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Jennings High School: Guide to NCAA/NAIA Eligibility.

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1 Jennings High School: Guide to NCAA/NAIA Eligibility

2 Welcome to JSH


4 Winter Sports November-February CHEERLEADING BASKETBALL

5 Spring Sports (February-May) TRACK BASEBALL SOCCER

6 Clubs/Activities Student Council NHS (National Honor Society FCCLA (Family Career and Community Leaders of America) Spirit/Pep Club Band Choir Art Guild FBLA/DECA (Future Business leaders of America) Math Club Journalism/Yearbook Club Poetry Slam Club Anime Club Swim Club Tennis Club

7 NAIA Eligibility requirements Graduating HS Seniors must meet 2 out of the 3: Minimum GPA of 2.0 on 4.0 18 ACT or 860 SAT Graduate in the top 50% of class

8 What you need to complete in 4 years (for NCAA eligibility)


10 NCAA Courses Registering with the NCAA clearinghouse NCAA eligibility center reveals approved courses in our high school (see link) *Student-athletes will need to begin thinking about their athletic future when they begin the ninth grade. Registration with clearinghouse by the start of your Junior year.‎

11 Earning Credits A student may earn (.5) one-half unit of credit for each class passed per semester. Students passing all their classes can earn (3.5) credits per semester and 7.0 credits per regular school year. YOU WILL BE CLASSIFIED BASED ON THE NUMBER OF CREDITS YOU EARNED AT THE END OF EACH SEMESTER. 0-5.5 = Freshman6.0-11.5 = Sophomore


13 How do you become ineligible? Academics You must earn 3.0 credits each semester to maintain eligibility. (Basically earning 2 Fs makes you ineligible. Citizenship You must be a creditable citizen. Creditable citizens are those students whose conduct - both in school and out of school - will not reflect discredit upon themselves or their school. NOTE: Conduct involving law enforcement must be reported to your principal or athletic director immediately as your conduct may affect eligibility or contest outcomes. Sportsmanship If you commit an unsportsmanlike act while participating in an event, you could become ineligible. If your conduct as a spectator is found to be unsportsmanlike, you could be barred from attending any further high school contests. The unsportsmanlike conduct of any spectator, regardless of age, could cause that spectator to be barred from attending school contests.

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