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2014 Campaign Coordinator Workshop

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1 2014 Campaign Coordinator Workshop
Heartland CFC

2 Workshop Objectives Campaign Basics
Discuss Special Events & FUNdraising Ideas Cover CFC E-Technology Learn Reporting & Forms Discover Online Resources Discuss 2014 Changes

3 MISSION STATEMENT The mission of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is to support and to promote philanthropy through a program that is employee-focused, cost efficient and effective in providing all Federal employees the opportunity to improve the quality of life for all.

4 Purpose of the CFC Offering a single guide, called the Charity Listing, and payroll deduction, the CFC brought the diversity of fundraising efforts under one efficient and fair umbrella. One campaign….Once a year.

Only government-authorized means of solicitation to employees in the federal workplace - on behalf of charitable organizations Most inclusive workplace giving campaign in the world Currently over 100 campaigns nationwide & overseas Over 24,000 nonprofit organizations worldwide In 2013, nearly 800,000 federal, military and postal employees contributed $209.7 million 2014 is 54TH anniversary of CFC! More than $7 billion has been contributed since 1964

6 Choice Convenience Charities
The three cs Choice Convenience Charities

7 Choice The Combined Federal Campaign belongs to YOU
It is designed as a partnership between the employee, the Federal Government and the charitable organizations It operates completely through direct donor choice

8 Types of charities Local Independent Organizations
National/International Organizations Local Federations (has member charities)

9 Convenience Multiple convenient ways to give:
One-time gifts (check/cash) Payroll deduction (most popular) Online giving (payroll deduction) Employee Express, myPay and CFC Nexus Special Events/Fundraisers

10 credibility All CFC-approved charities must meet specific criteria:
501c3, non-profit Audited Run by a Board of Directors And other considerations Federal employees review all charities listed in the catalog The CFC has a proven track record of efficiency and accuracy with charity reviews


12 Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC)
CFC ORGANIZATION Loaned Executive Campaign Coordinator Canvasser Division Chair Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC) Co-Chair (Management) (Labor)

13 The Heartland CFC is proud of its low fundraising cost
Update percentage….2012 Local United Way CFC (Nat’l Average) Heartland CFC Average Non-profit Overhead acceptable by Better Business Bureau (2012)

EMPATHIZE with your fellow employees during difficult times Attain 100% ASK rate for all agency employees CELEBRATE the Federal government’s charitable spirit by planning a campaign event with Agency Head support, especially charity speakers/displays Engage and educate younger employees (become donors) Host a CFC LUNCH & LEARN for your employees

15 Reasons for Turnover Financial Limitation Laid off/unemployed
Medical expenses Workplace Change Changed jobs/retired Workplace campaign was discontinued Communications Gap No one asked me I did not get any information Proactive or Competitive Chose other charities Overhead is too high Strong communications can have a real and powerful impact on churn. 17% of our lost donors defected because it simply became less convenient to give – 54% because we did not ask them. United Way Research – 2007 Public Poll and ACI Study

16 MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR DONATION Your Donation Has Impact:
Heartland Combined Federal Campaign 2013 Fundraising/Administrative Cost % Undesignated dollars raised in $200,404 Your Donation Has Impact: Example for 2013 Your amount pledge through CFC $200.00 Undesignated Dollars for your charity (10.45%) Cost of Administration & Fundraising (7.15%) $ 14.30 Your total designated gift to your charty $206.60 Update stats…

Plan special events & fundraisers within agency, including scheduling charity fairs & speakers Turn in all pledge cards, cash/checks, special events donations, etc. Maintain record of donations/pledges within agency (verify accuracy with LE) Distribute donation gifts to employees Thank all employees & volunteers Distribute info/updates to employees (as provided by agency head, LE or CFC staff, as needed) Refer to Page 8 of Coordinator’s Guide book

18 Coordinators / canvassers
Both ~ Develop campaign objectives ~ Plan and implement campaign events ~ Disperse pledge cards Campaign Coordinators ~ Check paper pledge forms for accuracy ~ Fill out the campaign report envelopes/turn in donations ~ Submit reports and donations/pledges to your Loaned Executive Campaign Canvassers ~ Collect pledge cards ~ Discuss donating with all employees

