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AbeBooks UK Bookseller Roundtable Manchester, June 18 th 2008 & Edinburgh, June 19 th 2008.

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1 AbeBooks UK Bookseller Roundtable Manchester, June 18 th 2008 & Edinburgh, June 19 th 2008

2 Agenda Introduction New Products & Services introduced in 2007-8 Company Metrics Price Changes Effective as of April 28th, 2008 Payment Services Update Effective as of June 23 rd 2008 Break: Tea & Coffee – 3:15pm Marketing: New Initiatives AbeBooks in the Media Product Strategy Open Roundtable Discussion

3 New Products & Services Introduced in 2007-8 Completion Rating & Bookseller Since Date  Star-Rating boosts buyer confidence  Higher completion rate results in more happy buyers  Increased Net Merchandise Value (NMV)  Bookseller Since date improves buyer trust Bookstore Search  Loyal customers will now find your shop and your catalogues more easily Infrastructure Improvements  New hardware and procedures will ensure that AbeBooks remains PCI DSS compliant  What hardware – more computers?...

4 180 Servers keep AbeBooks functioning

5 More than 35 kilometers of cabling

6 Over 75 terabytes of storage 1 terabyte = 1024 gigabytes or 1 trillion bytes

7 What does it take to run a website this size? Equivalent to the power draw of 35,000 iPods Each data center consumes 35,000VA of power

8 New Products & Services Introduced in 2007-8 No-Frills Marketplace  Marketplace for buyers and sellers in emerging markets such as Russia  Currently available in Russia, Sweden & Brazil (Poland coming soon)  Supports foreign alphabets  No competition to AbeBooks websites  Testing which markets are ready for the introduction of a ‘full-service’ AbeBooks website  Low monthly fee - no commission

9 New Products & Services Introduced in 2007-8 Launch of Italian Marketplace  Italian buyer website was launched April 2nd to target the Italian domestic market (population 59 million, 29 million Internet users)  Italian language customer support  Targeted marketing (online & offline)  Established community of approx. 2,000 bookstores; already 100 Italian sellers listing with AbeBooks  Existing clients from Italy buying mostly rare and out-of-print books in French or English language  UK sellers will profit from additional sales  Italian seller site will launch early summer 2008  No extra subscription fees, 3.5% payment service fee  TIP: Update your shipping rates for shipments to Italy  Most expensive book sold via AbeBooks in April

10 Company Metrics  Over 13,500 booksellers worldwide (more than 2,100 from the UK)  Value of books sold in 2007 on all websites: $ 190 million US (up from $ 170 in 2006)  Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) on website increased by 15% YOY  Completion rate by item increased by 1-2 percentage points nominated for Which? Award Best Online Retailer 2008 nominated for Which? Award Best Online Retailer 2008

11 Price Changes (effective as of April 28th) Subscription Fees  Will remain unchanged for sellers with up to 50,000 listings (more than 97% of all European sellers)  NEW: Subscription fees increase for sellers with more than 50,000 listings

12 Price Changes (effective as of April 28th) Commission Fees  NEW: 8% commission will apply to book price plus shipping plus extra charges (previously: book price)  Minimum and maximum commission amounts will remain unchanged and apply to total item amount (= book price plus shipping incl. any extra charges) Payment Processing Fees  Will remain unchanged  NEW: Rate will be discounted to 3.5% on all domains for purchases exceeding 500 USD / 400 EUR / 275 GBP in value  Planned: All credit card payments will be processed by AbeBooks. This means that AbeBooks will no longer forward any payment card details (Amex, Diners, Switch...) to sellers in order to meet the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).PCI DSS

13 Book Price:£ 20.00 Shipping:£ 2.50 Total Item Price:£ 22.50 Sample Calculation Old Pricing Model Processing Fee¹: £ 22.50 * 3.5% (5.5%) = £ 0.79 (£ 1.24) Commission: £ 20.00 * 0.08 = £ 1.60 New Pricing Model Processing Fee¹: unchanged Commission: £ 22.50 * 0.08 = £ 1.80 ¹ Only where applicable: 5.5% on orders via 3.5% on orders via,.fr,.it,

14 What is this PCI DSS? Q: What does PCI DSS stand for? A: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Q: What is the PCI Data Security Standard? A: It is a security standard developed by the major credit card companies to prevent credit card fraud, cracking and various other security threats. As a company collecting and processing large amounts of payment card data, AbeBooks must be PCI DSS compliant. Q: What are the PCI DSS control objectives and requirements for merchants? A: Build and Maintain a Secure Network, Protect Cardholder Data, Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program, Implement Strong Access Control Measures, Regularly Monitor and Test Networks, Maintain an Information Security Policy.

