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Greece Today Create a regional entrepreneurial ecosystem that will be a global beacon for innovative businesses. Break down barriers for regional.

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2 Greece Today



5 Create a regional entrepreneurial ecosystem that will be a global beacon for innovative businesses. Break down barriers for regional entrepreneurs that will become industry disruptors and game changers with global reach. We deliver this through a competitive process that brings together entrepreneurs, industry sponsors and accelerators. Bring together, in an effective partnership, all elements required to create the acceleration process for entrepreneurs and start ups to fulfill their potential. Moving away from previous models of ad hoc and fragmented support, we create a complete ecosystem by bringing together knowledge, mentoring, coaching, sponsorship, funding, communication and networking in an integrated and methodological manner. The VISION The MISSION The STRATEGY


7 European Strategy ENTREPRENEURSHIP 2020 ACTION PLAN Reigniting the entrepreneurial spirit in Europe Our Challenge – More entrepreneurs for Europe Action Pillar 1 – Entrepreneurial education and training to support growth and business creation New foundations: increasing the prevalence and quality of entrepreneurial learning New frontiers: higher education for entrepreneurship Action Pillar 2 – Create an Environment where Entrepreneurs can Flourish and Grow Better access to finance Supporting new businesses in crucial phases of their lifecycle and help them grow Unleashing new business opportunities in the digital age Turning failure into success: second chances for honest bankrupts Action Pillar 3 – Role models and reaching out to specific groups New perceptions: entrepreneurs as role models New horizons: reaching out to women, seniors, migrants, the unemployed, young people Key Objectives:

8 Networking Projects Talent Competitions Events Education Funding Media Start up Communication Incubation/ Acceleration Mentorship

9 Projects Pillar Our first project is addressing “Women in the Economy” and it will be organised in collaboration with the only European agency promoting gender equality issues, EIGE (European Institute of Gender Equality) and the Greek European Presidency Office during the forthcoming Greek Presidency of the European Union (S1 2014). The project targets women of all ages, working in various sectors and positions, while focusing on entrepreneurship, leadership and labour market issues. It will be a pan-European activation, with the results being presented in Greece.

10 Events



13 Education Pillar


15 Dates Program: July 1 – July 26, 2013 Application Deadline 2: OPEN – Rolling Admission Notification for Application Round 1: May 1, 2013 Fees $5,800 USD Includes program events and activities for four weeks (Not included: international transportation, meals, discretionary spending money, and accommodations) STARTUP VISITS Step inside some of Silicon Valley’s best known startups, see how they work, and learn from their culture. See where the magic happens and meet the people who are driving the tech-culture in the Bay Area. INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPS Dive in, get your hands dirty, and start learning, growing, and building. Topics include: business model design, customer development, how to pitch, defining metrics, marketing, intellectual property, and more! MENTORSHIP Throughout the month you’ll be paired with an expert advisor to help guide you through the process of starting a business. You’ll have access to them through regular 1:1 meetings and mentor dinner events. Your 4-week crash course Silicon Valley entrepreneurship

16 Talent Competitions 10 most promising business plans in the Agro – food sector € 250,000 non-equity capital funding € 250,000 in low interest loan A competition for entrepreneurs in the creative industries sector € 100,000 + €10,000 non-equity capital funding The world's largest clean technology business competition Up to $250,000 in cash, start-up services, training, mentoring, networking and press coverage A competition for young entrepreneurs Investment up to a 1.000.000€ 10,000€ in cash + 25,000 in services A competition for young entrepreneurs in Biotechnology in collaboration with Democritus BioBiz Workshop


18 Media Pillar Building on our previous experience with the “Open MBA” - the most successful weekly supplement of the daily newspaper “TA NEA”- we build a media platform based on the following areas: a TV show, presenting a talent competition for young entrepreneurs - “Entrepreneurship with the X-factor” a Radio show, providing the audience with entrepreneurship best practices & good news from around the world, new ventures & start-ups, funding opportunities, media platforms, marketing & branding practices for a new entrepreneurial ecosystem an Informative Portal that will be a vibrant community and an interactive source of information, supporting and promoting new business initiatives in all fields of entrepreneurship. Collaborating with international portals from the region and other countries, it will address patents, EU, public and private funding opportunities and programs supporting entrepreneurship a Magazine, the absolute start-up guide – The Matchmaker – bringing together enablers, venturers, investors and innovators under the same roof


20 Networking Pillar

21 Create. Collaborate. Cultivate.

22 Web: Facebook: Twitter: #id-gc LinkedIn: Get in Contact. Get Involved.

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