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Anatomy study of structure and shape of body

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1 Anatomy study of structure and shape of body
body parts and body parts in relation to another Gross Anatomy Large easily observable structures Ex. heart, bones, skin Microscopic Anatomy Small structures Ex. cells and tissues

2 Physiology study of how the body works and functions Neurophysiology
how the nervous system works Cardiac Physiology How heart and blood vessels work

3 Anatomy & Physiology Structure determines function Examples:
Heart muscular chamber = pumping blood Lungs thin walls = gas exchange

4 Levels of Organization
Chemicals  Atoms  Molecules  Cell  Tissues  Organs  Organ Systems  Organisms


6 Integumentary System Skin External covering of the body Functions
Waterproofs, cushions and protects Temperature control


8 Skeletal System Bones, cartilage, ligaments, and joints Functions
Supports Protects


10 Muscular System Skeletal muscles Functions Locomotion Support


12 Nervous System Brain, Spinal Cord, Nerves, and sensory receptors
Functions Control systems of the body Respond to stimuli


14 Endocrine System Produce hormones Functions
Slowly controls systems of the body Long term changes in organ systems


16 Cardiovascular System
Heart and Blood Vessels Functions Transportation of cells and minerals Blood to tissue


18 Lymphatic System Immune system Complements cardiovascular Function
Defense against infections


20 Respiratory System Nasal passages, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi, lungs Gas exchange in lungs Function Constant supply of O2 Removes CO2


22 Digestive System Tube from mouth to anus Function Process food
Absorb nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and H2O


24 Urinary System Excretory system Urinary bladder, ureters, and urethra
Function Disposes of waste Maintains water/salt and acid/base

25 Reproductive System Female Male Function Ovary, uterus, and vagina
Scrotum, testis, and penis Function Disposes of waste Maintains water/salt and acid/base

26 Life Functions Boundaries Movement Responsiveness Digestion Metabolism
Excretion Reproduction Growth

27 Boundaries External vs. Internal External - skin Internal - cells
Protects from desiccation, bacteria, heat, sunlight, and chemicals Internal - cells Allows necessary substances in Keeps damaging substances out

28 Movement External Internal Muscular and skeletal system
Blood, food, and urine through organs

29 Responsiveness Senses changes in environment and reacts

30 Digestion Breaks down food for absorption
Delivered to cells through cardiovascular system

31 Metabolism All chemical reactions that happen in body cells Examples:
Complex into simple Make larger structures from smaller Produce ATP

32 Excretion Removes waste Digestive system Urinary system
Indigestible food Urinary system Metabolic waste through urine

33 Reproduction Production of offspring Cells Organism
Divide then used for body growth and repair Organism Sperm and eggs

34 Growth Increase in cell # Cell making > cell destroying

35 Survival Needs Nutrients O2 H2O Body temp Atmospheric Pressure

36 Nutrients Chemicals used for energy and cell building
Carbohydrates - provides energy for body cells Proteins - essential for building cell Fats - essential for building cell, cushion body organs, reserve fuel Vitamins and Minerals - needed for chemical reactions, O2 transport in blood

37 Oxygen (O2) Needed for chemical reactions that release energy from food 20% of air

38 Water (H2O) 60-80% of body weight
Fluid base for secretions and excretions Ingested from foods and liquids Lost by evaporation

39 Body Temperature Maintained by activity of skeletal muscles
98˚F or 37˚C Decreases Metabolic reactions decrease Increases Proteins break down

40 Atmospheric Pressure Force exerted on body by weight of air
Exchange of O2 and CO2 (breathing) depends on atm. pressure

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