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Date_____ Page____ Title: Europeans Claim Muslim Lands

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1 Date_____ Page____ Title: Europeans Claim Muslim Lands
Warmup: What do you remember about the Ottoman Empire? Write down at least five facts.

2 Review of the Ottoman Empire
1453 – Ottomans surround Byzantine capital of Constantinople and rename it Istanbul; becomes capital of Muslim empire At its peak, the Ottoman empire reached across three continents, from southeastern Europe through the Middle East and North Africa Golden Age occurred under Suleiman the Magnificent (also known for his system of laws)

3 What happened between 1699, when the Ottoman Empire was at its peak, and 1914?
Shade your map two colors, one for the former Ottoman lands and one for the Ottoman Empire in 1914.

4 The Breakup of the Ottoman Empire
Ottoman Empire in 1699 Ottoman Empire in 1914

5 The Breakup of the Ottoman Empire
Ottoman Empire in 1699 Ottoman Empire in 1914

6 Ottoman Empire Loses Power
After Suleiman’s death in 1566, he was followed by a succession of weak sultans. Government divided into factions Suffered financial loss Nationalist feelings began to stir among Ottomans’ subject peoples Selim III, failed ruler of the Ottoman Empire from

7 Europeans Grab Territory
Geopolitics – interest in taking land for its strategic location of products Ottoman Empire’s strategic location: access to Mediterranean and Atlantic sea trade Russia waged war against Ottomans for passage of grain exports across Black Sea and into the Mediterranean Crimean War – Russia vs. Britain, France, and Ottomans – Russia loses War exposes Ottoman Empire’s military weakness – with aid from Russia, the Slavic people in the Balkans rebel – Ottomans lose control of Romania, Montenegro, Cyprus, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Bulgaria, and land in Africa

8 Egypt Initiates Reforms
Egypt initiated political and social reforms to block European domination of its land Modernization came as a result of the interest in the area created by the French occupation Egypt’s location along Red Sea is valuable to France and Britain. Napoleon failed to win Egypt and new leader, Muhammad Ali (NOT the boxer…), emerged Shifted Egyptian agriculture to a plantation cash crop – cotton

9 The Suez Canal Muhammad’s grandson, Isma’il, supported construction of the Suez Canal. Human-made waterway that cut through the Isthmus of Suez and connected the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Built mainly with French money from private interest groups, using Egyptian labor Opened in 1869 Expensive modernization efforts, however, put Egypt into a great deal of debt and in 1882 the British occupied Egypt and the canal

10 Chronological Map of the Suez Canal’s History
Use the reading to create a chronological map of the history of the Suez Canal. Then, write a mini-essay that answers the following question, using the Suez Canal as your waterway: Discuss how the usage or control of waterways has had economic effects and/or political effects on societies (Global History Regents DBQ, August 2009)

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