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NC DHHS rev 2/1/20121 Basic Time Behaviors Work Schedule Rules, Push Codes, Retro Time Evaluations, oh my…

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1 NC DHHS rev 2/1/20121 Basic Time Behaviors Work Schedule Rules, Push Codes, Retro Time Evaluations, oh my…

2 NC DHHS rev 2/1/20122 Objectives of this Job Aid: To identify time behaviors in the BEACON SAP system.

3 NC DHHS rev 2/1/20123 What this Job Aid does not do… Replace material covered in course content PA210 Personnel Administration Terms and Concepts, TM300 Time Administration and TM310 Leave Administration. This webinar content does not cover all there is to know regarding time and leave behaviors. If you have not taken those courses, it is recommended that get signed up and or review the content in the OSC BEACON training portal.

4 NC DHHS rev 2/1/20124 To understand time, we need to understand Time Evaluation. Time Evaluation is the process of combining position settings, work schedule/calendar, pay rates, and time entry. This information is located in two locations; Organizational Management information (OM-Position Settings) and Personnel Administration information (PA- Master Data). Time entry once approved is entered into Master Data. Time Evaluation occurs nightly. Time Evaluation processes all time entry up to a certain point called the Time Wall.

5 NC DHHS rev 2/1/20125 To understand time, we need to understand Time Evaluation. Time Evaluation occurring for a weeks worth of time (or the Overtime Period in general), determines Overtime/Gap Hours Comp time. Time Evaluation that results in being in pay status for 50% of the month produces longevity, and Leave accruals. Time Evaluation for a months worth of time produces pay.

6 Paper Timesheet Time Entry by Timekeeper or employee via ESS Time Evaluation runs nightly Evaluation Results Payroll Time Evaluation Issue Time Entry Process in SAP

7 NC DHHS rev 2/1/20127 Position Settings Are those Infotypes found in P013 that determine eligibility for Overtime/Gap Hours Comp, Shift Premium, Weekend Premium, and Holiday Premium Pay. Are date driven which means that the system looks at position settings that are active on the employee on a particular date.

8 There are two types of settings; eligibility and premium rate of pay. Above is an Overtime Compensation Setting and below is a Night Shift Premium rate of pay setting.

9 NC DHHS rev 2/1/20129 Work Schedule Rules (WSR) Are found in PA20 IT0007 Planned Work Time. Designate the days and hours per day an employee is scheduled to work or can use leave. Should be changed first of a work week to ensure that the system counts the days correctly.

10 NC DHHS rev 2/1/ Work Weeks Are found in PA20 IT0007 Planned Work Time. The completion of being in paid status for 50% of the days for the month results in Sick and Vacation accruals to occur. Determine the period in which Overtime (OT) is calculated. Include the work week that is the official start of that calculation for that OT. Should be changed first of a work week to ensure that the system counts the days correctly.

11 NC DHHS rev 2/1/ Work Schedule Rule example showing M-F 8 hours with Sa/S not required to work. Work week that shows when the system will calculate Overtime. Employment percent that means that the employee is working 100% of what they are asked to work. This impacts accruals for Vacation and Sick Leave. When you click on this…

12 NC DHHS rev 2/1/ The months actual schedule appears. It includes the number of hours per day the employee must account for in the work week. The Holiday Calendar determines when this employee will observe the holiday which is denoted by a 4.

13 NC DHHS rev 2/1/ Important basics about WSRs versus Work Weeks. Employment percent must be 100% so that accruals are accurate. For Positive Time Entry, the system looks at total hours of time entry for the OT period (work week) to calculate OT. But for Leave and Longevity purposes, the system looks at the number of days in pay status on the Work Schedule. Each day in pay status has a percentage value associated with it in order to achieve 50% of the month.

14 NC DHHS rev 2/1/ Important basics about the Holiday Calendar. The holiday calendar is also located in PA20 under IT0001 Organizational Assignment. (but can be viewed in IT0007 Planned Work Time.

15 Sometimes we need to make changes to position settings or to time entry (Master Data in general) that has already been previously processed: A Retro Time Evaluation is requested anytime a position setting is changed in PO13 that is made effective retroactive to the present day. A Retro Not Allowed Request is made anytime we need to change any Master Data PA30 before the Time Wall. The Time Wall is down four months from the current month.

