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人教修订版 高中三年级 Unit 13. Speaking Warming up Talking about pictures : 1. What is happening in each picture? Describe the people and events. 2. What can you.

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1 人教修订版 高中三年级 Unit 13

2 Speaking

3 Warming up Talking about pictures : 1. What is happening in each picture? Describe the people and events. 2. What can you guess about the novel from the pictures? Try to tell the story.


5 In Picture 1, there is a statue of a god in a church or a temple. And a splendid diamond is set on the moon god’s forehead.


7 In Picture 2, a young man is painting on the door. Beside him, a beautiful girl is saying something with a smile. Another woman in the picture, I think she is her mother.


9 In Picture 3, some people come to the front of the house in which the beautiful girl lives. Maybe they are the girl’s relatives.


11 In Picture 4, a girl received a beautiful and expensive diamond from one of her friends or relatives at her birthday party. The diamond is so huge that many people there felt astonished. They all admired the diamond very much.


13 Picture 5 is about a party or getting-together. Some Indians or Muslins are performing their programs to entertain the people.


15 As for the last picture, many women are frightened to one ’ s wits. One person is looking for something and a man with sharp eyes is standing besides her. A woman in another room notices it.

16 Situation 1 R — Rachel G — Godfrey During the party, Rachel enters her room for a short time. Godfrey follows her in. G: Happy birthday, Rachel! You look more beautiful this evening. Situation 1 R — Rachel G — Godfrey During the party, Rachel enters her room for a short time. Godfrey follows her in. G: Happy birthday, Rachel! You look more beautiful this evening. Speaking

17 R: Thank you, Godfrey! G: Rachel, I have a secret in my heart. I’ve been in love with you, Rachel. You’re pretty, elegant and considerate. You’re also kind and friendly. I’m expecting your love. I beg you to promise that you will marry me in the future.

18 R: We are already good friends. I think that’s enough. Besides, I have a boyfriend. We have been in love with each other for a long time. G: Oh, sorry! But we will be very happy if you marry me. We are

19 both from rich families. We are well- educated. I will do whatever I can to make you happy if you marry me. R: Sorry! I love my boyfriend and so does he to me. You will forever be our good friend even if my boyfriend and I get married in the future. As a

20 friend, I hope you to get rid of some bad habits. G: Thank you! But I still wish you happy forever.

21 Situation 2 You’d better (not) do... You may/can do... You should/ought to do... You needn’t/don’t have to do... I suggest/advise (that) you (should) do...

22 I advise you (not) to do... Let’s do... (, shall we?) Why don’t you/not do...? What/How about doing...?

23 Sample dialogues How did Rachel feel about losing her diamond? A: I’m sure that Rachel must be very astonished when she found the Moonstone missing. Because there were no other people except her family and her friends Franklin and

24 Godfrey. She was puzzled at whoever could have stolen the diamond. B: I think she must be worried and disappointed because she loved the diamond very much, which she got as her birthday present. She was worried the diamond would not come back to her any more.

25 A: Don’t worry, Rachel. I think it can be found somewhere after our efforts. B: Do you remember very well that you put it in that drawer of the cupboard yesterday evening? You What did the other characters said to comfort her?

26 may have put it in your jewel box or other places. Let’s look for it carefully. C: I’m sure nobody here might have stolen it. The police can help you find it and give it back to you even if it has been stolen.

27 D: It doesn’t matter, Rachel. It is hard to say that is bad luck or good luck. It has been bringing your uncle bad luck or sadness. E: Don’t worry, Rachel. I’d like to ask Sergeant Cuff, the most famous detective to investigate it. I’m sure that he can help us find the diamond.

28 Situation 3: What suggestions and advice might they have given her? A: You should look for the Moonstone somewhere else again. You might have forgotten wherever you put it last night.

29 B: You’d better call the police station and ask them to investigate who stole it as soon as possible. C: There are many famous detectives here. You can hire one to investigate it. They may help you find it.

30 D: I’m sure it must have been stolen by one among us. Why don’t you call all the people together and question and search us? You don’t have to let the police or detectives help you.

31 Situation 4: Who do you think might be the thief? Give your reasons. A: I think it is the most possible that the Indians might have stolen the Moonstone. Because Rachel’s uncle had ever murdered the three Indian holy men who had been keeping the Moonstone much more than their

32 lives and stolen it and brought it to London, Britain. The Indians found that the Moonstone was in Rachel’s home. When the birthday party was being held, they pretended to be performers so that they could find a chance to steal the Moonstone and take it back to their country.