19 TRAINING Canvassers Materials are available online for you to train your Canvassers (Click on “Coordinators & Canvassers” tab and select CFC Canvassers link) Your Loaned Executive is also available to assist you and can also provide you with a copy of the training presentation

20 CC GUIDE BOOK Overview Let’s look through your Guide Book…

21 Charity Listing Catalog 2014 Pledge Cards Coordinator Report Forms
CAMPAIGN MATERIALS Charity Listing Catalog 2014 Pledge Cards Coordinator Report Forms Report Envelopes Various Promotional Items and more… 1 catalog per 4 employees No more than 100 pledge cards per envelope

22 2014 Charity LISTING

23 2014 Charity LISTING Every 2014 Heartland-approved charity is listed in this Charity Catalog with the following information:

24 National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) Classification System
A Arts, Culture, and Humanities B Education C Environment D Animal Related E Health Care F Mental Health & Crisis Intervention G Voluntary Health Associations & Medical Disciplines H Medical Research I Crime & Legal Related J Employment K Food, Agriculture & Nutrition L Housing & Shelter M Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness & Relief N Recreation & Sports O Youth Development P Human Services Q International, Foreign Affairs & National Security R Civil Rights, Social Action & Advocacy S Community Improvement & Capacity Building T Philanthropy, Voluntarism & Grantmaking Foundations U Science & Technology V Social Science W Public & Societal Benefit X Religion-Related Y Mutual & Membership Benefit Z Unknown


26 1 4 2 3 LEILA – Pledge card (cont’d) 5 6 7

27 Report form goes inside the envelope
Report form goes inside the envelope. CC may keep the last page / LE may keep the middle page / CFC keeps top page

28 Report Envelope


30 Please do not contact charities before completing form
forms to:

Speeches, Meetings and Rallies Online Catalog and Charity Search Engine Online Pledging Access Calendar of Events & Announcements Campaign Progress Posters Downloadable Pledge Form (PDF format) And so much more… Campaign Planning Documents: FUNdraising & Events Planning Form FUNdraising Event Ideas (detailed) Checklist Sample Forms & Instructions Campaign Report Form Incentive Request Form (Community Supporter) Speakers’ Bureau Request Form Pledge Card Online Donation Instructions Sample & Template documents: Thank-You certificates Sample letters, s & newsletters Solicitation & Thank You Letters (to companies)

32 The Eagles have returned!
2014 INCENTIVE LEVELS The Eagles have returned! EAGLE DONORS Donations of $1,000+ COMMUNITY INVESTORS Donations of $

33 (Achieving Campaign Excellence)
ACE Awards (Achieving Campaign Excellence) Bronze Level 50% Participation $80 per capita Silver Level 66% Participation $100 per capita Gold Level 80% Participation $120 per capita Agencies achieving these levels will receive a framed certificate at the Awards Ceremony in January.

34 Caring for Community Award Highest Percentage Growth
OTHER AWARDS Caring for Community Award Highest Percentage Growth Highest Dollar Growth Highest Average Gift For each agency size, based on number of employees: Less than 10, 10-49, , 500+ OPM CFC Hero Award (individuals)

35 John f. Kennedy award For each agency size category:
2013 Recipients: USDA - Beacon Complex, DOL - Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA), DOT - Federal Transit Administration, HHS - Federal Occupational Health (FOH) For each agency size category: Less than 10 employees, 10-49, , 500+


37 KEY Campaign Dates Loaned Executives’ Duties Begin August 25 Campaign Coordinator Workshops August 19 September 2 & 9 September 10 Campaign planning & Training August/September CFC Leadership Summit September 24 HEARTLAND CFC KICKOFF October 1 Campaign Events for your Agency (Set your dates) Loaned Executives available Sept-Dec. 5 HEARTLAND CFC ENDS November 21 Loaned Executives’ Final Day December 5 CFC Awards Ceremony January 14, 2015 (tentative)




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