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Adam Provokes Criticism

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1 Adam Provokes Criticism
Chapter 6.2 Part 2

2 Washington’s Presidency ends
Division between Democratic- Republicans and federalists convinced Washington not to seek a 3rd term While leaving office he urged the U.S. to “steer clear of permanent alliances” with other nations.

3 Election of 1796 Federalist Dem-Republican
Nominates VP Jon Adams as president 71 electoral votes (all from northern states) Nominates Thomas Jefferson as president 68 electoral votes (all from southern states

4 Avoiding War France views Jay’s treaty as a violation of their alliance President Adams sent 3 (X,Y,Z) U.S. officials to France to negotiate but French demand 250,000 to meet with them This is known as the XYZ Affair and the U.S. in response creates the Department of War to seize French ships

5 Divisions continue U.S. and France are now in undeclared naval war
Federalist Party wanted far with France Democratic Republicans do not President Adams continued to push for neutrality

6 Federal and State tensions
Alien & Sedition Acts Virginia and Kentucky Resolution Federalist want to keep the nation secure Increase number of years living in the U.S. to be come a citizen from 5 to 14 President can: deport/imprison ‘undesirable’ aliens imprison citizens who express damaging to the U.S. Dem.-Rep. oppose A & S based on 1st amendment Lead by Jefferson and Madison sates ruled the Act unconstitutional Proves that a state can refuse a law– balance of powers

7 Washington’s Death Worked to create and support the National Army in case of possible war with France and Great Britain Died 14th 1799 and is laid to rest in Mount Vernon Napoleon Bonaparte ordered 10 days of mourning and relations with France improved

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