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BY CYAN AND DANIEL Cadburys dairy milk chocolate There are many different fair trade companies.

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4 Cadburys dairy milk chocolate There are many different fair trade companies

5 WHAT IS FAIR TRADE There are millions of farmers all over the world who work hard to grow things we enjoy eating, drinking and using every day. They need the money they earn from selling these things to our families so that they can be able to look after their own families, but sometimes it is difficult. Fair trade is NOT a charity. Fair trade is about better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers.

6 THE FAIR TRADE LOGO The Fair Trade logo is there to show that the product has been checked and that the people who were making,shipping and selling the product got an equal share of money.

7 FAIR TRADE PRODUCTS One in three bananas brought into the U.K. is Fair Trade and makes a huge difference to thousands of farmers, workers and their families.

8 SLICES OF OPPORTUNITY When you buy products with the FAIRTRADE Mark, you support farmers and workers as they work to improve their lives and their communities.

9 Fair Trade chocolate Every one loves chocolate especially if it is helping someone in need. I tried fair trade chocolate, and I am never going back to a normal chocolate bar!

10 EVERYONE CAN DO SOMETHING TO HELP. We are working for a better deal for farmers and their communities With Fair trade you have the power to change the world every day. With one simple choice you can get farmers a better deal.

11 This is a wonderfully sweet cup but where did it come ? Every cup of coffee you make could lead to one child's funeral Hang on, back in a minute… That's better. I can't really get going until I have had my coffee.

12 FAIR TRADE FACTS In the UK, sales of Fair trade products in 2012 reached £1.5 billion - an 18 per cent increase on the previous year. 78 per cent of consumers recognise the Fair trade mark. One in every three bananas sold in the UK is Fair trade.

13 FAIR TRADE ELECTRONICS The thing that makes electronics Fair Trade is the metal on and in them These are just some of many Fair Trade electronics

14 Lots of us care about how we look – and buying clothes made with Fair trade cotton means we can be a follower of fashion and at the same time help low paid cotton farmers around the world. Buying products made from Fair trade Cotton ensures that the farmers receive a fair and stable price for their cotton.

15 Nothing like a cup of tea to kick-start your day. But there's just not enough going back to the millions of farmers and workers who depend on tea for a living. Tea has grown from a medicinal crop in China five thousand years ago to a multi-billion dollar global industry.

16 Now the beans are ready to turn into a bar Cacao trees Chocolate is made from cocoa beans. The beans grow in pods on cacao trees. Drying The Beans The farmers lay out the beans to dry in the sun they turn the beans over now and again Cutting the pods After six weeks the pods turn yellow the farmers then cut them open and take out the white beans Cacao pods Flowers grow on the cacao trees. After 3 weeks the flowers turn into tiny green pods.


18 Gold is a symbol of love, power and wealth the world-over. But look behind the glitz and the reality is not so glamorous. Ninety per cent of the labour force involved in gold mining is made up of artisanal and small-scale miners who produce between 200-300 tonnes of gold each year. Around 70% of this is used to make jewellery, with consumers across the globe spending a whopping $135 billion a year on gold jewellery! For Fair trade gold, miners receive a guaranteed Fair trade Minimum Price and Premium ($2,000/kg) to invest in improving their business or in community projects such as education, clean water and healthcare.

19 By Cyan and Daniel

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