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Mr J T Wilson MBE 1949-1950Coseley Council 1950-1966Staffordshire Council served on all Coseley schools. Chairman of most of virtue of being County Councillor.

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Presentation on theme: "Mr J T Wilson MBE 1949-1950Coseley Council 1950-1966Staffordshire Council served on all Coseley schools. Chairman of most of virtue of being County Councillor."— Presentation transcript:

1 Mr J T Wilson MBE 1949-1950Coseley Council 1950-1966Staffordshire Council served on all Coseley schools. Chairman of most of virtue of being County Councillor. Very active getting new schools built for the area. Founder Chairman of Bramford Primary School. 1964Chairman of South West Division Education Committee (125 schools) Ex-officio member of all schools 1966-1999Chairman of Dudley Education Committee served several terms. 40 schools built under Chairmanship. Chairman of Dudley Technical College – oversaw the enlarging of the College and the building of the extension which is now known as JT Wilson Buildings. Total service of 53 years in Education. Principal mover along with Mr Ron Westerby in bringing into being Saltwells Education Development Centre

2 Mrs M Wilson 1964 - 2006 First appointed to Mount Pleasant Junior and Senior School, Bramford, Parkfields Secondary and High Arcal Schools. Appointed for a short period to Dudley Girls High School Late 1960’s/early 1970’s appointed to Coseley School and served until 2002 1986 Appointed to Hurst Hill Primary School where Mrs Wilson still serves and is Vice Chair of the Governing Body. Has also served on Wallbrook Primary and Christ Church CE Primary Schools.

3 Mrs E McEvoy 1986-2006Highfields Primary School

4 Mrs L Horton 1980-1984Highfields Primary School 1996-2006Highfields Primary School

5 Mrs M Pickering Since at least 1986-PresentPedmore CE Primary School

6 Cllr Mrs E Walker Approx 1978-PresentWollescote Primary School

7 Mr R Beese 1988-PresentHigh Arcal School

8 Mr N Hughes 1974-2006 First governorship at Dawley Brook Primary School Summerhill School – 10-15 years service (Served as Chair of Governors) Roberts Primary School – 12 years service Also served on Halesowen College, Crestwood School and Maidensbridge Primary School

9 Mr A Lane 1988-PresentHigh Arcal School

10 Mr J Walters 1974-PresentRoberts Primary School (Current Chair of Governors) 1984-PresentHigh Arcal School Has also served as a governor at Ellowes Hall, Woodsetton and Bramford Primary Schools

11 Mr K Archer Since 1982 has served on: Kingswinford Secondary4 years Bromley Hills Primary4 years Fairhaven Primary8 years 1986-2004Glynne Primary School 1986-PresentSummerhill School

12 Mr G Knowles 1986-PresentSummerhill School (Chair of Governors 2001- Present)

13 Mrs J Jessup 1980-PresentWithymoor Primary School 1987-PresentThorns Community College (Current Chair of Governors)

14 Mr C Wassell 1980Withymoor Community Association 1983-PresentWithymoor Primary School (Current Vice Chair of Governors 1992-PresentSummerhill School (Current Vice Chair of Governors) 1994-PresentEllowes Hall School

15 Mr A O’Connor 1990-2002Hasbury CE Primary School 1996-PresentEarl’s High

16 Mr S Barton 1988-PresentBelle Vue Primary School Chair of Governors since 2004

17 Mrs P Blackmore 1990-PresentAlder Coppice Primary School

18 Mr D Harcourt 1992-PresentHam Dingle Primary School

19 Mrs H Needham 1982-1984Meadow Park Primary School 1982-PresentBeauty Bank Primary School

20 Mr R Franklin Early 1980’sMember of PTA at Old Park School Mid 1980’s-1990Governor at Old Park School 1992-2005Governor at St Mary’s CE Primary School

21 Mrs F Hunter 1993-PresentHasbury CE Primary School

22 Cllr M Knowles Governor prior to 1975 when elected to Dudley Council and as a member of the Education Committee served on two governing bodies Secondary and Primary and at various periods on Colleges. Since at least Pedmore Technical College & Community 1992-PresentSchool (previously known as The Grange) 1993-PresentGig Mill Primary School

23 Mrs J West 1975-PresentGig Mill Primary School

24 Mr K Workman 1970-PresentGlynne Primary School (Current Chair of Governors) 1970-2000Summerhill School

25 Ms B Campbell Late 80’s-PresentBlowers Green Primary School 2004-PresentKate’s Hill Primary School

26 Mrs J Snow 1991-1995Netherton Park Nursery 1993-PresentSledmere Primary School Chair of Governors 1998-PresentBlowers Green Primary School Vice Chair of Governors

27 Mr R Kennett 1992-PresentHolly Hall School

28 Mr M Price 1976Holly Hall First School & Woodside Middle School 1976-PresentHolly Hall School Shadow Governing Body member for Highgate Primary School Also served on Northfield Road Primary, Netherton Park Nursery, Hillcrest Comprehensive and Old Park Special School

29 Mr D Aldridge 1970-2006 1970-1974Hill and Cakemore Modern Schools, which became Greenhill Middle School. During this time the construction of Leasowes High School was underway so Greenhill governors became governors of Leasowes until 1974. When new governing body came into force became a governor at Leasowes for a number of years 1975-1992Formed, along with Mrs Aldridge, a Parent Teacher Association at Hurst Green Primary which organised lots of events and raised funds. 1992-2006Hurst Green Primary School

