noisy Wind farms can destroy habitats

13 Hydro electric power (+) Positive
Hydro electric power stations can produce a great deal of power very cheaply Hydro power is electricity generated using the energy of moving water rain of snow (-) Negative It can damage the climate It produces lots of carbon dioxide and methane

14 What will you do to the Environment in the future?
Grow and water plants Throw your rubbish in the garden Composting Not care about the Environment

15 GROW AND WATER PLANTS Good Things: Bad Things:
It helps the environment by helping nature You can get food Bad Things: The plants take up room There may not be enough water to water them

Good Things: It de-composes If you throw your rubbish in the gardens it takes up less room then in the bin Bad Things: It destroys the environment Animals/insects can eat it and die

17 COMPOSTING Good Things: Bad Things: It doesn’t affect the environment
It de-composes Bad Things: It can get smelly Someone always has to turn it and if they don’t it gets stinky

Good Things: Not caring means it doesn’t take up your time You can do other things Bad Things: Your plants die Habitats will be destroyed

19 Food and Shopping Choose one?
Fast food Vegies Market Shops

20 Fast Food Fast food is when you don’t want to cook so you go out and buy food (eg) Maccas, KFC, Hungry Jack’s, Fish and Chips and Pizza. + it is good because you just go out and its ready + cheap and it is open 24/7 - its lazy and other people have to cook your food and you waste petrol and it causes pollution - it uses a lot of oil which is not healthy.

21 Fruit and Vegies Veggies are fruit or vegetables can be grown in your own ground, people eat them to get healthy. + they are healthy +some taste good - people don’t like them - worms can go in them when they are growing

22 Market Market is where some people buy things and they sell them to other people. + buy things you need + they have all different items -they can be very large and you may have to walk a lot - Some items aren't the original

23 Shops Shops are where you buy most of your clothes, food and toys. Types of shops are Target, Big W Reject shop, JB HI FI. + find what you need + shop all day some items cost a lot - stuff can sell out quick

24 Housing Which of these would you choose?
Large houses with large gardens. High rise apartments. Small energy efficient house. Underground housing.

25 Large housing with large gardens
Because you can have lots of stuff. Lots of food can be produced at home Bad things Takes up a lot of space. Uses up lots of building material.

26 High rise apartments A small amount of space Lots of people can go in one block. Bad things You have no garden. Sometimes they are very small.

27 Small energy efficient housing
Because it is small and lots of renewable energy which can be sun. Bad things Expensive to build at the moment not many people have them.

28 Housing underground Not much on the land. Cold in the summer. Hard to dig down to build. Very little natural light.

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