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Drinker Feeder Debeaker Candler Brooder Ventilation Fan Sprayer Caponizing Kit Thermometer.

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2 Drinker Feeder Debeaker Candler Brooder Ventilation Fan Sprayer Caponizing Kit Thermometer

3 Light Intensity Meter Hygro Meter Automatic Vaccination machine Shovel pH Meter Wire Egg Basket Layer Cage Laying Nest

4 Perches Generator Smoke detector Cooling Pad Water Pump Feed Bins Feed Stopper

5 DRINKERS The equipments used to supply or provide water to the birds with ease. A drinker has specific capacity to retain water which is sufficient for a specific number of birds. Drinkers of different size and shapes are present.

6 TYPES The drinkers are of two types. 1.Automatic 2.Manual

7 AUTOMATIC DRINKERS Controlled automatically. Have more capacity to retain water. Less labours are required. More no. of birds are benefited with these drinkers.

8 MANUAL DRINKERS Manually controlled. Have less capacity in comparison with automatic drinkers. Laborious Less no. of birds get watered from manual drinkers.

9 DIFFERENT TYPES OF DRINKERS USED Classical Drinker. Jumbo Drinker. Manual Drinker. Plastic Jam Bar Chick Drinker. Poultry Mushroom Drinker. Galvanised Poultry Fountain Drinkers. Poultry Trap Drinker (30 Lit. Plastic). Nipple Drinker.

10 CLASSICAL DRINKER Most advance. Best suited for very large integration farms. Quick filling and Stronger in line valves for long life. 350 mm diameter Polypropylene bowl with folded edges. Available with different Ballast bottles to accommodate hanging & floor type operation. Available with Chick guard. 20 Drinkers per 1000 birds.


12 JUMBO DRINKERS With a sturdy bowl design and external valve. Proven design Easy to operate Large 350 mm diameter polypropylene bowl Recommended for commercial operators and Parent Stock operation. 18 drinkers Recommended for every 1000 birds.


14 MANUAL DRINKERS 6 liter capacity Regular broiler drinker 325 mm diameter pan having 6.2 liters of water holding capacity Available with ring type stand 25 drinkers recommended for 1000 birds Can also be used as a medicine drinker.


16 PLASTIC JAM BAR CHIKEN DRINKER Jam bar appearance Made up of plastic 20 drinkers sufficient for 1000 birds


18 POULTRY MUSHROOM DRINKER Mushroom like appearance 30 drinkers for 1000 birds.

19 POUTLRY FOUNTAIN DRINKER Not practiced in Pakistan It accommodates 30 birds.

20 POUTLRY TRAP DRINKER Its appearance prevents water contamination by birds. Made up of plastic 30 liter capacity

21 NIPPLLE DRINKER Decreases the leakage Prevents the wet floor

22 Feeder Equipment used to provide feed to birds.

23 Feeder An economical feeder for 20-25 birds. The top opens and shuts thousands of times with no failure. No sharp edges to cut hands.

24 Feeder An economical bright red feeder that attracts fowl – excellent for small flocks. Lightweight and strong, will not rust or dent; resists sun deterioration.


26 Feed Bins

27 Feed Stopper

28 Debeaker Equipment used to debeak the birds.

29 Debeaker Stop losses from picking, cannibalism, fighting, and egg eating. Quickly cauterizes off part Adjustable for chicks, hens, or turkeys by the touch of a knob of upper beak.

30 Candler Equipment used to observe the movement of embryo.

31 Candler One of the best in low-cost candlers! Very effective beam, but uses only a 6-watt bulb. Convenient – weighs only 5 oz. so it is easy to move over eggs for long periods – eggs don’t need to be handled.

32 Candler Attractive in appearance. Durable construction. Economical to operate.

33 Candler High-intensity light beam for brown- shelled eggs, low-intensity light for white-shelled eggs. Green filter for easy blood spot detection; easy on the candler’s eyes.

34 Brooder Equipment which is used to provide heat to baby chicks.

35 Brooder An electric brooder for baby poultry or quail. Capacity: 125 day-old chicks

36 Brooder Clean, economical chick brooder ideal for up to about 50 chicks or ducklings and suitable for most waterfowl, quail, etc. Clear plastic and glowing lamps let you keep an eye on progress.

37 Brooder

38 Ventilation Fans Equipments used to provide cool and fresh air to birds and helpful in removal of toxic gasses.

39 Ventilation Fans Highly portable fan ideal for air circulation while working on poultry. Fan blades and 1/12 hp motor totally enclosed

40 Ventilation Fans This portable fan can easily be rolled to various locations, wherever air circulation is needed.

41 Sprayer Used for vaccination.

42 Caponizer kit The ideal kit for caponizing your chickens quickly and easily. Contains a knife, rib spreader, sharp pointed hook, probe, forceps, two “S” hooks, cord.

43 Thermometer Equipment used to check the temperature

44 Thermometer This compact, lightweight thermometer with laser sighting and infrared technology takes readings without contact. Temperature range: 0 to 525° F (-18° to 275° C).

45 Thermometer

46 Light Intensity Meter This equipment used to check the intensity of light.

47 Light Intensity Meter Measures the light intensity (0-5,000) in foot-candles. Measures both artificial and natural light. Accurate to ±2%.

48 Moisture Meter Equipment used to check the moisture level of feed.

49 Moisture Meter

50 Automatic Vaccinator Equipment used for vaccination of birds.

51 Automatic Vaccinator 10 ml capacity dose adjustable from 1 cc to 10 cc.

52 Automatic Vaccinator

53 Shovel Equipment used for cleaning.

54 pH Meter Equipment for measuring pH.

55 pH Meter Range: 0.00 to 14.00 pH. Accuracy: ±0.02 pH.

56 Wire Egg Basket Used for collection of eggs.

57 Wire Egg Basket

58 Multi-Stacking Poultry Layer Cage

59 Laying Nest

60 Cooling Pad

61 Sensors

62 Close Circuit camera

63 Smoke Detector

64 Perches

65 Control System

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