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Bourne Abbey Church of England Primary Academy School Council

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1 Bourne Abbey Church of England Primary Academy School Council
Photos Aims Games History What makes a good Councillor? By Jacob & Owen School Councillors Credits

2 What makes a good Councillor?
A good school council is one that represents the views of all children and gets things done.  These are some of the things that make our school council effective: Regular meetings Good communication between respresentatives and their classes Smaller groups (sub committees) working on specific events or issues Jobs

3 What jobs are there? Each year, every class elects 2 respresentatives, a Councillor and Deputy Councillor to be members of the school council.  The council will then meet to elect officers such as: Chair (Owen) Vice-Chair (Niamh & Imogen) Secretary (Jacob & Emily) Treasurer (Stanley)

4 History School Councils have been around for about 40 years, but now with citizenship being taught, there are many more around. The School Council plays a very important role in school life.  They attend regular meetings and discuss important issues which may effect the pupils, parents and staff of Bourne Abbey and the surrounding community.  When necessary the Chairperson and Vice Chair often put forward a motion to the other Councillors to invite visitors to the meetings to discuss particular projects.  Minutes are recorded by the elected Council Secretary. The School Councillors are supported by Mrs Pattison (Year 4 teacher) who started the Bourne Abbey School council 5 years ago

5 Photos This slide are some

6 Our Aims for 2010-11 Continue to improve play times
Raise £500 (We exceeded this with Children in Need!) Raise at least £1500 for charity Further promote Healthy Eating How much have we raised already?

7 How much have we raised so far this year?
Children in Need £620.58 Genes for Jeans £430.59 How can you help? Thank you for donating!!!!

8 Are you smarter than 10 year old Councillor?
1. Owen 2. Jacob 3. Jacob and Emily 4. 40 years 5. Stanley 6. Mr Kirkman 7. 5 years 8. 1…. so far 1. What is the chair person called? 2. Who is your School Councillor? 3. Who are the secretaries? 4. How many years have School Councillors been around? 5. Who is treasurer? 6. Who is the Chair of Governors? 7. How long has Bourne Abbey had a council? 8. How many aims have the school Council achieved this year?

9 How you can help Ideas for the small KS2 playground
We need unwanted games/toys for wet play boxes

10 Credits Power point by Jacob & Owen Helped by Mrs Pattison
Photos from the school website Music by Are you Smarter than a 10 year old? Help from Class 6M With help from the school council Goodbye!

11 Bye bye for now! This is The school council

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