33 B: I think Godfrey might have stolen the diamond. He was refused by Rachel when he had asked her to marry him. He became angry and hated her. So he stole the diamond and kept it for himself.

34 C: I think her mother may have stolen it because she also liked the diamond very much and worried that it might be lost or stolen if Rachel kept it.

35 D: I think her boyfriend Franklin Black may have stolen it. As the English saying goes, “Love me, love my dog”. The man may have wanted to keep the diamond for her to get her true love or he may have been in debt to sell it to pay off his debt.

36 E: I think Rachel’s servant, Rosanna may have stolen the diamond because she had never seen such a big diamond and she wanted to sell it for a large amount of money, then she would live a happy and rich life.

37 Talking on P243 1. Tell the differences between them. A: I’ll tell the difference about their clothes between Rachel and Rosanna. Rachel had quite a lot of beautiful clothes, shows and caps and she also had much jewellery and furniture.

38 She might change her clothes every day. However, Rosanna had very few clothes and never had jewellery and very little furniture. B: I’ll tell the difference about how they spent their time. Rosanna had to get up very early every morning

39 and kept working from 5:00 am to 9:30 pm. It usually lasted 14 hours a day. She was busy working all day from morning to evening until she had served evening tea at about 9:30 pm. Then she could sit in the servants ’ hall, playing cards or chatting with other

40 servants before going to bed. But Rachel had free time all day. She got up very late in the morning. She might play with her friends, do some reading at home or talk with her parents. She went to bed at about 9:30 pm.

41 C: Both Rachel and Rosanna might think about many things in their lives. Rachel might think about how to get a good education, how to get along with her friends, how to make herself look more beautiful, how to make herself happy, when and where to meet her friends, whether

42 to attend the parties she had been invited to and so on. While Rosanna might think about how to do her work better, how to satisfy her masters, how to learn the things she couldn’t do and how to make her life happier and more comfortable in the future.

43 D: There was an obvious difference between their food. Rachel had three different meals every day and her food was always delicious with good nutrition while Rosanna had a very simple, basic food every day.

44 E: In everyday life, Rachel might talk with her parents or friends about her education, feelings, clothes, diet, jewellery but Rosanna might talk about her work, her family, her friends, what she heard or saw, especially what happened in Rachel’s family.

45 F: What was important to them? They might have different opinions. To Rachel, she might think things such as friendship, money, clothes and jewellery, education, her family were important. However, Rosanna might think things such as her family, her job, money which were important to her.

46 A: I’ve never seen such a large beautiful diamond. It looks more beautiful on Rachel. B: It is said that it was stolen by her uncle from the Indian moon god and it had brought him bad luck. He gave it to Rachel as a birthday 2. About the Moonstone.

47 present when he was dying so that it passed bad luck to Rachel in revenge for his sister’s scold. C: I hope the Moonstone can bring good luck to Rachel because she is a good, friendly and kind girl. Now it is missing, which worries us all. I hope Rachel can soon find it.

48 D: But I hope that it will never return. I’m afraid that it will really bring bad luck to Rachel. E: I think some people could have stolen the Moonstone. I think it is most possible that Godfrey or the Indians have stolen it.

49 A: I heard Godfrey asked Rachel to marry him, but she refused him. I think it was wise of Rachel to refuse Godfrey because he is a mean, narrow-minded man. 3. About Rachel’s decision not to marry Godfrey.

50 B: But I think it was wrong of her to refuse Godfrey because Godfrey showed her true love and she would live a happy life with Godfrey.

51 C: But I know that Rachel doesn’t love Godfrey at all, though Godfrey likes her very much. She would lead a sad life in the future if she marries Godfrey.

52 4. About Sergeant Cuff. A: It is said that Rachel’s mother has asked Sergeant Cuff to help find the Moonstone. He is a most famous detective in London and he has detected many cases.

53 B: I’m not sure whether he can detect this case and find the diamond. He has good, rich experiences of detection, but this case seems very complicated and strange. C: I think Sergeant Cuff is certainly able to find the Moonstone with his experiences of detection.

54 5. About Rachel’s relationship with Franklin. A: I think Rachel refused Godfrey only because of Franklin. She knows that Franklin loves her very much and she also loves him.

55 B: I don’t agree with you. I think they are only close friends because they have been good friends since they were very young. They often help each other and talk a lot.

56 C: I think they are lovers. Franklin is a smoker but to please Rachel, he has begun to quit smoking cigars and he is very considerate towards Rachel. And it is clear that Rachel also loves Franklin very much.

57 Homework Make up a dialogue to comfort Rachel and give her advice when the diamond was missing.

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