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 Introductions  Information & Expectations   Procedures & Policies.

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2  Introductions  Information & Expectations   Procedures & Policies

3 Athletic Director: John Kane Athletic Coordinator: Gail Beard Athletic Event Coordinator: Eric Hauser Athletic Office Secretary: Colleen Finke & Debbie Kassner Athletic Trainers: Roger Carpenter, John Shoro & Bruce Popp.

4 The Parent/Student Handbook can be found on your school’s athletic web page.

5 Student-athletes are expected to attend school in order to participate in extracurricular activities If a student-athlete is absent from school, or misses any part of the school day, the student-athlete must obtain permission from the Principalship (Athletic Director) to participate in any activity. A note from home is not sufficient.

6 Student-athletes are required to take D211 transportation to and from extracurricular events. Student-athletes who wish to return home from an event with their parent, must seek approval from the coach and Athletic Director prior to the event. Student-athletes are not permitted to be transported by anyone other than D211 or their own parent.

7 Participation is a privilege Respect Confidence Commitment Sportsmanship Teamwork

8 IHSA District 211

9 The student-athlete must be passing at least twenty- five (25) credit hours (may include PE) of high school work per week. Any student-athlete that does not meet this requirement, will be ineligible for competition the following week. The student-athlete, unless entering high school for the first time, must have credit on the school records for 25 credit hours of high school work for the previous semester. If a student-athlete does not satisfy this requirement, he/she will be ineligible for the following semester.

10 Eligibility for competition is assessed at the end of the following grading periods:  Quarter 1  Semester 1  Quarter 3  Semester 2

11 Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors “F” at 1st/3rd quarter = probation “F” at 1st/2nd semester = ineligible Under 2.0 GPA at quarter or semester = probation Physical education or driver education are not included in the 2.0 GPA

12 Freshmen & transfer students “F” at 1st/3rd quarter = probation “F” at 1st semester = probation “F” at 2nd semester = ineligible Under 2.0 GPA at quarter or semester = probation Physical education or driver education are not included in the 2.0 GPA

13 IHSA Policies District 211 Policies

14 Illinois legislation signed into law on August 7, 2009 gives the IHSA authority to test for steroids during the season


16  Drug/alcohol/tobacco use  Theft  Fighting  Hazing  Arrest

17 First offense – 25% of the scheduled competitions Second offense – one-year suspension from competitions Third offense – expulsion from all extracurricular programs throughout the remainder of high school career

18 Hazing includes any humiliating or dangerous activity expected of a student in order to join a group regardless of the that student’s willingness to participate.

19 Singled out Physically humiliated Subjected to nudity or any sexual acts Physically endangered Subjected to boundary testing For more information go to:

20  The Conant Athletic Website can be accessed by entering & click on “ATHLETICS” or go directly to the site at  Daily Events, Schedules, Schedule Changes, Team Photos, Results, Announcements, Cancellations, Registration.  Information is posted on this site first.

21 Program philosophy Expectations Locations/times of practices 8 to 18 online schedules Team requirements Procedures Schedule changes and cancellations

22 Appropriate concerns to discuss with coaches Physical/mental treatment of child The gathering or sharing of information Concerns about your student-athlete’s behavior

23 Inappropriate concerns to discuss with parents Playing time Play calling Other student-athletes 24 Hour Rule


25 Insurance is offered as a cost-effective supplement to your insurance. If interested, please visit your school’s athletic web page for information.




29 Athletic Trainers are available after school and throughout practices each day, and provide the following services:  Impact Testing (concussion)  Injury treatment and evaluation  Injury Rehabilitation


31 We wish you a successful season and hope you enjoy your experience as a District 211 student-athlete! Remember … Those who persevere will be champions … in the classroom and in the athletic arena!

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