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Knoxville Business Laboratory An introduction to Knoxville Business Laboratory.

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1 Knoxville Business Laboratory An introduction to Knoxville Business Laboratory

2 Single Source Business Solutions The Knoxville Business Laboratory is a developing platform focused on a broad scope of business services and solutions as well as being a startup incubator with crowdfunding portals currently in the process of being implemented. We have a long term vision and commitment towards encouraging and expanding Knoxville’s entrepreneurial culture while spurring enduring and unrestricted economic development across multiple business and market sectors.

3 Single Source Business Solutions KBL will be a support hub and catalyst of an exciting, fresh and innovative business environment for Knoxville’s entrepreneurs, students, investors, professors and the multitude of its business owners and service providers. We will invigorate the entrepreneurial culture in Knoxville using inclusive ideologies and proven network strategies. We will inspire a fluid and evolving network of dreamers, innovators, leaders and myriad business professionals while avoiding existing local hierarchy fixtures that typically stifle rapid business development & growth.

4 Single Source Business Solutions We are reaching out to those in the community who we feel would be inclined to be affiliated with KBL and who are also in positions we feel, in one way or another, are closely aligned to and support our vision and mission. WHY YOU HAVE RECEIVED THIS INFORMATION

5 Single Source Business Solutions Currently we have several startups in our pipeline that are products of a portfolio belonging to our founder. We also have 3 others belonging to new partners of KBL. These projects run the gamut... everything from a new food products company that offers spice rubs, BBQ sauces, marinades, chips & smoked meat products, an end-to-end repairs related SaaS platform – comprised of 3 individual freestanding platforms, a new legal and corporate document generator – also an SaaS platform, a new food industry related app, to a platform that is focused on recognizing and celebrating those within our society who inspire & encourage and simply make the world a better place to live.

6 Single Source Business Solutions There are several other projects, including the lab itself – which has several individual models within the overall structure – where we are looking for both experienced professionals & educators to participate in an advisory capacity. We are also seeking young entrepreneurs looking to become part of something exciting that is within their preferred area of study, or interest, in cofounder / C-level capacities. We are also interested in promoting new concepts and startups from students and others through our Lean Startup Lab.

7 Single Source Business Solutions THE PROPOSITION There are several ways professionals & educators, as well as the students / graduates / potential cofounders, can affiliate themselves with or become a part of KBL. We are interested in exploring all options and have 2-3 we have already considered.

8 Single Source Business Solutions ADVISORS AND MENTORS These seasoned business professionals and educators will, at their discretion, on a project by project basis, lend their knowledge and expertise to any number of startups that come through our pipeline. There will be opportunities for these professionals and advisors to join the startups they are mentoring, as shareholders.

9 Single Source Business Solutions STUDENT TEAMS Depending on the startup model, there are obviously different requirements and responsibilities held by each cofounding team member. In one scenario we envision a team of students (size dependent on model requirements) with different majors (or interests + representative skill sets) participating as a majority of the cofounding members. These cofounders will serve the interest of the respective company chair and board where their responsibilities, among others and dependent upon the respective cofounder’s skill sets, will be to bring new ideas and processes to the existing models, develop and administer web based platforms, develop and disseminate branded content, customer acquisition, business administration, process management, private securities development and management and more.

10 Single Source Business Solutions STUDENT TEAMS (cont.) Even if the cofounders were not being compensated, the relationships they would develop and the experiences they would have in a real world LEAN business setting would be invaluable to their overall business development skills and in their future endeavors. However, we are proposing a significant shareholder offering to each startup cofounding team member, commensurate to their respective positions and contributions. This incentive will serve to ensure that quality talent is attracted to our startup environment which will in turn attract capital solutions to our projects.

11 Single Source Business Solutions SUMMARY We are a professional services group focused on new business development, startups, innovative technology processes and applications as well as the development of branded content & marketing. We are searching for cofounder teams of technical and creative problem solvers who like to challenge traditional thinking, move quickly, waste little and achieve big results.

12 Single Source Business Solutions WHAT TO DO NOW If you have read this far and know you are the type of person that would like to learn more about becoming a part of KBL, or one of our startups, or joining our efforts in an advisory capacity, please CONTACT US now and we will get back to you.CONTACT US THANK YOU FOR READING! KNOXVILLE BUSINESS LABORATORY

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