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Flowchart for investigating Negative Time Balances.

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1 Flowchart for investigating Negative Time Balances

2 Before you begin investigating negative time balances, you should know the following: The purpose of this Job Aid is to investigate negative time balance issues before sending in a ticket to BEST Shared Services. Proper investigation helps to speed up the process of resolution. Read through the entire flowchart to make sure you understand each step. This process takes time and in some cases takes two days to complete in order to let Time Evaluation run overnight to update records. To identify the issues, a number of BEACON and DHHS Job Aids have been created. The BEACON Job Aid links are listed the end. The DHHS Job Aids will be posted on the website soon.

3 Before you begin investigating negative time balances, you should have access to the following Transactions: 1.CATS_DA 2.PT_BAL00 3.PT_ERL00 4.PO13D Position Display 5.PA30/PA61 to view infotypes –IT9901 Leave and Liability Aging –IT2001 Absences –IT2002 Attendances –IT0003 Display Payroll Status –IT0007 Planned Work Time –IT2013 Quota Corrections –IT2012 Time Transfer Specifications –IT416 Time Quota Compensation 6.PT50 Quota Overview 7.PTFMLA FMLA/FIL Tracker 1.To check time entry 2.To identify negative balances 3.To identify negative balances 4.To identify negative balances. 5.To identify and correct negative balances 6.To correct negative balances 7.To correct negative balances Transaction Purpose

4 Why can negative balances occur? 1.Changes in 2013 Quota Corrections. We had a balance that was adjusted/deleted. 2.Changes in 2012 Time Transfer Specifications-same as above 3.Expiration of a balance in 9901 Leave and Liability Aging 4.Late time entry so that the system moves one balance to another. (9300 Holiday to 9000 Holiday Comp) 5.Incorrect sequence of time entry and 416 Time Quota Compensation 6.Incorrect processing of VSL donations so that balance isn’t used. 7.Going back into time records and making changes before checking to see if leave balances are available or are updated. 8.Retro Time Evaluations that include changes to Work Schedule Rules, Position Settings for OT/etc, 9.BEACON glitch that disassociated the time from the date OR did not record the proper logic to create/use a balance.

5 Important terms and definitions 1.Intermittent negative 2.Continuous negative 3.Approved Leave (9000) Hierarchy 4.Time Evaluation 1.Intermittent means that the negative shows up and then becomes positive and then shows up again as negative. 2.Continuous means that the negative shows up and stays negative. 3.The Approved Leave Hierarchy is the in-order use of 9000 Leave to include Holiday Comp, OT Comp, On Call Comp, Travel Comp, Vacation, Bonus Leave, Advanced Leave. 4.Time Evaluation is the process of updating Master Data. Unless BEST manually runs an update, it will occur overnight. Some corrective processes require Time Evaluation to update balances in order for the correction to be completed.

6 The best advice is to work on these issues when you have both the time, the ability to work with focus, and access to the various transactions to do the research. Because some transactions involve multiple roles in SAP, you may have to meet with the corresponding person who has that transaction access.

7 Use DHHS PT_BAL00 Job Aid to determine when Negative Balance occurred and how it looks. Start Use PT_BAL00 per BEACON Identifying Employees with Negative Balances Job Aid to identify Negative Balances For Holiday Leave issues, use DHHS PT_ERL00 Job Aid for Holiday Leave. Does the negative balance show up intermittently or is it continuous? Were there changes entered in IT 2013 or 2012? Prepare to make corrections to IT2013, IT2012 or IT416 Was there time that correctly expired or was paid out in IT9901 or IT416? Prepare to change time entry Is there enough leave in the Approved Leave (9000) Hierarchy? Prepare to touch Absences in PT50 Identify negative balanceIdentify causeTake Corrective Action No Yes Intermittent Continuous Yes No Has a position setting changed in PO13 and/or Retro Time Evaluation done? Are the changes correct? No Yes Prepare to send in Ticket to BEST Prepare to touch Absences in PT50 Check CATS_DA to verify that all time is entered and approved.

8 Do disassociated Absences fall Pre-2010 Wall? Send in a Ticket to BEST for 2009 Wall Request according to Job Aid. No Yes Continued from previous DHHS Investigating Negative Balance Issues rev 08202010 Take Corrective Action If needed, touch necessary Absences via BEACON Job Aid and wait until Time Evaluation runs overnight to see if negative is resolved. Do disassociated Absences fall in 2008? No Yes Send in a Ticket to Time Coordinator according to Job Aid. Check to see if Wall is down per Job Aid. Is negative balance resolved? Yes Send in a Ticket to BEST with required information according to Job Aid. No Done If needed, make IT2013/IT2012/IT416 Correction and let Time Evaluation run overnight If needed, make changes to time entry. If related to LOA, uncheck PTFMLA Tracker, delete time entry in IT2001, and let Time Evaluation run overnight. Recheck PTFMLA Tracker if applicable

9 If correcting issue involves absences assigned to a Leave of Absence (LOA) Absences assigned to LOA’s require that the absence in PTFMLA (if applicable) is unchecked and the time entered in IT2001 be deleted first. Time evaluation must run overnight before applying the new time entry in CATS or IT2001. If applicable in PTFMLA, recheck the absence.

10 If correcting issue involves a quota correction The quota correction must be done first. Time evaluation must run overnight before applying the absences to the new balance if applicable.

11 Sending in a ticket to BEST When sending in a ticket to BEST, they will need to know the following: –Employee name and personnel number –A brief description of the situation including what is negative –What transactions you used to investigate the situation –What corrective action would address the negative

12 BEST Ticket example 2009 Wall request for Nellie Negative #0775120 Employee has a negative Holiday Comp balance that begins 5/30/2009 and is intermittent when new holiday comp is added but comes back as a negative when the leave is used. There were no 2013 Quota Corrections or 2012 Time Transfer Specifications, no 416 Time Quota Compensation Payouts, expirations of Holiday Comp in IT9901, or position setting changes to Holiday Comp periods. (This information will be a drop down option on a spreadsheet.) I am requesting the 2009 Wall to come down so that I can touch Absences assigned to the negative amount. (This information will be a drop down option on a spreadsheet.)

13 Links to BEACON Job Aids Identifying employees with negative balances _%20Aids/pdf_Identifying_Employees_With_Negative_Balances_09 1609.pdf Addressing employees with negative balance issues _%20Aids/pdf_Addressing_Negative_Quota_Balances_091609.pdf Updating Absence Deductions _%20Aids/pdf_Updating%20Absence%20Deductions.pdf Please contact Mike Zeinstra for the DHHS Job Aids developed for PT_ERL00, PT_BAL00, and Negative Balances

14 Links to BEACON Job Aids Link to DHHS Job Aids nnouncements_august10.htm

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