15 Payment Services Update (effective June 23 rd 2008) New Payment Cards As part of the on-going requirements for PCI DSS compliance, we have to discontinue the transmission of all credit card information to our booksellers. 3 new cards added to the AbeBooks Payment Service:  American Express  JCB  Carte Bleue The new cards will be processed by AbeBooks as with Visa and MasterCard - the same payment service fees will apply and the same fraud checks will be made.  Maestro/Switch - We are looking at possibility of implementing this in the future.

16 Marketing: New Initiatives New Brand Slogan and Refocused Brand communication  Strengthening the AbeBooks brand with a strong and simple message Newsletter Marketing  Segmented buyer newsletters  Email marketing  Abandoned Shopping Basket Emails  First Time Buyer Emails  Coupon Emails Coupons: Testing has started  Activating loyal buyers Homepage Redesign  User friendly and easy to navigate New FREE Promotional Toolbox Material For UK sellers  New FREE Promotional Toolbox Material For UK sellers  Daily orders possible  FREE packaging material – bags & packing tape Jiffy Bags

17 Marketing: Strong Online Marketing Channels Search Engine Optimisation (Natural Search on Google & Co)  89% YOY growth in orders via Affiliate Marketing  Over 5,000 partner websites link to  52% YOY growth in orders via Search Engine Marketing (Pay-Per-Click)  Highly efficient bidding strategy, maximising revenue while maintaining the best possible Return on our investment (ROI) Pay-Per-Click Natural Search

18 Marketing: New Strong Partnerships coming soon

19 UK PR hits June 2007 to June 2008 Number of times mentioned in major daily newspapers The Times – 8The Guardian – 7 Daily and Sunday Telegraph – 13Financial Times – 3 The Independent – 2Daily Express – 2 Also Daily Mail, Scotsman, Edinburgh Eve News, Brighton Argus, Belfast Telegraph, Irish Times, Bristol Eve Post, Yorkshire Post, Oxford Mail, Irish Independent, etc. The Associated Press - Sex and the City – Story was picked up by over 160 media outlets including The Guardian, CNN, Washington Post etc. Magazines Good Housekeeping, Time Out London, Easy Living Magazine, The Business, Times Literary Supplement, Rare Book Review, Bookseller, Design Week, etc. Which? Magazine Customer Service Survey In March 2008, tied with for top spot in a Which? Magazine customer satisfaction survey. Coming in June was nominated for Online Retailer of the Year award by Which? Magazine. ( and Amazon are also shortlisted – won)

20 Product Strategy 2008 New Search Web Services  Better exposure of your books on partner websites and meta searches Continued Infrastructure Improvments  Addressing on-going requirements to remain PCI DSS compliant Adding French & Italian ISBN Data & Cover Pictures HomeBase 3.0 - Beta-Testing has started  Multi-editing  More search attributes  Categories  New quantity & weight fields  Mapping wizard  HomeBase 3.0 will continue to be distributed as freeware

21 Homebase 3 Alpha Multi-editing Feature Categories Quantity New Search Attributes

22 Product Strategy 2008 New Inventory Tools (Mapping Tools)  Greater stability for our inventory upload pipeline  New process scalable and more efficient  Books will be put online faster as time goes by  Usage of Mapping Tools has started already and will be extended over the next months Search Engine Optimisation Initiatives  URL rewrites (changing dynamic links to static links)  Additional landing pages  Content updates to our Product Landing Pages to make them more relevant  Google Sitemaps  GOAL: Expose your inventory more efficiently on Google & Co

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