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Europeans Claim Muslim Lands

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1 Europeans Claim Muslim Lands
Chapter 11 Section 3 Europeans Claim Muslim Lands

2 Goals and Objectives: Upon completion students should
Summarize the decline of the Ottoman Empire Describe the causes and effects of the Crimean War. Analyze Egypt’s reforms Evaluate Persia’s response to foreign pressure

3 Muslim lands 1800 Muslims controlled N. Africa, S.W. Asia and land surrounding the Middle East. The Ottoman Empire had stretched from Hungary through Greece around the Black Sea through Syria and Egypt By the 1800’s the Ottoman empire was in a period of decline due to weak rulers as well as the rise of European strength. By 1914 it had declined to about 1/3 of it’s original size

4 Ottoman Empire 1580

5 Reasons for the decline of the Ottomans
Suleyman I- great reform minded ruler of the Ottomans died in 1566. Leaders following him were corrupt and weak minded. Inflation raged in the 1700’s and the empire failed to modernize keeping up with the Europeans.

6 Geopolitics An interest in taking land for strategic purposes or products contained inside of the land. Russia demonstrated this when they went to war with the Ottomans in order to take a warm water port along the Black Sea.

7 Crimean War 1853 between Russia and Ottomans
Cause: Russia wanted land on the Black Sea for a port Britain and France aided the Ottomans The combined forces (Ottomans, British and French) won the war but it revealed the weakness of the Ottomans and opened it up to further invasions.

8 The Great Game A geopolitical struggle in Central Asia engaged between Russia and Great Britain. Russia and Britain battled over Afghanistan and India. India was a British colony but Russia wanted access to its rich resources. Great Britain withdrew from Afghanistan in 1881 making it an independent country.

9 The Suez Canal The Suez Canal- a human made water way connecting the Red Sea to the Mediterranean in Egypt. It was built largely by French money but Egypt could not repay its debts so Great Britain took over the project, thus giving Britain control of the region.

10 Persia pressured to change
G. Britain became focused on Persia because of the presence of oil (1908) Russia wanted access to the Persian Gulf as well as the Indian ocean (warm water ports)

11 Tobacco Boycott Many fundamentalists (religious leaders) resented the western influence in Persia and called for boycotts of tobacco. Corrupt leaders allowed the British to export Persian tobacco Persian people protested by boycotting tobacco In 1907 Russia and Britain took over Persia by dividing it into spheres of influence.

12 Review Time

13 Question 1 1. Why did Britain take control of the Suez Canal?
A. France traded control of the Suez Canal for control of Nigeria. B. Muhammad Ali considered maintaining its security a burden. C. Egypt could not pay its foreign debt. D. The British helped the Egyptians defeat French invaders.

14 Question 2 2. By 1914, the Ottoman Empire had A. ceased to exist.
B. achieved its greatest size. C. begun to experience a decline. D. declined to about a third of its greatest size.

15 Question 3 3. In 1907, which of the following was divided into spheres of influence by Russia and Britain due to the presence of oil? A. India B. Egypt C. Persia D. Afghanistan

16 Question 4 4. What was the main reason for the Crimean War?
A. Russia wanted land on the Black Sea to gain access to the Mediterranean Sea. B. Russia wanted oil and other raw materials found in Ottoman lands. C. Russia refused to pay an export tax levied by the Ottoman Empire. D. Russia broke a treaty that limited the amount of grain it could send through the Bosporus.

17 Question 5 5. The Great Game was an example of imperialism practices of the Europeans because A. It caused Germany and Portugal to convert Non-Christians into Christians in Africa B. It led to the tobacco revolt C. It sparked conflict between England and Russia over Afghanistan and India for resources D. It led to the defeat of Ethiopia

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