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Md. Mahbubur Rahman Deputy Director Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.

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1 Md. Mahbubur Rahman Deputy Director Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics

2  Background  Location of coal mine  Salient features  Discovered coal deposit in Bangladesh  Collection of coal statistics  Production and sales of coal  Some Pictures

3  The Barapukuria coal deposit was discovered in 1985 when the geological Survey of Bangladesh drilled a wild-cat borehole to investigate a negative gravity anomaly in the area.  Since that time, a total of 35 deep boreholes have been drilled, delimiting the area of coal resources and determining the structure and the coal seam characteristics in terms of thickness and quality.


5 Location of Barapukuria Coal Mine: Village-Chowhati, Police Station- Parbatiur, District-Dinajpur. Extent of Coal Deposit: 6.68 Square kilometres. Depth of Coal Deposit : 118 m-509m. Total Estimated Deposit of Coal: 390 Million Metric Tons.

6 Number of Coal Seams:7. Production Seam: 6th Seam. Thickness of 6th Seam: 36 Metre. Estimated Deposit in 6th Seam: 285 Million Metric Tonne. Project based on: 30 Million Metric Tonne.

7 Composition of coal:  Moisture-10%,  Ash-12.4%,  Volatile Matter-29.2%,  Fixed Carbon-48.4%  Sulphur-0.53 %.

8 Calorific value:25.68 MJ/kg or Btu/lb. Rank of coal: High volatile bituminous.

9 Uses of coal: 100% of the production will be used in a 375 MW coal fired power station. Manpower Coal extraction method: Multi-slice Longwall.

10 Location/ Area/ District Number of Drilled Boreholes Depth of Coal Seams (metre) Number of Coal Seams Cumulat ive Thickne ss of Coal Seams (metre) Area of Coal Field (square kilometre ) Deposit (million metric tonne) Year of Discovery Barapukuri a Dinajpur Khalashpir Rangpur Jamalganj Joypurhat Phulbari Dinajpur Dighipara Dinajpur

11  Bangladesh oil, gas and mineral corporation (PETROBANGLA) operates the coal mining activity in Bangladesh through “Barapukuria Coal Mining Project”.  The coal mine project is located at the district of Dinajpur, the North-West Part of Bangladesh.  Commercial basis production of coal has been started from September, 2005.

12  The coal mining project office sends monthly production data of coal to head office, PETROBANGLA, both in quantity and value.  The project office also provides information on expenditure of its coal mining activity.  PETROBANGLA, with its other production statistics, also publishes coal mining statistics in its monthly MIS report.

13  BBS uses the coal mining statistics published in the MIS reports of PETROBANGLA.  BBS also uses the expenditure data of coal production directly from the project office of coal mining for GDP compilation purpose.

14 Year Production (000 MT) Quantity sold ('000 MT) Value (Mill. Tk) Value (Mill. US$) Ave. price/MT (Taka) Ave. price/MT (US$) , , , ,

15 Expenditure HeadsActual Expenses (In Taka) Actual Expenses (In US$) Wages & Salary, Royalty, Allowance Recreation Training, education Entertainment Repair & maintenance Construction and developments LC Charge & Commission Office Equipment Leave fare assistance - officer Plumping material Office stationery and printing Telephone Postage97312 Internet service Electricity bill - business Electricity bill -Domestic Office rent Other building rent Internal Coal Use

16 Expenditure HeadsActual Expenses (In Taka) Actual Expenses (In US$) Legal expenses Consultancy fee (LC+FC) Vehicle insurance Other board meeting exp External audit fee Bank charges & commission News papers, books & etc Vehicle tax and license POL for transport Bus hire for staff Other transport hire Consumable for Production

17 Expenditure HeadsActual Expenses (In Taka) Actual Expenses (In US$) Advertisement - Press Advertisement - tender Fuel for production Security expenses Other office consumable Non-Capitalized equipment Donation/Subscription Miscellaneous Light Vehicle Telecom & Computer equipment Production cost for coal productivity Total

18 Year Total energy (E, G, C) Coal Share of coal






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