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East Clarendon High School. 1 Root: Definition: Example: A- Without Abiotic Nonliving components of the biosphere Vasquez Rock Formation-made famous by.

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1 East Clarendon High School

2 1 Root: Definition: Example: A- Without Abiotic Nonliving components of the biosphere Vasquez Rock Formation-made famous by Power Rangers

3 2 Root: Definition: Example: Ab- Away from Abduction A type of movement which draws a limb away from the median plane of the body Abduction of the leg

4 3 Root: Definition: Example: Sphin- Squeeze Sphincter A structure, usually a circular muscle, that constricts to control passage through a bodily canal Location of two sphincters in the GI tract

5 4 Root: Definition: Example: Thromb- Clot Thrombosis The formation of a blood clot in a vessel obstructing the flow of blood Deep Vein Thrombosis

6 5 Root: Definition: Example: Gon- Seed, Offspring Gonads The organ that produces gametes Structure of an Ovary

7 6 Root: Definition: Example: Embol- Wedge Embolism When an object migrates from one part of the body and cause a blockage in a vessel elsewhere in the body Embolism in the Leg

8 7 Root: Definition: Example: Immun- Protection Immune System A collection of biological processes that protects an organism from illness White blood cell engulfing an Anthrax bacterium

9 8 Root: Definition : Example: -Cide Kill, destroy Pesticide A substance used to kill unwanted pests-insect, mammal, pathogen DDT being sprayed around people to kill mosquitoes

10 9 Root: Definition : Example: Cervic - Neck Cervix The neck of the uterus; lower narrow portion of the uterus that adjoins the vagina Female Reproductive Diagram

11 10 Root: Definition : Example: Mal- Bad Malignant Severe or worsening disease, commonly used to describe tumors that have the ability to cause death A Malignant Melanoma-skin cancer

12 11 Root: Definition : Example: -Crin Secrete Endocrine Body system that secretes extra- cellular chemical signals called hormones Major Endocrine Glands

13 12 Root: Definition : Example: Aden- Gland Adenoma A benign tumor (-oma) of a glandular origin 35lb Ovarian Adenoma

14 13 Root: Definition : Example: Macro- Big,large Macromolec ule A large molecule build through the polymerization of a monomer The most important macromolecule-DNA

15 14 Root: Definition : Example: Micro- Small, tiny Microorgani sm An organism that is to small to be seen by the human eye, also called a microbe Protists Volvox, a colonial algae w/small colonies inside

16 15 Root: Definition : Example: Alb- White Albino Characterized by the distinct lack of the pigment melanin Two Albino Fallow Bucks-UK

17 16 Root: Definition : Example: Lact- Milk Lactos e The sugar that is most notably found in milk Silk-Soy Milk is the great tasting alternative for people intolerant to lactose

18 17 Root: Definition : Example: Oculo- Eye Ocular Perceived or pertaining to the eyes, or an eyepiece The Human Eye

19 18 Root: Definition : Example: Circum- Around Circumfere nce The distance around the outside of a circle The circumference around the worlds largest Sequoia is approx. 109 feet

20 19 Root: Definition : Example: Plegia- Paralysis Paraplegic The impairment or loss of motor/sensory function in the lower extremities Some paraplegics compete in sports, not designed for wimps-Murderball

21 20 Root: Definition : Example: Thorac- Chest Thoracic Cavity The chamber of the human body that contains the vital organs-lungs and heart Thoracic Cavity Diagram

22 21 Root: Definition : Example: Acoust- Hearing Acoustic Nerve 1 of 12 cranial nerves responsible for transmitting sound and equilibrium info to the brain Auditory Nerve diagram

23 22 Root: Definition : Example: Logy- Study of Biology The science of studying living things Blood sucking assassin bug also known as a “wheel bug”

24 23 Root: Definition : Example: Leukos- White Leukemia A cancer of the blood, characterized by a prolific amount of white blood cells 3 yr. old, Maddox, was treated at St. Jude’s for acute myeloid leukemia

25 24 Root: Definition : Example: Lympha- Water Lymph Node Lymph nodes are found throughout the body and act as filters or traps for foreign objects Lymph node map

26 25 Root: Definition : Example: Lysis- Loosen, breakdown Lysosome A cell organelle filled with digestive enzymes that destroy excess and worn out organelles Lysosome filled with digestive enzymes

27 26 Root: Definition : Example: Intra- Inside Intramuscular Dealing with the inside of the muscle tissue Intramuscular Injection Diagram

