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Introduction of FUTÁR System. Basic data of FUTÁR System Devices to be installed The investment cost of project:24 000 000 EUR Vehicle consolidated with.

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1 Introduction of FUTÁR System

2 Basic data of FUTÁR System Devices to be installed The investment cost of project:24 000 000 EUR Vehicle consolidated with traffic control, mounted with on-board equipment 2295 vehicles Outdoor display257 stops On-board vehicle display2024 new display devices Evolving of dispatcher center32 work stations Data- and voice communication networkBudapest + agglomeration Site data communication14 sites Traffic light influence30 junctions

3 Traffic Management Center 1.Internal reconstruction of the building, which affected 55 old premises of 5 floors, the attic with the aggregator to be placed, outdoor air-conditioning equipment server room and UPS units. 2.Dispatcher workplaces, working conditions, as well as data services and preparation’s safety of parallel operation had been uninterrupted.

4 IT infrastructure 1.On-site wireless data connection Full site coverage System plans prepared Physical implementation had been done 2. 3G+HSDPA wireless connections Vodafone contract Connection between information systems considering security 3. FUTÁR system, server center Full implementation: servers, server-client connection, CTI devices

5 Radio communication sub-project Speech communication Synchronous system applying TDMA modulation and ETSI 102 362 standard. Same technology chosen by the New York City Transport Company in September 2010 to serve its thousands of vehicles. The voice network applies the currently most modern standardized digital technique available for civil use, which:saves frequency, is highly-reliable, can assign groups dynamically to routes, areas, or tasks. Data communication The data upload to the vehicles in traffic is ensured by 3G+HSDPA network. At the sites encrypted wi-fi network is established. Data transfer system: - submitting the real time vehicle position, - sending the live dispatcher call to the vehicles, - receiving the text messages and confirmation messages of the dispatcher, - sending out the passenger information files, - sending out the timetable data.

6 Software sub-project 1/5. (passenger information) On the internet: passenger online vehicle tracking real-time route planning On mobile devices: SMS, smartphone At the stops: displays at stops, junctions (with speakers) wireless speakers On vehicles: external and internal displays acoustic information Considering the position of public transport vehicles estimation can be given in advance, 24 hours a day: the expected departure time of the vehicles can be given to any stops in case of traffic disturbance automatic information can be given FUTÁR’s solutions for information transfer

7 Software sub-project 2/5. (passenger information) Vehicle environment (OBU) 1.Specification of requirements 2.The OBU software is complete Passenger information „Editor” software Preparation of user documentation key user training The data exchange between the application from the FORTE interface side is ensured Public place passenger information System design concerning the display logic to be applied on the display screens.

8 Software sub-project 3/5. (traffic control) Dispatcher center Traffic light-influence Decision support software Transferring management Operational passenger information Functionality of on-board devices Informatics of network traffic control

9 Software sub-project 4/5. (traffic control)

10 Software sub-project 5/5. (traffic light influence) 30 road traffic control lights The vehicle approaching to traffic light arrives to free signal: green time extension Affects the other participants of traffic Driver intervention is not necessary For vehicles in delay Manages vehicles arriving from multiple directions

11 Vehicular sub-project On-board devices On board unit FM voice communication: both handset and speakerphone Driver interface Emergency equipment Electronic passenger information GPS equipment Antenna, odometer, gyroscope

12 Public place sub-project The products high-quality German LED displays manufacturer: LUMINO Licht Elektronik GmbH, Krefeld (Germany) references: Berlin, Stuttgart, Leipzig, Hannover, etc.. LUMINO DFI 24x192, DFI 40x192 panels key features:  full matrix design with integrated speakers  vandal-proof aluminum box  anti-reflection coating  Automatic brightness control  minimum maintenance need The information to be displayed destination indication direction of destinations (name of end station), place of stop (arrow) expected time of departure from stop in minutes indication of low-floor vehicle date and exact time / information about traffic changes

13 Main partners

14 The expected results of the project Replacement of existing heterogeneous systems Unified passenger information with real-time data Overall management of vehicle fleet Basic data for future transformation of timetables Greater reliability and predictable public transport Opened, upgradeable solution (metro, suburban railway, e-ticketing, intermodal systems) Overall it is an attractive public transport for sustainable future

15 The project in pictures



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