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Navy Performance Evaluation and Counseling System.

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1 Navy Performance Evaluation and Counseling System

2 Reference BUPERSINST series

3 Navy Performance and Evaluation Overhauled as of 1 Jan 96 Results: Grade against clear standards Establish mandatory counseling Control grade inflation Create "user friendly" forms Overview

4 The new methodology... Control grade inflation – Prevents "Gamesmanship" and one's unfair advantage over another

5 Early Promote Must Promote Promotable Progressing Significant Problems Breakdown 5 Promotion categories

6 Promotion Percentage Distribution E1-E5/CWO2 E7-E9/CWO3/4 O3 E6 O4 O5- O6 Early Promote Must Promote 20% 20% 20% 20% No limit 40% 30% 20% * Promotion recommendations for E1 - E6 will be applied towards the final multiple ** O1 and O2 may only receive Promotable recommendations

7 Eval/Fitrep Guidelines  Use the 7 graded performance traits  CWO2, O1-O2, E1-E4 - every 6 mos (Eliminated as of 01 January 1999)  Narrative section small - reduce wordiness  Mandatory remarks for 1.0/5.0  RANKING  Use promotion/job recommendation block  Increases frequency of counseling


9 Counseling Objectives... Identify strengths and shortcomings Address specific performance problems Present a performance growth plan Ensure the member understands their performance during the eval period Review what is required before next period

10 Mid-term Counseling Individual performing counseling depends on the rank of the individual being counseled ~ For example: E1-E6, usually the div/dept CPO E7-E9, usually the dept head 01-03, usually the dept head or XO, sometimes the CO

11 Counseling Preparation By the Supervisor... Determine best time and place Gather pertinent info Plan the opening Plan the approach Plan the wrap up and review

12 Counseling Preparation By the Member... Complete a personal self-appraisal Gather info pertinent to your own performance during period

13 Counseling sheets... What to do All counseling sheets should be retained in a folder until the member detaches the command – Ensure that the counseling sheets are signed by the member

14 Post Counseling Duties Follow up and monitor...  Evaluate the counseling session  Review key issues discussed  Review goals  Initiate follow up actions as necessary  Conduct informal counseling sessions on a regular basis Bottom line: Help keep the member on track


16 Fitrep/Evaluation Writing Recommendations 1. Use the instruction 2. Don't make the information public 3. Review the previous evaluation 4. Consider the "whole" individual 5. Assign all marks at the same time for each competitive category (ie. all MS3's) 6. Attempt to achieve a spread in the marks assigned 7. Never downgrade a new person 8. If a person is not observed, then mark them so...

17 9. Place each person in a competitive category before writing the evaluation 10. Avoid copying previous evaluations 11. Give those deserving recognition the recognition they deserve 12. Include the individuals contribution to command awards in the eval (ie. Battle "E") 13. Review the entire evaluation for accuracy before submitting it "smooth" Fitrep/Evaluation Writing Recommendations

18 Bullets... What are they? A short, effective phrase that gets the point across without unnecessary verbiage. The Comments Section...

19 A Bullet Example... Reads: "Undertook the ambitious task of reorganizing the Supply Department storeroom resulting in dramatic improvements in storage space. His new locker plan increased locker utilization by over 50%" But should read...

20 "Reorganized Supply Department storeroom, increasing locker utilization by over 50%" Short, sweet and to the point... Remember, You have very little space for comments

21 Different Scenarios

22 Types of Reports Detachment of Individual Transfer Reassignment to new reporting senior Separation Retirement Missing or POW status Incarceration Relief Detachment for cause

23 Types of Reports cont Detachment of Reporting Senior Promotion or Frocking Reports for E1-E6 getting promoted/frocked to grades of E3-E7

24 Types of Reports cont Special Reports Promotion Selection Board Elimination of Phys. Read. deficiency Appointment to Officer status (enlisted) Declining performance/misconduct RIR Superior performance Extension of special report See BUPERSINST Annex D

25 Uses for Evals...?  Advancement and retention  Commissions  Duty assignments  Reenlistment opportunities  Types of discharge  Good conduct medal  Remember: Evals should not be the sole method of performance feedback

26 Fitness Reports and their uses Augmentation Promotions Detailing Postgraduate Education Professional Development Training

27 Board for Corrections of Naval Records Acts as an appeals court for correction of errors or removal of injustices from fitness reports Your responsibility to ensure your fitness report is correct Errors? Petition the board for removal How? Use the following...

28 DD149, Application for Correction of Military or Naval Record Under the Provisions of Title 10, USC, Section 1552


30 Remember... Evals and Fitreps are extremely important career tools and...


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