28 27 Root: Definition : Example: Inter- Between Interstitial Fluid A solution which baths and surrounds the cells of a multi-celled organism Process of delivering nutrients to a cell

29 28 Root: Definition: Example: Cyst- Bladder Cystitis An inflammation of the urinary bladder Urinary Bladder

30 29 Root: Definition : Example: Gen- Initiation Agent Antigen A substance that causes an immune response How the immune system can respond to antigens

31 30 Root: Definition : Example: Super,Supra- Above Superior Vena Cava A Large yet short vein that returns deoxygenated blood to the heart from the upper body Heart Diagram showing venous structure

32 31 Root: Definition : Example: Melan- Black Melanoma A malignant tumor of dark colored, pigment producing cells called melanocytes ABCD’s of Melanoma Skin Cancer

33 32 Root: Definition : Example: Peri- Around Pericardium The double-layered sac that contains the heart Diagram of the Pericardium

34 33 Root: Definition : Example: -Rrhea Flow, discharge Diarreha The condition of having frequent loose or liquid bowel movements Water reabsorbtion in the colon

35 34 Root: Definition : Example: Rhin- Nose Rhinoceros A larger, highly endangered critter with a “horn” made out of matted hair Rhino size comparison

36 35 Root: Definition : Example: Hyster- Uterus Hysterectom y The surgical removal of the uterus Before and After a Hysterectomy

37 36 Root: Definition : Example: Hepat- Liver Hepatic Artery A short artery the supplied oxygenated blood to the liver Vasculature of the Liver

38 37 Root: Definition: Example: -Rrage Excessive flow Hemorrhage Loss of blood from the circulatory system Subconjuctival hemorrhage

39 38 Root: Definition: Example: Myo- Muscle Myocardium The involuntary striated muscle found in the walls of the heart Normal Heart Cross section

40 39 Root: Definition : Example: Polys- Many Polyme r A large molecule made of repeating structural units called monomers DNA is a polymer made up of nucleic acids

41 40 Root: Definition : Example: Post- After Posterior Cruciate Ligament One of the four major knee ligaments, keeps your knee from going backwards PCL role in the knee

42 41 Root: Definition: Example: Pseudes- False Pseudopodium False Foot/ Temporary protrusion of the cytoplasm used for locomotion by sarcodine protozoans Structure of a sarcodine protozoans

43 42 Root: Definition: Example: Re- Again Reproduce Biological process by which new organisms are produced Hoverflies mating in mid-air

44 43 Root: Definition: Example: Muta- Change Mutagen A physical or chemical agent the alters the genetic information of an organism Frog that has been effected by mutagen

45 44 Root: Definition: Example: Pre- Before Prehistoric The time before written history- since the beginning of the universe Comparison of modern with prehistoric man-Neanderthal

46 45 Root: Definition: Example: Mast- Breast Mastectomy Surgical removal of one or both of the breasts Mastectomy diagram

47 46 Root: Definition: Example: Arter- Artery Arteriosclerosis Hardening of the arteries Diagram of a normal blood vessel

48 47 Root: Definition: Example: Natal- Birth Prenatal The period of gestation for a embryo or fetus, from conception till birth Human fetus at 30 weeks pregnant

49 48 Root: Definition: Example: Al- Pertaining to Visceral Pertaining to the viscera, organs of the abdominal cavity Diagram of the Visceral organs

50 49 Root: Definition: Example: Lass- Torn Laceration Irregular tear-like wounds cause by blunt trauma Hand Laceration

51 50 Root: Definition: Example: Meningo- Membrane Meningitis Inflammation of the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord, cause by microorganisms Meninges of the Brain

52 51 Root: Definition: Example: Adip- Fat Adipose Tissue Body Fat Comparison of Adipose to Muscle tissue

53 52 Root: Definition: Example: Plasia- Development Dysplasia Bad or improper development of tissue Hip dysplasia in pit bulls-Am. Pit Bull Registry

54 53 Root: Definition: Example: Zoo- Animal Zoology The study of the structure, function and behavior of animals Jeff Corwin is a famous zoologist and tv personality

55 54 Root: Definition: Example: Xeros- Dry Xerophyte A plant that is able to survive in a very dry environment This cactus is a good example of xerophyte

56 55 Root: Definition: Example: -Phyte Plant Halophyte A plant that grows where it is naturally affected by salinity Spartina alterniflora ( smooth cordgrass)

57 56 Root: Definition: Example: -Phile Loving Hydrophilic Water loving The cell membrane-the outside and inside of the bilayer is hydrophilic

