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Tested. Trusted. SpringerProtocols Comprehensive database of peer reviewed, reproducible procedures for scientific experiments Izmir, 18 May 2009 9th Meeting.

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1 Tested. Trusted. SpringerProtocols Comprehensive database of peer reviewed, reproducible procedures for scientific experiments Izmir, 18 May 2009 9th Meeting of Southern European Libraries � Consortia (SELL) Presented by Thijs Willems

2 Springer Databases2 Contents What are protocols? SpringerProtocols: content SpringerProtocols: platforms SpringerProtocols: business model

3 Springer Databases3 What is a protocol? Step-by-step instructions, in a standardized format, that help researchers recreate experiments in their laboratory. Predefined written procedural methods in the design and implementation of experiments including: – Bias – Safety – Equipment – Statistical methods – Reporting – Troubleshooting

4 Springer Databases4 What is a protocol? Background info on the experiment Materials needed to do the experiments Methods – the how to’s Notes References

5 Springer Databases5 Recreating experiments Protocols are used wherever scientific experiments are conducted Laboratory methods often first published in research literature – these often lack details of what can go wrong, hints and troubleshooting advise. Particularly for life sciences it’s important to document the course experiments precisely, step-by-step, so that other researchers can reproduce them.

6 Springer Databases6 Which kind of organizations use protocols? All libraries supporting biological research Medical libraries with an affiliation to medical schools or research institutions Hospital libraries with extensive research within their organization Pharmaceutical corporate libraries Biotechnology companies Governmental institutions with life science / health science research departments

7 Springer Databases7 Applications for protocols Biological science – Stem cells – Genomics – Bioinformatics – Neuroscience – Nanobiotechnology Molecular medicine – Cancer research – Infectious disease Biotechnology – Pharmaceutical manufacturing – Nutrition – Environmental monitoring – Enzyme manufacture used for human health

8 Springer Databases8 SPRINGER PROTOCOLS

9 Springer Databases9 High quality content Book Series – Methods in Molecular Biology Editor: Dr. John M. Walker – Methods in Molecular Medicine – Methods in Biotechnology – Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology – NeuroMethods Journals All protocols are peer-reviewed Hand Books – The Protein Protocols Handbook – Molecular Biomethods Handbook And many more….

10 Springer Databases10 High quality content – subject collections Biochemistry Biotechnology Cell Biology Imaging/Radiology Infectious Diseases Molecular Medicine Pharmacology/Toxicology Protein Science Bioinformatics Cancer Research Genetics/Genomics Immunology Microbiology Neuroscience Plant Sciences

11 Springer Databases11 Discoveribility Majority of Springer Protocols are available in other indexes: MEDLINE PubMed Scopus ISI Web of Science Google and Google Scholar And many more…

12 Springer Databases12 Largest collection of protocols protocols 20082009 18,00020,000 Springer Protocols database adds about 2,000 protocols every year The Springer Protocols database keeps the alternative version, when a protocol is being updated. This allow labs without latest equipment to produce the same experiment with older equipment or methods

13 Springer Databases13 PLATFORMS

14 Springer Databases14 Search Browse Interactive tools Account functionality Inside SpingerProtocols Popular searches Popular protocols New protocols SP: Homepage

15 Springer Databases15 SP: Full-text protocol Table of content Bibliographic info Article tools Abstract Useful tools

16 Springer Databases16 SL: Homepage Filter by content type

17 Springer Databases17 SL: Full-text protocol Bibliographic info Useful tools PDF & HTML link

18 Springer Databases18 BUSINESS MODEL

19 Springer Databases19 Business model Institutional licenses only, no individual subscriptions Two types of licenses: – Access-only OR – Archival rights Annual subscription fee Content: – Subject packages – only access via SpringerProtocols – Full collection - access via SpringerProtocols and SpringerLink Tiered pricing based on size of institution

20 Springer Databases20 Availability Access model Protocols Collection Subject Packages Target customer Core academic & corporate libraries Small academic Small corp. & specialty labs  Pricing strategy Tiered by instit. size Larger discount than purchasing packages Tiered pricing by institution size

21 Springer Databases21 Our main competitors PublisherProduct nameProtocols Annual content increase Wiley Current Protocols 10,644 500-700 (updated quarterly) Nature Nature Protocols 780 360 (updated monthly) Cold Spring Harbor CSH Protocols 2000n/a SpringerSpringer Protocols 18,0002,000 (updated daily)

22 Springer Databases22 Current Protocols Comparison Protocol Amount18,00010,644 Subject Collections1516 (incl. 2 inactive) Content UpdatedDailyQuaterly Alternative ProtocolsAll protocols available Only current protocols available Indexed by Pubmed78% 6 out of 14 collections have been indexed Platform Choice of two. Integrated solution or end user optimized and Interscience

23 Springer Databases23 Trial Trial (new customers only) – 60 days duration – With consent to market directly to end users during trial – Usage statistics available during and after trial

24 Springer Databases24 Questions or more info? Rest of World (EMEA, Asia and Oceania) Thijs Willems – Global eProduct Manager

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