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CONTACT US +91-22-40044861 / +91-9930577889.

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1 CONTACT US +91-22-40044861 / +91-9930577889

2 1of9 CONTACT US +91-22-40044861 / +91-9930577889 700,000+ subscribers Opt-in readership 17+ newsletters Associations, companies, etc 8+ industries IT, Retail, Finance, FMCG, Digital Media … Free to subscribe Top member benefit Partnerships with the Nation’s Premier Organizations

3 2of9 CONTACT US +91-22-40044861 / +91-9930577889 Editorial We are content curators. Editorial is the heart of our organization. Technology We use technology to increase content engagement & keep you at the forefront of critical industry issues. Ad Sales We help deliver new sponsors, while being careful not to infringe upon your existing relationships. Partner Services We ensure your service exceeds expectations and consistently increases circulation. About TradeBriefs Partnerships

4 3of9 CONTACT US +91-22-40044861 / +91-9930577889 Content Curation: The Team and the Product Content Team: Each newsletter has an industry specialist as editor Unique, Indian and Global content Human + Algorithm driven Proprietary sources Partner voice Personalization technology

5 4of9 CONTACT US +91-22-40044861 / +91-9930577889 Partnership Proposal Daily, weekly publication Expand your audience ( upto 50% in 1 year through proprietary TradeBriefs technology ) Increase brand recall and lead pipeline by upto 100% (Banners and Content Marketing with in daily newsletters) Branding plus Lead Generation from TradeBriefs audience of 7, 50,000 + Revenue share on premium advertising. Why this works?

6 5of9 CONTACT US +91-22-40044861 / +91-9930577889 Industry Average: 2-3% * TB average: 4-10% Performance Management: Self-Serve Data Open Rates Industry Average: < 1% * TB average: 1 - 3% Click Through Rates Reader & Advertisement Data Most read stories Opens by source Click-thru and open rates Subscriber data

7 6of9 CONTACT US +91-22-40044861 / +91-9930577889 New revenue, industry source Additional Revenue Opportunities Job Boards Custom Features Promote through content Content Marketing Topic-based reports, single sponsor

8 7of9 CONTACT US +91-22-40044861 / +91-9930577889 Readers share via Email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Reader incentives Cross-promotions LinkedIn promotions Peer-to-peer campaigns Media partnerships Social media outreach Blogs Readership-Membership Growth

9 8of9 CONTACT US +91-22-40044861 / +91-9930577889 Publication Launch: Reaching Potential Subscribers Privacy Policy: We never share the personal information of our subscribers Launch in 1-2 weeks Beta test to key decision-makers 2-step sign-up process for data collection

10 9of9 CONTACT US +91-22-40044861 / +91-9930577889 Join the TradeBriefs Network Model Next Steps Questions

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