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N-TEC Access Control Connecting For Growth.

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1 N-TEC Access Control Connecting For Growth

2 Introductions Grosvenor Technology (UK) Cortech Developments (UK)
Derek Blethyn – Managing Director Richard Pearson – IT & Special Projects Manager Cortech Developments (UK) Mark Thomas – Director Gary Corbett – Director

3 N-TEC Version 4.0

4 The Intelligent Door Controller (IDC)
The Intelligent Door Controller (Multi-drop RS485 or TCP/IP available) 2 readers with PIN - 1 or 2 door configuration Additional 6 alarm inputs & 4 relay outputs 12,000 (65,000 or 110,000) users at controller AES Encryption on eSeries Real-time processing at door 2A power supply with battery back-up Local LED and sounder outputs Memory buffer whilst off-line (4,000 Events) Upgrade flash whilst system is working Any modern reader technology

5 The Intelligent Door Controller IDC
The Intelligent Door Controller (IDC) (Multi-drop RS485 or TCP/IP available) + 6 x Alarm Inputs + 4 x Relay Outputs + Tamper Circuit for Enclosure

6 Biometric Options HID - BioCLASS LG – Iris Hitachi - Vein Mifare
iCLASS DESFire LG – Iris

7 Intelligent Peripheral Controller (IPC)
The Intelligent Peripheral Controller (IPC) (Multi-drop RS485 or TCP/IP available) 16 Supervised Alarm Inputs 16 Change-Over Relay Outputs AES Encryption Upgrade Flash Whilst System is Working

8 N-TEC 5-Way Enclosure

9 via Ethernet Converter
A Typical N-TEC System Integrated CCTV & Fire eSeries Controllers via TCP/IP RS485 Controllers via RS232 Converter RS485 Controllers via USB Converter via Ethernet Converter Admin Station ID Card Production

10 Triple Redundancy on RS485 Comms

11 Comms Port Monitor

12 I/O Multiplexer Feed All Door Circuits on 1-Pair 1,200 Mtrs Distance
PIN On Reader Data Lines Only 1,200 Mtrs Distance Power Supply Required At Door Ideal For: Gate House Barriers Listed Buildings System Changes / Upgrades

13 N-TEC Event Relay Easy and Effective Way to Control Third-Party ASCII / XML Remote Devices

14 Pelco / VICON CCTV Switcher
N-TEC Event Relay Pelco / VICON CCTV Switcher Intellex DVR LAN / WAN Bosch VIDOS Geutebruck N-TEC Event Relay Bosch Allegiant

15 SMS, & PDA Synchronisation
N-TEC Events Trigger Messages SMS Synchronise Your PDA Pulls Data From N-TEC (Cards and Users tables) Stores Data On iCLASS/Mifare Card Personal Information Picture Health & Safety Info Training / Technical Qualifications Duty PDA Duty Mobile

16 N-TEC s N-TEC Server Server Exchange SMTP Relay LAN

17 N-TEC s

18 Diagnostics – Box Monitor
Real Time Diagnostics on IDC and IDCe

19 N-TEC Enterprise Solution
Centralised Primary Database N-TEC Head Office Archiving & Reporting N-TEC Admin Manager Web Interface LAN / WAN N-TEC Central Monitoring Station N-TEC Site-A (Primary) Site-A (Secondary) N-TEC System-B N-TEC System-C

20 Connecting Systems For Growth

21 System Resilience Two Types of Active Backup
Luke warm – Replication – Double Take Hot Standby – everRUN – Marathon everRUN FT offers Fault Tolerant Virtual Servers

22 Developments Requested By You
5-Way Enclosure – Similar Footprint to iSecure 4100U Fire Panel Interface Manufacturing Moved to Hungary – Lower Cost Smart Card Visitor Interface Arabic Interface Cortech DATA LOG Russian Translation Microsoft VISTA Compliant KONE Elevator Interface Destination Control

23 N-TEC Recent Installations
Abu Dhabi National Bank Al-Jazeera English TV Station Merrill Lynch - Dubai Post Office & HSBC in Masaid Emergency Medical Centres Gharaffa Ain Khalid Jumailiya KPC Training Center Kuwait (RO) Project Naberezhnaya Tower Complex

24 N-TEC/Cortech Integration
Seamless XML integration Third Party PC XML Gateway LAN / WAN N-TEC Server

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