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Midterm Evals Font – Times New Roman Size – 10 Point.

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1 Midterm Evals Font – Times New Roman Size – 10 Point

2 Section 1 If one middle name Snell, Jeffrey P. If more than one middle name Snell, Jeffrey P.A. If hyphenated last name Snell-Wheeler, Jeffrey P. If no middle name Snell, Jeffrey If a suffix Snell, Jeffrey P., Jr. or III or IV Ex. Snell,(space)Jeffrey(space)P.

3 Section 2 MIDN 1/C OC MECEP No periods between any letters Capitalize all letters

4 Section 3 Fill out as much information that corresponds to the billet if in a squad level billet like squad leader or squad member e.g. Company – Platoon – Squad B-1-1 If in a platoon billet like PSG, MPO, Guide, PC e.g B-1 If in a company billet, CPO, FSG, CO e.g. B If in a Battalion billet (XO, S-1, CO) e.g. Battalion Staff

5 Section 4 Occasion for Report There are four boxes Fall, Spring, Mid-term, FinalX the corresponding boxes e.g. X Fall X Midterm, leave the others blank To x the box, right click and x the box accordingly

6 Section 5 Date of Report Write the date evals are due (23 MAR 07) Note: 23(space)MAR(space)07 Capitalize “MAR” Not “2006”, not “December” Abbreviate everything in the date section All the dates on the eval will be in this format

7 Section 6 Regular report X Regular

8 Section 7a Raider – put the number (ex. 285) Navy – capitalize and abbreviate the verbage e.g. Good - High = G – H G(space)-(space)H The date is the date of the official PRT or PFT, (24 OCT 06), if the MIDN ran the PFA on a different make- up day, then put the date he or she did the make-up -your chain of command has this information

9 Section 7b “X” if the MIDN is within physical standards (WS) or not within standards (NS)

10 Section 8 None Nobody is sail qualified unless they show proper documentation

11 Section 9 “X” which qualification they are The date is the date that qualification took place e.g. 27 SEP 06 -your chain has this information

12 Section 10a Write what their billet is e.g. Squad Leader, Public Affairs Officer, Physical Training Instructor Write in this format – not all caps, not all lower case First letter of each word is capitalized Do not abbreviate Do not abbreviate in parenthesis Do not write: Chief Petty Officer (CPO) If no billet, write “Squad Member”

13 Section 10b Write the Major e.g. History Do not abbreviate First letter of each word is capitalized Not in all caps, not in all lowercase

14 Section 11a Write down university organizations, NROTC organizations, VTCC organizations or community organizations. Also write down any medical qualifications like EMT or paramedic. Do not write down leadership billets (ex. squad leader) Write the billet or rank the MIDN being evaluated holds in these organizations Do no abbreviate i.e. Student Government Association – President (if holding billet) Club Water Polo Naval Aviation Society, Triathlon Club (if multiple) Blacksburg Rescue Squad EMT

15 Section 12 Captain’s Select List any academic awards Letter of Commendation Anything good If no awards write “None” Only academic from last semester and only collegiate awards –i.e. Captain’s Select List, Dean’s Team –No High School Awards

16 Section 13 The counselor signs his or her name in this box The counselor also types their name at the bottom of the box in the following format Rank, rate, last name, first and middle initials e.g. MIDN 1/C Snell, J.P.

17 Section 14 Individual being counseled signs his or her name in this box Their name is not typed in the box as it is already at the top of the eval

18 Sections 15-20 “x” the appropriate box Primary grader x the top center box Secondary grading is not done for mid- term evals Company advisor grading is not done for mid-term evals

19 Section 21 Primary grader “x” the top-center box. What is “Growth Potential” – one desires a high growth potential as this measures how well an individual has learned and developed over the evaluation period. If one has been receptive to advice and implemented those lessons into their leadership to improve one’s self and his or her unit then he or she would receive a high growth potential rating.

20 Section 22 In the leftmost box the primary grader writes the billet recommendation If no billet is recommended write “None” “None” should have the first letter capitalized, the rest lowercase If commissioning no billet recommendation required. –i.e. N(space)/(space)A –Capital N and A If remaining for a 5 th year a billet recommendation is required Not all caps Not all lowercase

21 Section 23 Write normally like an essay. Explain why you ‘xed’ the boxes you did. Ex. “MIDN Lavine does not have a motivational haircut. This problem has been addressed multiple times and he refuses to comply with the standard. In the bottom right corner of the section below the comments type your information (ex. MIDN 1/C Snell, J.P.) – same format as section 13 Proofread what you write This must be grammatically correct

22 Section 24 Leave blank as there is no secondary grading on mid-term evals

23 Sections 25-28 Leave blank This is used for final evals This is for the class advisor to fill out. The signatures are done during interviews with the class advisor.

24 How to pass up evals Pass them up electronically ultimately to the company advisor. Alphabetize the evals. Do not put them in the chain of command order because it is more difficult to find people if they are not in alphabetical order. -alphabatize the entire company, do not divide the evals by class

25 How to save the eval in electronic format Save each eval as “last name - midterm eval” ex. Mason,(space)KC(space)- (space)Midterm Eval Mason, KC - Midterm Eval Capitalize the first letter of the last name and capitalize “M” in Midterm and “E” in Eval.

26 Grading Breakdown Billet Primary Grader Secondary Grader Squad Member Squad Leader Platoon Commander Fireteam Leader Squad Leader Platoon Commander Squad Leader Platoon Commander Company XO Platoon Guide Platoon Commander Company XO MPO / Platoon Sergeant Platoon Commander Company Commander Platoon Commander Company XO Company Commander Company Guide Company XO Company Commander CPO / 1stSgt / Co GySgt Company XO Company Commander Company XO Company Commander Battalion XO Company Commander Battalion Commander Company Advisor Battalion Staff Battalion XO Battalion Commander MCPO Battalion XO Battalion Commander Battalion XO Battalion Commander MOI Battalion Commander MOI PNS NOTE: The Company Advisor will be the final evaluator for all Midshipman Evals. The final evaluator for all Battalion Staff will be the Company Advisor for the company from which the Midshipman originated before being assigned to Battalion Staff. As the Battalion Advisor, the MOI will provide input to the Company Advisors on the performance of the Battalion Staff in their duties.

27 Questions? Send them up the chain

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