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Kyiv, 2013 Presentation of the «ND» Group of Companies together with LLC “CTR-Group”: «Automatic vehicle identification in public transport fuelling processes»

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1 Kyiv, 2013 Presentation of the «ND» Group of Companies together with LLC “CTR-Group”: «Automatic vehicle identification in public transport fuelling processes»

2 LLC “NEFTEGAZ ТEK”, GC «ND», 2011 2

3 Characteristic features of the proposed on-line system “NEFTEGAZ CARD CTR” 3 Fuelling of public transport using system of automatic radio frequency vehicle identification (RFID) is proposed to organize. Radio frequency identification – a method, using radio frequency mark. Mark or offset mark antenna is rigidly reliably fixed on vehicle (in location area of fuel tank neck). This allows carrying out identification at fuelling not according to driver (as in case of use of plastic card), but according to vehicle. Innovation decision: satellite monitoring of fuelling process of vehicle on filling station in on-line mode LLC “NEFTEGAZ ТEK”, GC «ND», 2011

4 Operation principle of on-line system “NEFTEGAZ CARD CTR” 4 Vehicle identification system represents device complex, providing automatic vehicle identification and determination of its fuelling parameters through fuel-dispensing units. LLC “NEFTEGAZ TEK”, GC «ND», 2011

5 Operation principle of on-line system “NEFTEGAZ CARD CTR” 5 The system operation principle: - During fuelling process a mark delivers its own unique code to wireless reader, mounted on filling pistol (when pistol is withdrawn from the tank – fuelling is stopped); - To vehicle odometer a block is connected, allowing obtaining data for run or operation time of engine, thereby – later on accurately determine and analyze fuel consumption, and connection to vehicle onboard computer is possible; - Information from readers of filling taps and connection blocks to odometer by means of Wi-Fi channel entries to special receiver (fixed under filling station sheddings or on automatic payment terminal – if available); - Wi-Fi receiver is connected to cash system for decision making about the start of the corresponding fuel dispensing panel and printing of fiscal check, by means of communication channels on a real-time basis is connected with processing centre of «NEFTEGAZ CARD» system for transaction processing LLC “NEFTEGAZ ТEK”, GC «ND», 2011

6 The structure of on-line system “NEFTEGAZ CARD CTR” 6 The system consists of following devices: -Identification devices on vehicle: -active RFID-mark* of vehicle identification; -odometer wireless reader; - Devices, mounted on filling station: -wireless reader of marks of filling pistol; -wireless reader of automatic fuelling; -software and hardware communication complex with cash device and processing; * «NEFTEGAZ CARD CTR» system can be used as a part of operating system of «NEFTEGAZ CARD» («NGC») using noncontact RFID-cards; in a form of RFID-mark a special trinket of driver is also can be used. LLC “NEFTEGAZ ТEK”, GC «ND», 2011

7 Equipment for on-line system “NEFTEGAZ CARD CTR” 7 Radio frequency mark With self-destroying antenna (antenna breaks in case of an attempt to remove mark from the tank) Active mark reader - operation life to 5 years, freeze-resistant, fixed on petrol and gas filling pistols Connection block to odometer and on-board computer Mark antenna is fixed remotely from mark under condition of impossibility of mark distribution near tank neck, in case of antenna removal from mark, the last finishes its operation and then is not switched on without interference of maintenance department Driver’s trinket – RFID-mark Wireless receiver of automatic fuelling ООО “NEFTEGAZ ТEK”, GC «ND», 2011

8 The structure scheme of on-line system “NEFTEGAZ CARD CTR” 8 LLC “NEFTEGAZ ТEK”, GC «ND», 2011

9 How vehicle fuelling is taken place using the system of “NEFTEGAZ CARD CTR” 9 1.Vehicle approaches fuel-dispensing unit, driver/fuel servicer opens tank and inserts filling pistol of necessary fuel type; 2. The system automatically indentifies vehicle, chooses the correctness of fuel type choice, chooses limits and possibility of fuelling of the said vehicle on the said filling station in this moment of time, chooses the availability of funds on company accounts, gives permission to cash device to start fuel-dispensing unit; 3. Cash register automatically starts fuel-dispensing unit according to chosen pistol, fuel release is started without filling station operator’s participation, and according to warning of filling pistol on fuel-dispensing unit, check is automatically printed (if it is necessary the driver can take check in control room or in special window of automatic payment terminal) * Time from installation moment of filling pistol to the tank before beginning of fuel release – from 5 to 10 seconds; ** Time from warning moment of filling pistol on fuel-dispensing unit before beginning of check printing – to 3 seconds LLC “NEFTEGAZ TEK”, GC «ND», 2011

10 Introduction results of on-line system “NEFTEGAZ CARD CTR” 10 The use of the system will allow: - Theft preventing (vehicle mark is nonremovable and «works out» at a distance within 10 cm from filling pistol of the dispensing unit); - Reducing fuelling time (at mounting of filing pistol to the tank fuelling starts automatically under condition of money availability on company accounts); - Eliminating of «human factor» influence at fuelling (impossibility of mistake at fuel type choice on dispensing unit – vehicle is «bound to fuel type»); - Using all advantages of on-line technology «NEFTEGAZ CARD» (planning, control of zone and possible time of fuelling of certain vehicle, timely blocking and replenishment of company accounts- system user, etc.) 10-18 см LLC “NEFTEGAZ TEK”, GC «ND», 2011

11 Pictures from automation objects 11 LLC “NEFTEGAZ TEK”, GC «ND», 2011


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