58 57 Root: Definition: Example: Zygous- Joined Zygote Fertilized egg, forms from the joining of the nuclei of a sperm and an egg Formation of a zygote

59 58 Root: Definition: Example: Hyper- Over, Higher Hypertension Chronic High Blood Pressure, above 140/90 Effects of Hypertension

60 59 Root: Definition: Example: Dys- Difficult Dysfunctional Abnormal or impaired functioning America’s favorite dysfunctional family-the Griffins

61 60 Root: Definition: Example: -Itis Inflamation Tonsillitis An infection and inflammation of the tonsils Bacterial Tonsillitis

62 61 Root: Definition: Example: Ectomy- Cut out Appendectomy Surgical removal of the appendix Diagram of the lower GI Tract with appendix

63 62 Root: Definition : Example: Gastro- Stomach Gastropod Snails and Slugs,a major group of mollusks, are stomach footed animals Torsion of the Intestinal tract routes the anus out on top of the head

64 63 Root: Definition : Example: -Poda Foot Cephalopod Octopi and squid to name a few, a major group of mollusk, are head footed animals, with big eyes The only live colossal squid ever found

65 64 Root: Definition : Example: Cephal- Head Cephalization A natural trend where nervous tissue concentration in one end of the body Cephalizaition of Plathelminthes-flatworms

66 65 Root: Definition : Example: Exo- Out of Exocytosis Process used by cells to excrete cellular products or wastes Nerve cell secreting dopamine

67 66 Root: Definition : Example: -Phage- Eat, Destroy Macrophage, Phagocyte Big eaters, white blood cells within tissues are phagocytes that are part of the immune system Macrophage ingesting bacterial cells

68 67 Root: Definition : Example: Flat- Blow Flatulence The expulsion of gas produced during digestion through the rectum An elephant produces enough gas in a day to propel a car 20 miles

69 68 Root: Definition : Example: Hypo- Below Hypothermia When the body’s core temperature drops below what is required for normal metabolism Warming signs of hypothermia

70 69 Root: Definition : Example: Ef- Away Effluent Outflowing of water from a natural or man-made structure Effluent pipe from an India treatment plant

71 70 Root: Definition : Example: -Emia Condition of blood Anemia “Lack of blood”, low red blood cell count Iron-deficient anemia is the most common Anemic vs normal blood cell counts

72 71 Root: Definition: Example: Tachy- Fast, Rapid Tachycardia Acceleration of the heart beyond normal heart rhythm Focal tachycardia in left atrium

73 72 Root: Definition: Example: Osteo- Bone Osteoarthritis A degenerative joint disease Osteoarthritis of the knee

74 73 Root: Definition: Example: -Oma Tumor Sarcoma A cancer of the connective tissue, most present some dermal evidence Kaposi’s sarcoma

75 74 Root: Definition: Example: Hydro- Water Hydrolysis The splitting of water molecules in hydrogen and hydroxide ions Water can also be split electrically

76 75 Root: Definition : Example: Inter- Between Internode Part of a plant that creates distance between leaves, flowers and stems A plant with nodes and internodes labeled

77 76 Root: Definition : Example: Hema- Blood Hematologist A person who studies blood Blood of the late Tom Prosser, formation of echinocytes 8hrs after invenomation

78 77 Root: Definition : Example: Cost- Rib Intercostals A group of several muscles that run between the ribs Deep muscles of the chest

79 78 Root: Definition : Example: -Globin Protein Hemoglobin The iron-containing oxygen transporting protein of the red blood cells Hemoglobin diagram

80 79 Root: Definition : Example: Arth- Joint Arthropod An invertebrate with an exoskeleton and jointed legs I hate these arthropods

81 80 Root: Definition : Example: Geront- Old Gerontology The study of social, psychology and biology of growing old Old woman looking out the window

82 81 Root: Definition : Example: Sub- Under Subdural Hematoma Traumatic brain injury where blood pools in the coverings around the brain Subdural Hematoma diagram

83 82 Root: Definition : Example: Meta- Changed Metabolism The combined effect of all chemical reactions in the body Metabolic reactants vs products

84 83 Root: Definition : Example: -Trope Turn Heliotropism A diurnal motion of plant parts toward the direction of the sun Sunflowers exhibit heliotropic movement

85 84 Root: Definition : Example: -Therm- Heat Endotherm An organism whose body maintains thermal homeostasis Weddell seals are marine endotherms