16 NC DHHS rev 2/1/ Retro Time Evaluations Pay rates populate on the first of the month. If you change a rate of pay, mid month, you would ask for a Retro Time Evaluation for the first of the month. Eligibility settings can be changed at any time during a month but the system only looks at the current month. If you make a change to an eligibility setting, it must effective for the period in which the system needs to apply the setting. (Ex. for Overtime, you would need to change it to the first of the work week.)

17 Be careful for what you wish for! When an RTE is requested, it will apply position settings, action effective dates, and time entry changes in order to calculate pay. It will take current available quota balances and apply them to past usages. You can see this in IT9901. You can see the changes in pay and what was changed in the Wage Type Reporter. If you request one, you are responsible for making sure you can explain all the results to the employee!

18 NC DHHS rev 2/1/ This tells you how far back you can change time entry as well as any Master Data. In this example, the Time Wall is down from 1/1/2009. Typically, it will be three or four months from the current month. The date means that Time Evaluation was rerun starting from this date. To see if the Time Wall is down for a Retro Not Allowed Request, you must go to PA20 IT003 in Direct Selection OR in the Payroll Tab at the very bottom.

19 NC DHHS rev 2/1/ To see how position settings, calendar, rate of pay, and time entry come together, you can go to PT_BAL00. For regular employees, there are about 47 time types that calculate each day and another 5 that calculate for accrual and overtime purposes. For shift eligible employees, it can be as high as 95 time types that are processed.

20 NC DHHS rev 2/1/ Accruals for Leave occur when 50% of the month in pay status has been achieved. Rates populate on the first of the month.

21 NC DHHS rev 2/1/ Time entry and Payroll Processing In order to begin processing Payroll, BEACON populates all the master data (time entry and pay), and position settings at a specific point in the month called Payroll Initialization Time Evaluation is run out to the end of the month. DHHS has internal deadlines for time entry to standardize what goes into an employees paycheck however Master Data is updated up to the last day of Payroll Corrections. Time is only processed up to the end of the current month!

22 NC DHHS rev 2/1/ If correct time entry isnt completed by the deadline… Leave accruals may not occur. Leave balances may not be accurate. Shift Premium pay will not show up on current paycheck. Longevity may be impacted. Incorrect payroll occurs.

23 NC DHHS rev 2/1/ An easier representation of the Work Week would be to view the time in CAT3 for a positive time entry employee on a DO1NO8GN schedule. Total time entry for this week Actual time entry Scheduled time entry

24 NC DHHS rev 2/1/ Leave offsetting Leave offsetting occurs when an employee has worked more hours than required and recorded Leave within the same Overtime Period (Work Week). The system gives back the amount of Leave over required hours. Example for Positive Entry: If a full time employee (40 hours) and normally works an 8 hour day for 5 days but one week works 10 hour days for 4 days and records 8 hours of Leave, the system will give the employee the Leave back to the appropriate bucket.

25 NC DHHS rev 2/1/ Leave offsetting Manually offsetting is when an employee does what the system would normally do. The employee enters all time worked first for a given work week. Then the employee uses Leave to cover the gap between required hours and actual hours worked. It is mandatory to do if the employee chooses Leave Without Pay (LWOP) because there is no LWOP bucket! (or Civil Leave or Other Management Approved Leave)

26 NC DHHS rev 2/1/ Time Entry best practices… For Longevity and Leave, enter time to allow accruals to occur. Enter time for an entire Overtime Period (work week typically) to calculate Overtime/Gap hours Weekly time entry –preferably the day before the week ends so a supervisor can follow up if needed. –allows a Timekeeper and the employee to make any corrections before the end of the week.

27 Push Codes Slang term for the Premium Number on the timesheet screen. Include Night Premium (01), Evening Premium (02), and Stop Premium (06). Do not include a Weekend Premium push code. Time worked starting 3 rd shift on Friday through 3 rd shift on Sunday will receive Weekend Shift Premium. Only override the WSR when 06 Stop Premium is used. Should only be used when the employee is Positive Time Entry and on a Day Shift WSR.

28 NC DHHS rev 2/1/ Why are there problems? Position Settings are incorrect Calendar, Work Schedule Rule is incorrect Too long a time elapses between time entry and time approval Honest mistakes Known BEACON glitches

29 NC DHHS rev 2/1/ What transactions are helpful? 1.CATC 2.BI Report 0083 Position Eligibility Settings 3.PT_BAL00 or PT66 4.PT_ERL00 1.Identifies who has entered time for a given work week 2.Identifies position settings 3.Identifies how the system has processed Master Data 4.Identifies mistakes that stop payroll from processing

30 NC DHHS rev 2/1/ Resources BEACON Help:

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