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The extremes about it, the life in the desert and some cool interesting facts about It. William.

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1 The extremes about it, the life in the desert and some cool interesting facts about It. William

2  There are many animals that live in the Sahara desert, but how do they do that. Animals living in the Sahara deserts have made some amazing adaption to live their life. To avoid heat most desert animals dig burrows in the ground and stay there until early morning or the evening. Some animals also cover up the entrance to avoid sandstorms or the heat. To preserver water some desert animals story fatty tissues in many parts of their body. When they need water the fatty tissue turns into energy as well as water. Cactus is the main source of water in the deserts. Many rodents filter the moisture out of their breath through organs in their nose.

3  The climate of the southern tropical region of the Sahara is about 17.5 Celsius. This is the average temperature. On higher ground in the desert, temperatures have reached -15.5 Celsius. The average annual precipitation is at 5 inches, it also snows in the higher elevated lands. In the western side the cold canary current reduces rain, the likeliness of getting fog and lots of snow.

4  The dry subtropical in the north is very dry. The winters are cold compared to other deserts, with a temperature of 13 Celsius. In the summer this desert, the Sahara desert has the highest temperature ever of 58 Celsius. The average rainfall is 76 inches a year, mostly between December and March, most rain in August and barely any rain during May and June.

5  Many kinds of technology are used in the Sahara deserts to explore, move, and live, but what are they. There is something called a desert RAT which is like a spacesuit but used for the deserts. It has many gadgets to help the human inside and it is made to survive the harsh conditions of the desert. Something to help scientists explore are Desert Rovers. It is almost same as a rover used to explore mars. It has cameras to take pictures and can withstand anything that the desert an do to it. On higher elevated grounds people use snowmobiles to get across faster or across ice without lipping or falling.

6  There were many past explorations that happened in the Sahara desert. James Richardson is one of them, he had explored the Sahara desert for nine months. James Richardson is known as the explorer of the Sahara. He went on his journey to find out more information on the Tuareg. When he came back he published his book “Travels into the great desert of Sahara” which holds all the information he had gathered.

7  Canada has not really done a lot to help explore this biome. There was a Canadian inventor who invented the snowmobile. This snowmobile helps people cross the elevated cold icy grounds or when it is snowing. It was invented by a man by the name of Joseph-Armand Bombardier.

8  You could explore this biome, but you would probably want to explore it responsibly. To explore this biome responsibly you would probably want to ride a camel besides a motor vehicle or something that releases smoke. Also if you have garbage or anything don’t throw it on the floor. You would also probably try to leave nothing behind such as a water bottle or part of your tent.

9  To explore this biome is not as easy as it looks. There are many problems and obstacles that come your way. One obstacles for exploring this area are the animals. There are many poisonous snakes and lizards that live there. You will also need to have a good source of water and food. Since it is very cold at night you will need something to keep warm. You will also need a type of transportation unless you want to walk in in blazing hot temperatures.

10  There are many deserts in Canada. There is the Sonoran desert which is the second largest desert in North America. There is also the Mojave Desert which is the hottest desert in Canada. There is one, which many people mistake as the biggest one in Canada it is called the Great Basin Desert. There is one called the Chihuahuan Desert which is the biggest desert in North America. There is a desert in the Yukon called the Carcross desert. Nk’Mip is a desert in Canada that is known as the true hot desert. These are some of the deserts in Canada. There are many more deserts in Canada then the ones that I listed.

11  This biome is extreme in its own ways. There are many things that make this biome an extreme biome. First of it is impossible to survive or thrive in this biome without technology. You will need technology to protect you from the blazing hot heat and the cold. It could be snowing too.

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