86 85 Root: Definition : Example: Terra- Earth Terrestrial Having to do with the land, or the Earth Western Terrestrial Garter Snake

87 86 Root: Definition : Example: Syn- Together Synergy Working together, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts

88 87 Root: Definition : Example: -Stasis To Maintain Homeostasis To maintain the balance of a biological system Creation of equilibrium over time

89 88 Root: Definition : Example: -Sect Cut, Divide Dissect The process of disassembling and observing internal structures The dissection of a camel

90 89 Root: Definition : Example: Troph- Nourish Heterotroph An organism that eats other organism for food Indian pipe is a myco-heterotrophic plant

91 90 Root: Definition : Example: Photo- Light Photosynthesi s The process that autotrophs use to make their own food Global photosynthesis map

92 91 Root: Definition : Example: Plateo- Flat Plateau A high plain or tableland Plateau photograph-ain’t it pretty

93 92 Root: Definition : Example: Para- Beside Parasite Symbiotic relationship between two organisms where one benefits and one is harmed Mouth of a parasitic hookworm

94 93 Root: Definition : Example: Pan- All Pangea All Land, the super- continent that existed 250 MYA This Dinosaur lived on pangea, he says “Not the mama!!!!”

95 94 Root: Definition : Example: Paleo- Ancient Paleontology The study of prehistoric life This dinosaur skeleton makes a great Museum specimen

96 95 Root: Definition : Example: -Scope Look Telescope An instrument designed to observe remote objects, used since the 1600’s The Hubble space telescope

97 96 Root: Definition : Example: Omni- All Omnivore Organisms that eat both plant and animals for food Goats are well known for eating just about anything

98 97 Root: Definition : Example: Necro- Dead Necrosis Premature death of cells and living tissue Necrotic leg wound from Brown Recluse Spider

99 98 Root: Definition : Example: Morph- Form Polymorphism When two or more clearly different color forms exist in a population Color variations of Claytonia flowers

100 99 Root: Definition : Example: Luna- Moon Lunar Cycle Refers to the appearance of the illuminated portion of the moon, relative to the Earth Lunar Cycle

101 100 Root: Definition : Example: Iso- Equal Isotonic Has equal portion of solute to solution -in reference to another solution The importance of isotonic solution and the blood

102 10 1 Root: Definition : Example: Hemi- Half Hemipenis One of a pair male sexual organs found in snakes and lizards Hemipenes of Crotalus adamateus

103 102 Root: Definition : Example: Homo- Alike, Same Homozygous When both copies (maternal and paternal) of a gene are alike This stud is homozygous for all the right things-including standing funny

104 103 Root: Definition : Example: Hetero- Different Heterozygous When both copies (maternal and paternal) of a gene are different When crossed, heterozygous individuals can produce a variety of offspring

105 10 4 Root: Definition : Example: Herbi- Grass/Plant Herbaceous A plant whose leaves and stems die down at the end of the growing season A border of herbaceous plants-PRETTY

106 105 Root: Definition : Example: Halo- Salt Halophile Organisms that thrive in very high concentrations of salt-Salt Loving Halophilic bacteria cause the red pigment seen here in the Great Salt Lake, waterflow is restricted by a railroad crossing, making one end hypersaline

107 106 Root: Definition: Example: Genesis- Creation of Biogenesis The creation of lifeforms from other lifeforms Spontaneous Generation Luis Pasteur proved the idea of biogenesis-Finally

108 107 Root: Definition: Example: Folia- Leaf Foliage Fall foliage in deciduous forests are triggered by temperature and light intensity changes In this leaf, the fall colors are being exposed

109 108 Root: Definition: Example: Eco- House Ecosystem A natural unit consisting of all plants and animals in an area, along with abiotic factors An aquatic ecosystem

110 109 Root: Definition: Example: De- Remove Decompose The process by which dead organisms are broken down into simpler forms of matter Mushrooms growing on compost

111 11 0 Root: Definition: Example: Con- Together Convergent Evo. The process by which unrelated organisms develop similar characteristics, in similar ecosystems In similar yet distance environments, these organisms developed similar traits

112 11 1 Root: Definition : Example: Thulakos- Pouch Thylakoid Pouches located inside chloroplast that are filled with chlorophyll Structure of a Chloroplast

113 112 Root: Definition: Example: Chloros- Green Chlorophyll Green Pigment in plants and algae, absorbs light energy and stores it for photosynthesis Absorption Spectra of Chlorophyll

114 11 3 Root: Definition: Example: Centi- Hundred Centimeter 1/100 of a meter Old School Carpenter’s Rule

