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Chris James – 2007. Why did libraries purchase books on ScienceDirect? What factors influenced the purchase of Books on ScienceDirect* : - Simultaneous.

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1 Chris James – 2007

2 Why did libraries purchase books on ScienceDirect? What factors influenced the purchase of Books on ScienceDirect* : - Simultaneous user access - Content Quality - Ease of use - Linking - Costs - Storage * 2006 Results from research with 5 university libraries worldwide conducted by an external agency

3 Benefits of e-books on ScienceDirect – Same familiar platform with integrated book and journal searching – Fair use policy (no Digital Rights Management) – No more lost or damaged copies, saving shelf space – Multimedia possibilities – Linking and searching between volumes and between other content types – Usage reports for the different content Counter Compliant

4 Are part of an ongoing series. 7 series available Volume one to current issue Commissioning and invitation only 15 year life cycle Regularly updated as research work is cutting edge. Subject packages available: Chemistry, Life Science, Business/Econ, Social Sciences, Psychology Other individual titles available including Methods in Enzymology A compendium of definitive summaries, references and glossaries that act as an introduction to a subject area E.g. Encyclopaedias or Comprehensive Reference Works Available Books on ScienceDirect Book SeriesReference WorksHandbooks Books on ScienceDirect Nearly all of Elsevier’s academic book titles are included like: Academic and professional reference books, Text reference books, Closed Handbook Series, Closed Book Series and Monographs eBooks (new for 2007!)

5 Apart from growing the current book portfolio ScienceDirect launches additional books: – May 2007 : 500 Books on Trial – End August 2007: 4000 Books start – Adding Yearly 500 – 800 Frontlist titles Books on ScienceDirect

6 Elsevier Book Series New volumes published regularly. Focus on ‘Advances in’ or ‘Progress in’ etc. Series ISSN, volume ISBNs. Peer-reviewed, often highly cited. 163 Series now available in 7 packages including: - Life Sciences - Psychology - Methods in Enzymology - Methods in Enzymology Backfiles from 1955

7 Elsevier Reference Works High quality reference material. Highly detailed and structured. Highly used and cited. 51 now available on ScienceDirect including: Encyclopedia of Cancer Encyclopedia of Endocrine Diseases Encyclopedia of Gastroenterology Encyclopedia of Hormones Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition Encyclopedia of Immunology Encyclopedia of the Neurological Sciences Encyclopedia of Toxicology Encyclopedia of Virology Encyclopedia of Biological Chemistry Meyler's Side effects on Drugs Encyclopedia of Genetics

8 Elsevier Handbooks series Launched 7 series in Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Economics in 2005. Chapters by commissioning & invitation only. Validated, refereed and edited by authoritative editors Highly cited. Usually long life cycle – up to 15 years.

9 ALL academic S&T books: Books that are geared to upper level graduates and above: - Monographs - Text reference - Professional reference - Series Note: The Textbooks are excluded High quality Imprints such as: Academic Press, Pergamon, Elsevier Science, North-Holland, JAI Press, Butterworth-Heineman Total in ScienceDirect in 2007: approximately 4,000 books Which titles are part of the eBooks programme?

10 eBooks offered in 18 subject areas Agricultural and Biological Sciences ~ 186 books Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology~ 248 books Chemical Engineering~ 315 books Chemistry~ 270 books Computer Science~ 466 books Earth and Planetary Sciences~ 215 books Energy~ 32 books Engineering~ 834 books Environmental Science~ 89 books Immunology and Microbiology~ 109 books Material Sciences ~ 171 books Mathematics~ 180 books Medicine and Dentistry~ 65 books Neuroscience ~ 101 books Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutical Sc.~ 63 books Physics and Astronomy~ 90 books Psychology~ 178 books Veterinary Science and Veterinary Medicine~ 18 books 3,630 Titles in eBooks collection 1995-2006

11 License policies One-time payment option Perpetual access as long as they have a SDOL license Post-termination rights: Continued access and or tapes, like journals MARC –records via OCLC (at no extra cost)

12 3 rd Party Partner – Pick and Choose only Business models – Annual platform fee in many cases – Subscription model for aggregated content in some cases Traditional print vendors developing e-approval plans DRM restrictions on printing and downloading Books presented in searchable PDF

13 SDOL Access vs 3 rd Party Partners Unlimited Access: Simple user access model (IP domain) No Digital Rights Management and no restrictions on printing and downloading. Discounted collections Deeper backlist of books ScienceDirect integrates proprietary book content with primary literature Subscriptions for Book Series, MRWs and Handbooks Major Reference Works, Book Series, Handbooks provided in XML

14 2007 Collection2008 Collection Purchase Options 1) eBook Complete Backlist Collection and / or Frontlist Collection Backlist Collection (1995-2006) Frontlist Collection (2007, 2008) 2) eBook Subject Collections (18 of the 24 existing SD subject classifications) Backlist Collection (1995-2006) i.e. ‘Chemistry’ Backlist Collection Frontlist Collection (2007, 2008) i.e. ‘Chemistry’ Frontlist Collection 3) Pick and Choose (eBook title level) - Minimum order of EUR 1000 1995 - 2006 Collection i.e. CHEMISTRY ++++++ + Special Discount Available Until December 2007!

15 Promote book titles on ScienceDirect in your library Emails available to send to library users to make them aware of a new titles Posters, bookmarks and stickers to promote the books on ScienceDirect in your library Brochures and other informational material Printed and online user guides

16 Live Demo

17 Contact details Elsevier Chris James Account Development Manager Northern Europe & South Africa Phone: +31(0)20 485 3243 E-mail:

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