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By: Robert Information from: Susan Goldman Rubin.

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2 By: Robert Information from: Susan Goldman Rubin

3 Andy Warhol Important Dates August 6,1928 - Andy Warhol was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 1945 - Andy goes to Carnegie institute of technology. 1950-1952 - Andy becomes a commercial illustrator. 1967 - Andy gives important lectures at colleges. 1986 - Andy makes new camouflage patterns. 1987 – Andy dies of complications after a gallbladder operation.

4 When Andy was 8, he came down with a terrible fever. No one knows what fever it was, doctors suggested it could have been deadly. He had spoke a different language. The language he spoke was Slovakian. Kids and family pick on him because of skin disease. The skin disease probably came from the fever. Childhood events

5 Andy became a famous pop artist. A pop artist is someone who draws things that are not alive. He also became a famous kid around his schools. This is because he spoke a different language and did not understand his teachers. He got help from students at schools. Andy makes new camouflage pattererns Andy graduates Carnegie institute of science Andy makes a book of all the cats he ever drew. Andy concentrates on film making. Leo Castelli exibits Andy’s Cow wallpaper. Accomplishments

6 Andy Warhol’s Challenges Andy had came down with a terrible fever which caused him a skin disease that for some reason caused his friend’s and family to pick on him. He did not understand reporter’s who spoke to him about his art. His mother died of cancer in the hospital.

7 Andy Warhol/Famous Pop Artist Andy was a famous pop artist who never let anything get in the way of him drawing. The things he loved to draw were famous celebrities and Campbell's soup cans.

8 Andy’s Personality Traits He stuck to his dream and was always determined. He practiced and perfected most of his drawing skills.

9 Andy’s Life Two of Andy’s family members died. His Mother and Father. Most his life, Andy had a shame side like two things in a single body. It was tough.

10 The End Andy made lots of friends and gave all his love to the world which made a lasting impact on the planet and in me.

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