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Writing FITREPS For Navy Midshipmen MIDN North. Summary What a FITREP is. Who writes a FITREP. How to write a FITREP.

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1 Writing FITREPS For Navy Midshipmen MIDN North

2 Summary What a FITREP is. Who writes a FITREP. How to write a FITREP.

3 What are FITREPS to you? Performance evaluation. Class rankings. Aptitude score. Billet recommendations.




7 Who writes on a FITREP? Person being evaluated Company chain of command For a company performance evaluation Block 22 Battalion staff For a a billet level evaluation Only department heads, PTO, and higher write this section Block 23 Class advisor

8 Example MIDN Smith – Echo Company – Academic Officer Company Level: Squad Leader –> Platoon Commander – > Company CO/XO Billet Level: Admin Officer Class Advisor MIDN Joe – Charlie Company – Squad Leader Company Level: Platoon Commander –> Company CO/XO Billet Level: N/A Class Advisor

9 Your part Page 1 Page 2 USE ALL CAPS.

10 Performance Traits page 1

11 Performance Traits page 2

12 Performance Traits Company level evaluators use the first box. Billet evaluators use the second box. Class advisors use the third box. Leave that empty. Each higher level evaluator can change the performance trait grades. Consider that the lowest level evaluator has the most contact with the person being evaluated. Performance trait grades should be reflected by the comments. The ONLY person who can mark a 1 or a 2 is the Company Commander, and ONLY if the person being evaluated was at an Honor Board. Reason should be mentioned in the comments.

13 Qualitative Grading

14 But first… His men would follow him anywhere, but only out of curiosity. She has delusions of adequacy. He has the wisdom of youth and the energy of old age. This man is depriving a village somewhere of an idiot. The only ship I would recommend her for is citizenship.

15 Company COC Evaluation More like the fleet. Person 1 level up from you writes the initial comment section in block 22. Includes a ranking against all others in the group. Put *** Before and after the rankings. The rankings do not count against the line count. Example: ***Ranked 1 of 5 Midshipmen in Charlie Company Platoon 2 Squad 2*** Across class lines Pass up to the next person in the company COC. They can edit the rankings and the comments to fit their views.

16 Company COC Evaluation Continues to be passed up until it reaches the Company CO and XO. They will add a ranking along class lines and edit the comment section. Example: ***Ranked 1 of 5 1/C Midshipmen in Charlie Company*** Remember that the lowest level evaluator has the most contact with the person being evaluated. If there is a difference in opinion, the evaluators should talk and determine why there is a difference in opinion.

17 Billet Evaluation Put “N/A” in block 23 if no non-company COC billet. Written by a department head, the PTO, or the BNXO. Writer should also include a ranking in the same format as the first company evaluator. Pass the FITREP up to the next highest position for review. Person being evaluated passes up name of billet level evaluator with FITREP. Billet evaluator should have comment section written when they receive the FITREP from the Company CO.

18 Comment Section Do not use all caps, except for the specific traits. Use Times New Roman 8 pt. font. Used to justify the number grades in blocks 14 – 19, good or bad. No longer than 12 lines. (Rankings do not count) Be realistic and succinct. Nobody is getting the Medal of Honor, so don’t write like they are. Doing their duty (like standing OOD well) is not going above and beyond the call of duty. It’s the bare minimum.

19 Comment Section Opening statement 1 or 2 sentences that show where the person is in the breakout. Example: “MIDN Smith led a group of 6 midshipmen. His determination to achieve the mission and the consistency of his work make him an excellent addition to Alpha Company.” Rank the person being evaluated against other midshipmen in the squad/department using the same format. This is where Company CO/XO will put class ranking within the company as well.

20 Comment Section Body List 2-3 specific attributes and support them with specific examples. Examples: Superior Manager, Model of Physical Fitness… Capitalize them. Use a thesaurus. Examples and attributes should support the Performance Traits grades. Example: “INITIATIVE – MIDN Smith lead an inspection of his squad to ensure they were ready for the Joint Service Pass and Review. He found 13 discrepancies and was instrumental in correcting the problems.”

21 Comment Section Final Summary 1 or 2 sentences about your overall assessment. Summarizes the previous specifics Example: “MIDN Smith wasted no time adjusting to his squad leader billet and worked tirelessly to improve his squad. He will be an indispensable asset in any billet.” Make good use of white space. It should not look like an essay. Space things out. Comment section should match recommendations and trait grades.

22 Billet Recommendation Recommendations work the same as the comment section. 1 st company evaluation writer includes their recommendations. Each higher level changes the recommendations if they do not agree. Billet evaluation writers can add their own if they have different recommendations, but should not edit the company recommendations. Separate company and billet recommendations with “/”. Billet evaluators should not alter company recommendations. Example: Platoon Commander, ORM Officer/Assistant Administrative Officer. Recommendation should match comments and performance trait grades.

23 Example

24 FITREP Assessments Why? To give feedback to improve FITREP quality. Who? Everyone. Each higher level should be checking over what the previous level wrote. If something is wrong, don’t just correct it. Let the previous writer know.

25 What will be assessed Correct format. Succinct sentences. Numerical rankings. Specific examples. Comment section length. Billet recommendation matches comments.

26 FITREP Schedule To 1 st company evaluator: by 08 NOV at 2359 File name: FITREP_LASTNAME.FIRSTINITIAL_F13c Ex: FITREP_NORTH.J_F13c.docx Include Brag Sheet and name of billet evaluator. To billet evaluator: by 18 NOV at 2359 File name: FITREP_LASTNAME.FIRSTINITIAL_F13b Ex: FITREP_NORTH.J_F13b.docx Forward Brag Sheet to billet evaluator with FITREP. To Admin Officer (MIDN North): by 21 NOV at 2359 File name: FITREP_LASTNAME.FIRSTINITIAL_F13a Ex: FITREP_NORTH.J_F13a.docx

27 Questions?

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