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Startup Weekend Sponsorship Proposal +.

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1 Startup Weekend Sponsorship Proposal +

2 About Startup Weekend Our mission is to teach and promote entrepreneurship in local communities. As a 501(c)3 charity, we rely on our partners to keep growing Startup Weekend around the world. When you join us as a sponsor partner your company will be seen by community influencers. Your products will be used hands-on by attendees, thereby tying your brand to the positive and transformative experience that is Startup Weekend. We do events that bring developers, designers, marketers, product managers and startup enthusiasts together to share ideas, form teams, build products and launch startups. Startup Weekend begin with open-mic 60-second pitches that result in the formation of small teams around the best, most viable concepts. Team spend Saturday and Sunday focus on customer development, validating their ideas and building prototypes with the help of experienced mentors. On Sunday, teams demo their products and receive valuable feedback from a panel of experts. The real value in a Startup Weekend is not how many startups are launched. Rather, it’s about learning through the act of creation, developing deeper relationships than a typical networking event, matching potential cofounders, validating ideas and experimenting in a risk-free environment, and for many, it’s about taking the first step into entrepreneurship. Our Community is arguably the largest network of existing and aspiring entrepreneurs in the world. We are a highly technical community; 53% identify themselves as software developers. Our attendees are creative, influential and driven. These are the kinds of people that will bring your product back into the office on Monday morning after using it during the weekend.

3 Our Reach Highlighted Ventures Launched: Event Stats: 1500+ events
660+ cities 120+ countries Average of 85 attendees per event, with a maximum of 125 Average of 10 new ventures created Highlighted Ventures Launched: Global Audience: 123,000+ attendees to date 140,000 Facebook fans 84,000 Twitter followers 100,000 Newsletter subscribers Global Social Media Stats: 23 million impressions from our global Twitter Account 52 million impressions via our global Facebook Page 700,000-1 million impressions per event hashtag

4 Why Sponsor Startup Weekend?
ECONOMIC ADVANCEMENT Play a vital role in the development of your local economy by supporting endeavors for job creation, creativity and community growth. MAJOR REACH We have one of the world' largest global communities of entrepreneurs and leaders. Your reach for advertising and marketing opportunities extend on a local and global level. VALIDATION Reach entrepreneurs from a variety of industry backgrounds (developers, designers, business, teachers, architects etc.) who could contribute to your platform and use your services. Also, witness first-hand how these entrepreneurs are using your product or service. Supporting today's forward thinkers - tomorrow's leaders.

5 We are a 501(c)3 charity -- your sponsorship is tax deductible.
What We Can Offer Sponsorship packages are à la carte and flexible by geography. $100 Sponsor an entrepreneur Open registration for one entrepreneur of your choice or one that we select. We will ensure that one lucky entrepreneur will get fed, meet new people, learn a ton and hopefully create a successful startup! $500 Silver (Meal) Company name/logo listed on the city website “city” Thank you & recognition during the meal you sponsor Opportunity to display a sign or banner on the food table Hand out materials, swag, and/or other related materials Option to pay food vendors directly Two tickets to the event $1,000 Gold Identified in all media materials for Startup Weekend Company name/logo listed on city website “city” Thank you & recognition during Startup Weekend event Opportunity to hang banners at the event Hand out materials, swag and/or other related materials $2,500 Platinum Custom survey of the startup community (we can create survey and produce report) Invitation for a guest blog post on the city website “city” Offer a prize to an individual via raffle/vote. {e.g. iPhone, netbook, software) All benefits of Gold Sponsorship Three tickets to the event $5,000 Premier Invitation to address the attendees for 3 minutes Invited to set up a booth for your product/service during the event Guest blog post on Startup Global homepage! All benefits of Platinum Sponsorship Four tickets to the event Contributing Sponsor Prices vary by city Help support Startup Weekend with the press coverage, marketing, swag, food, software, discounts, etc. Anything the community will benefit from. Prices and packages can vary based on city so feel free to make adjustments to suit your community. **Any major adjustments will need approval through your Regional Operations Manager. Please be sure to change the city site to your city sit URL. We are a 501(c)3 charity -- your sponsorship is tax deductible.

6 Thanks for considering a sponsorship with Startup Weekend!
For more information contact [Your Name]

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