30 Mr S K Brown 1988-PresentHighgate Primary School.

31 Ms W Jolliffe 1989-PresentLeasowes Community College

32 Mrs G Withers 1981-PresentHurst Green Primary School 1990-PresentLeasowes Community College (current Chair of Governors)

33 Rev M Burchell 1990-PresentNorthfield Road Primary School

34 Mr R Crew 1991-2006Northfield Road Primary School

35 Mrs E Gregory Late 1970’s - Present During the above period served as a governor at Saltwells First School and Sir Gilbert Claughton School Currently a serving governor at Netherton CE Primary School where she is Chair of Governors

36 Mr S Ridley 1986-PresentNetherton CE Primary School 2005-PresentHillcrest School and Community College

37 Mr N Moore 1998-2001Netherton CE Primary School 2002-2004Hillcrest School and Community College 1992-PresentNorthfield Road Primary School

38 Mr D L Beard 1980’s-PresentRed Hall Primary School (Present Chair of Governors)

39 Ms L Redfern Approx 1966-PresentRed Hall Primary School Approx 1976-1982Ellowes Hall School

40 Ms S Foot 1994-PresentWindsor High School

41 Mr S McAndrew 1988-1993Howley Grange Primary School 1992-PresentWindsor High School

42 Mr P Leyshon 1996-PresentPens Meadow (Vice Chair of Governors) 2002-PresentRosewood

43 Mrs B Biggs 1991-1998Hawbush Primary School 1990-2006Brook Primary School Served as Chair and on most committees

44 Mr P Hodnett 1976-1979Manager at Meadow Park Infants 1981-1984Manager at St James’s CE Primary (Old Site) 1986-PresentGovernor at St James’s CE Primary (New Site)

45 Mr A Millichip 1983-1984Shadow Governing Body Member for St James’s CE Primary School 1984-PresentSt James’s CE Primary School (Chair of Governing Body)

46 Mr A J Finch 1985-1993Holly Hall School 1985-PresentRussells Hall Primary School

47 Mrs D Glews 1988-PresentRussells Hall Primary School (Current Chair of Governors)

48 Mr K Woodall 1981-PresentRussells Hall Primary School

49 Mr R Price 1991-PresentHowley Grange Primary School

50 Mrs F Sunter 1986-1987Brier School 1989-PresentSutton School (Current Chair of Governors)

51 Mr D Francis 1999-2005Tenterfields Primary School

52 Mr P Spencer 1997-2005Tenterfields Primary School

53 Mr K Millinson 1992-PresentHolly Hall School

54 Mr S Raggett Blowers Green Primary School Chair of Governors

55 Mr K Hughes 2001-2006Highfields Primary School

56 Mr R Timmins 1983-1987Mount Pleasant, Quarry Bank and Thorns Primary Schools 1985-PresentBrier School Chair of Governors

57 Mr P Simpson Brook Primary School 1999 - Present

58 Mr W D James 1968-1970Hasbury CE Primary School 1971-1974Manor Way Primary School During 1990’sLapal Middle School – 2 years 1973-2004Earl’s High School

59 Mr D Latham 1982-2004Earl’s High School

60 Mr D Clifford 1988-PresentHigh Arcal School

61 Mr D Smith 1976-PresentHigh Arcal School (Current Chair of Governors)

62 Mr C Turley 1986-1995Cotwall End Primary School 1992-PresentHigh Arcal School

63 Mr B Guest 1986-2005Highfields Primary School 1986-2000The Coseley School

64 Mr D Winterborn 1993-PresentHighgate Primary School

65 Cllr M Bradney 1996-PresentHillcrest School and Community College

66 Mr R Washington 1984-PresentHillcrest School and Community College

67 Cllr A Taylor 1971-1987Holt Farm Primary School 1996-2006Holt Farm Primary School (Chairman) 2006-PresentOlive Hill Primary School During 1970/1980s served on the following: Leasowes High School and Community College for around 10 years and served as Chairman for around 7 years Greenhill Middle School, Hill and Cakemore Boys and Girls School and Olive Hill Primary

68 Mr M Cannings 1988-PresentHowley Grange Primary School

69 Mr M Hocking 1986-2006Howley Grange Primary School (Chairman 2000- 2006)

70 Cllr H Jackson MBE Since at least 1992 to Present Leasowes Community College and Howley Grange Primary School

71 Mrs L Roddis Since at least 1992-2004 Hurst Green Primary School

72 Prof. S Tucker 1993-2005Mount Pleasant Primary School Chair of Governors for the whole period

73 Mr D Guest At least 1992-2004Redhill School At least 1992-PresentPedmore CE Primary School

74 Mr I Dalloway 1996-PresentPens Meadow School (Chair of Governors since 2003, Vice Chair for the previous 5 years)

75 Mrs B Ingram 1996-PresentRidge Primary School

76 Cllr A Adams 2001-2006Rufford Primary School

77 Cllr Mrs J Dunn 2001-2005Rufford Primary School 2001-PresentRufford Primary School

78 Mrs M Rowe St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Dudley – Dates not available, retired 2005

79 Mr R Hudyba Current governor at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Stourbridge – exact dates not available

80 Mrs T Parry St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Stourbridge – Dates not available, retired 2005


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