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PVUSD Athletics Informed Consent Meeting For Athletic Participation.

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1 PVUSD Athletics Informed Consent Meeting For Athletic Participation

2 Introduction and Purpose of Informed Consent n Mandated by The Paradise Valley School Board of Education. n Understanding that there are risks associated with Athletic participation and that serious injuries may occur in spite of precautions taken. n Introduce concepts of Pursuing Victory With Honor n Each Athlete and one of their parents or legal guardians MUST attend this meeting before participating in any athletic program. Only once in four years of high school

3 Check Handouts in Your Possession n Informed Consent Handbook (Athletic Policies of the Paradise Valley School District and Explanation of the Voluntary Random Drug Testing Program) n Play Card (Emergency Information and Consent to Treat) n Athletic physical form signed by medical doctor and one parent or legal guardian. (To be turned in prior to first practice or tryout.)

4 Risk Management n Full Time Certified Athletic Trainer. n Safety Equipment checked and fitted by our Certified Equipment Manager. n All Coaches Certified in B.A.S.I.C. First Aid and C.P.R. n No expense spared for Safety Equipment or safe playing fields. n Hydration

5 No Pass No Play n To participate in games or matches all students must have passed all classes the previous QUARTER or apply for reinstatement through the athletic office. n Ineligible students can tryout or practice but must inform the coach that he/she will be applying for reinstatement.

6 Cut Policies on Teams that Limit Squad Members n Athletes will be informed in person of a coaches decision to not be on the team. n The Coach will also explain to the student- athlete and their parents what they feel he /she should improve on to make the team in the future if this information is requested.

7 Transfer Student Procedures For New Registrants n If a student enrolls in a PVUSD High School after their Freshman year begins, and has not moved into the High Schools attendance area, they will have to sit out 1 year. n The Transfer Form is picked up in the athletic office and must be on file with the Arizona Interscholastic Association before competition.

8 Insurance Information n Insurance is strongly recommended for all athletic participation. n Paradise Valley School District offers school insurance for our students and is available for individual sport seasons. n The Athletic Department has the necessary forms.

9 NCAA Clearinghouse Information n In the spring of your Junior year any athlete planning to participate in collegiate athletics at the Division One or Division Two level must register with the NCAA. n These forms can be picked up in the guidance office.

10 Informed Consent Video n Sports At Risk video that speaks to specific sports’ risks and prevention. n This video has to been seen by the student athlete and his or her parents before any participation in tryouts or practices.

11 Participation Fee and Tax Credit Information n To participate in athletics, a $200 fee is collected prior to the first game or match. There is a $400 Family Maximum. n This fee can be applied toward the $400 Arizona Tax Credit. n This fee is used to help pay AIA officials, transportation expenses, and workers for our athletic events. n Fee is waived for those participating in free school lunch program.

12 Objectives of Interscholastic Athletics Promotion of sportsmanship and the six core principles of character: Promotion of sportsmanship and the six core principles of character: –Trustworthiness- Fairness –Respect- Caring –Responsibility- Citizenship

13 Parental Commitments COMMIT to: n It being your child’s experience. n Sharing your son or daughter. n Sharing your child’s disappointments and triumphs n Teaching, enforcing, advocating, and modeling desired behaviors. n Letting your child make his/her own decisions. n Communicating effectively with your child’s coach.

14 For the duration of the practice or game put your child in the hands of the coach. M ake supportive comments to athletes, parents, officials, or coaches of both teams. Express interest, encouragement, and support to your child. Lend a hand when a coach or official asks for help. Conduct at Sport Events

15 Review n Review of materials to be turned in for athletic participation. n Sports Risk - “You Be The Judge” Video n Each parent or legal guardian must sign-in on one of the sign-in sheets provided at each of the coaches tables. This sheet is used to verify your attendance.

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