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MSHSAA CONCUSSION VIDEO RulesMeeting634479671666413119/player.html

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2 MSHSAA CONCUSSION VIDEO RulesMeeting634479671666413119/player.html RulesMeeting634479671666413119/player.html

3 WELCOME Upcoming Events Purpose of Meeting –Review of Athletic Handbook –MSHSAA Eligibility Rules –Sportsmanship –Parent and Coach Communication –Risks of Competition –Role of Parents in Athletics –Q & A

4 Basic Guidelines Pg. 2 Shuttle Bus vs. Activity Bus Transportation to and From Games - Sign out Sheet / Permission letter to Ath. Office Minimum Attendance School Discipline

5 Code of Ethics - Pg 3 365 Day Commitment Citizenship - “Creditable Citizens” Stealing - School or Community –Alcohol –Tobacco –Sexual Harassment –Drugs Prescription Pills

6 Participation Fee and Passes $25, $15, $10 Game entries - $4.00 V, $3.00 JV & under Passes: –Year long Family - $70.00 - no tournaments or shootouts –Year long Individual - $35.00 –Season Family Pass - $30.00 –Season Individual - $15.00

7 Equipment Pg. 3 Any equipment lost or stolen must be paid for by the student in whose name it was checked out.

8 Sportsmanship Standards Pg. 4 Want to Create a positive image and experience at all sporting events We want to be boosters of good play, not fans.

9 Sportsmanship Cont… Don’t embarrass anyone Respect officials Respect property of School Encourage your team Treat opponents with respect Appreciate good play Accept decisions by coaches No noisemakers/taunts toward opponent Standing only in student sections Be modest in victory & gracious in defeat Maintain good sportsmanship at all times

10 Player’s Role Goal - Competitive at the Varsity level Prepare for chance to win Succeed from failure Play with: –Confidence –Discipline –Integrity

11 Officials Role In charge of the game Make Subjective Judgments Enforce the rules and Control Play Can stop play for: –Unsportsmanlike behavior - players/fans –Can eject - players/fans Wish for Officials leaving WHS


13 Coach’s Role Manage the team and players Determine team placement and p.t. Based on: Ability, Effort, Discipline and Coachability Evaluate the Officials Decisions made in best interest of program, team and players

14 Coach’s Role Cont… Teach: skills, techniques, and strategies to be successful Help to develop positive characteristics in your child Please help us by supporting our Coaches

15 Parents and Spectators Role Support your Child Applaud good play - Ours and Opponents Respect the decisions of the Official Do not interact with the Official Letter from Bruce Brown


17 Parents Role Cont… Champions of Character –Self Assessment for parents expectations –Compare to your child’s expectations The Role of Parents in Athletics -During the game -After the game

18 Parent &Coach Communication Expectations from Coach Expectations from Parents Not Appropriate to Discuss –Playing time –Team strategy –Play calling –Other Student-Athletes/Participants Flow Chart for High and Middle Sch. Pg. 11-12

19 MSHSAA Eligibility Bona Fide Student Citizenship - Creditable Citizens are those students whose conduct, both in school and out of school, does not reflect discredit upon themselves or their school. Academics –Earned 3.0 units of credit previous semester –Enrolled in 3.0 units of credit currently –No F Rule –NO Summer school

20 Residence Requirements Transfers - come to office A.S.A.P. Participation Limits Entering School Amateur & Award Standards –Must be an amateur - protect by not: –Accepting cash or services and –Don’t receive merchandise with a value over $100.00 –You may accept symbolic awards - trophies, medals, plaques, and etc.

21 Age Limits Playing under a false name Graduated Students Nonschool Competition –Not the same sport same season –Approval from administration –Can’t miss school time College Auditions and Tryouts All-Star Games

22 Recruiting of Athletes Transfer for Athletic Reasons Sports Camps and Clinics –Pg. 8-9 number 17

23 College Eligibility NCAA & NAIA have requirements to play NCAA ELIGIBILITY CENTER It is the parent and athletes job to pursue playing at the next level. Do not wait. Begin learning the requirements you must meet. 100 Acad. Scholarship to 1 Athletic

24 Misc. Booster Club Athletic Commitment Form and Know the Risks - must be signed Attendance Card –Make sure you turn it in, or you will have to come to another meeting

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