115 11 4 Root: Definition: Example: Cav- Hollow Cavity A hole or structural damage to a tooth Anatomy of a tooth

116 11 5 Root: Definition : Example: Carn- Flesh/Meat Carnivore Organisms that eat only meat Tiger eating a piece of yummy meat

117 11 6 Root: Definition : Example: Boreal- Northern Boreal Forest Also known as the Taiga biome, it is characterized by northern latitude coniferous forests Map of the North American boreal forests

118 117 Root: Definition : Example: Ad- Next To Adhesion The tendency of dissimilar things to stick together due to an attractive force Dew drops adhering to a spider web

119 11 8 Root: Definition : Example: Amphi- Both Sides Amphibian Organisms whose live cycle can include both a terrestrial as well as an aquatic form Dr. Brady Barr holding a giant salamander

120 11 9 Root: Definition : Example: Aeros- Air Aerosol Commonly used as a propellant in aerosols, CFC’s or chlorofluorocarbons, have been phased out by the Montreal Protocol CFC’s affect on ozone (O 3 ) molecules

121 12 0 Root: Definition : Example: Aqua- Water Aquatic Relating to water, living in or near water, the aquatic biomes are separated into the marine and freshwater regions An estuary mouth and coastal waters are part of the aquatic biome

122 12 1 Root: Definition : Example: Auto- Self Autotroph An organism that produces produce complex organic compounds from simple inorganic ones, using an outside energy source A hydrothermal vent community at the bottom of the ocean- based off of chemosynthetic bacteria that are autotrophs

123 12 2 Root: Definition : Example: Gyn- Woman Gynecology Medical practice dealing with the health of the woman’s reproductive system Most gynecologist are also obstetricians hence OB/GYN

124 12 3 Root: Definition : Example: Haplo- Single Haploid Cells produced by the process of meiosis that have only one set of chromosomes as opposed to two Haploid Life Cycle of a green algae

125 124 Root: Definition : Example: Dors- Back Dorsal Fin A fin located on the back of an animal Dorsal fin markings on dolphins are used to identify individuals in a pod

126 12 5 Root: Definition : Example: Dent- Tooth Dentistry Is the study of the evaluation, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of oral conditions The average salary of dentist is about $106 K

127 12 6 Root: Definition : Example: Cyte- Cell Monocyte A type of white blood cell that is part of the immune system. Monocyte under a light microscope(40x) surrounded by red blood cells

128 12 7 Root: Definition : Example: Vora- To Devour Herbivore Leaf Miners feed on leaf tissue between epidermis layers leaving trails Trails left by Leaf Miners

129 128 Root: Definition : Example: Andro- Male Androgen Any natural or synthetic steroid hormone used to enhance or create masculine characteristics Harmful effects of anabolic steroids

130 12 9 Root: Definition : Example: Artios- Even Artiodactyla An order of even-toed ungulate mammals Okapi ( Okapia johnstoni) a close relative of the giraffe

131 13 0 Root: Definition : Example: Askos- Bag Ascus A sexual spore bearing sac found on certain fungi Asci of Morchella elata, the black morel mushroom which contains spores

132 13 1 Root: Definition : Example: Chroma- Colored Chromatophor e Pigment containing and light reflecting cells found on various species of animals The amazing cuttlefish, can change its color instantly by using its chromatophores

133 132 Root: Definition : Example: Circa- Around Circadian Rhythm Biological Clock, a 24 hr cycle of bodily processes that center around the days The Human Clock

134 13 3 Root: Definition : Example: Dendro- Tree Dendrite Nonliving components of the biosphere Vasquez Rock Formation-made famous by Power Rangers

135 13 4 Root: Definition : Example: Dia- Apart Diastolic Nonliving components of the biosphere Vasquez Rock Formation-made famous by Power Rangers

136 135 Root: Definition : Example: Derma- Skin Epidermis Nonliving components of the biosphere Vasquez Rock Formation-made famous by Power Rangers

137 13 6 Root: Definition : Example: Dormire- Sleep Dormancy Nonliving components of the biosphere Vasquez Rock Formation-made famous by Power Rangers

138 13 7 Root: Definition : Example: Echinos- Membrane Meningitis Nonliving components of the biosphere Vasquez Rock Formation-made famous by Power Rangers

139 13 8 Root: Definition : Example: Meningo- Membrane Meningitis Nonliving components of the biosphere Vasquez Rock Formation-made famous by Power Rangers

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