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2 ST PETERS CHURCH St.Peters was built in the 13th century and modernised in the 1870’s. That means its about 800 years old! It’s where my Mum and Dad got married.

3 Bottesford was a Romano – British village
Bottesford was a Romano – British village. The name means – ford by the house. The ford is the stream and it is now called The Beck.

4 This is a picture of the Dolphin in 1955, some of the houses that are now on Endcliffe Avenue weren't built yet, instead there were some tennis courts. This is Manor Road in about 1955.

5 Bottesford Manor house is very old and people think it was used by the Knights Templar. Bottesford Manor House is believed to have been the gatehouse and the spring in Manor Field known as Templar's Bath was thought to have been used in connection with Templar ceremonies.

6 The Templar's Bath, probably nothing to do with the Knights Templar at all. This is a natural spring which has at various times been used for bathing.

7 POPULATION Because of the growth of Scunthorpe, iron mining and steel work, the number of people living in Bottesford has gone up since Queen Elizabeth II visited Bottesford on her Golden Jubilee tour in 2002.     Year  Inhabitants 1801 603 1831 1,229 1851 1,507 1861 1,616 1881 2,403 1891 2,094 1901 3,708 1971 8,407 2001 11,177

8 Schools in Bottesford The first school was a National School and was built here in 1846. Bottesford County Primary 1880.This is now where Bottesford Infant school is. Leys Farm Junior School opened in 1966 with 93 pupils. Bottesford Juniors opened in 1971 Holme Valley School opened in approx. 1976

9 Frederick Gough School
It was opened in 1960 as Ashby and then Bottesford Grammar School, being renamed Frederick Gough Grammar School after Alderman Frederick Gough, the first Chairman of Governors of the school. It became a Comprehensive School in 1969, linking with Ashby Girls' Secondary School. Frederick Gough School is so popular that it is over subscribed and my brother and sister go there.

10 Thank you for watching

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