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Perfect Internet Opportunities Putting more money in YOUR pocket where it belongs! October 19, 2013 Presented by Cate Kozikowski.

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1 Perfect Internet Opportunities Putting more money in YOUR pocket where it belongs! October 19, 2013 Presented by Cate Kozikowski

2 All of us in Perfect Internet love to see our free members WIN

3 Join PI Once – Opportunity Forever Many of the opportunities open to you in PI are based from our belief that what you build and take part in should be paying you for a lifetime By becoming a free member of PI many doors open for you No sales or selling involved unless you wish to participate in those select opportunities

4 How do you win with Perfect Internet? ▫PRIZE MANIA ▫Lotto Madness ▫FREE EBooks ▫Games with IBetULose ▫Perfect APP CASHFACTOR ▫DealPOINTs ▫Madvertising ▫PI Business Relations

5 Did you know every 10 minutes we are giving away free prizes? What can you win? ▫Smartphone ▫Digital Camera ▫Cash Jackpot ▫Shopping Jackpot ▫Jewelry ▫Surprise Gifts

6 How much have people won already? We have already given away over US$7,000 in CASH! Many other prizes already won by our members Are you going to be the next winner?

7 Free Lottery tickets in the 6 biggest lotteries of the world! How often can you play? ▫12 times each week! How do I know if I win? ▫You will see your name in the list of winners How do you claim? ▫Click the link to claim from the list of winners

8 Every week we hold a poll to vote for a new Free Valuable_eBook Many selections to choose from Previous selections have included: ▫50 Ways to Monetize Your Site ▫300 Top Quotes ▫Beginners Guide To Graphics Design ▫Hiring the Best Web Designers ▫Home Business Success ▫Productivity Without Pain ▫The Last Bet ▫Energy Tips ▫Email Marketing 101 ▫And so many more!

9 Games PI has a great selection of one player and multi- player games to play inside your Perfect Internet I Bet U Lose – opening soon where you can bet a dime to win a million! Get your game skills on now and prepare to win!

10 Perfect APP CASHFACTOR Earn Real Cash just for using our new Perfect APP and sharing it with others! How to get started fast ▫Forum in our WAZZUB Community  Forums  PI Galaxy  Perfect APP (Tools &Tips) ▫Blog ▫PA Download http://perfectapp.bz ▫Follow our 7 Steps to Your Success when you click “How to $$$” button on your PA

11 How does the Perfect APP CASHFACTOR work? Every time you log into your PA, your timer starts from the last time you were logged in ▫At the top of the hour click on the green refresh button next to your CASHFACTOR ▫This increases your CASHFACTOR ▫CASHFACTOR also increases when any of your invited members (5 generations deep) are using their PA too! ▫The more people you have using PA, the more you earn every month!

12 What if my timer stops running in PA? If you see your timer not counting anymore, it means you are inactive for 1 hour ▫Simply click on any icon from PA and your timer will begin counting again

13 Do I need to be clicking on things for the whole hour in order to increase my CASHFACTOR? NO! The beauty about the Perfect APP is that you only need to click once per hour in order to increase your CASHFACTOR We are sure you will find many fun and interesting things to do inside our PI Galaxy as well as your own favorite places in PA

14 DealPOINTs ▫Earn DealPOINTs by  Setting up your PI Homepage (New Member Bonus)  New Referral Bonus  Member Contests  Unboxing Club  IDS Referral Purchases

15 New Member Bonus DealPOINTs New members can earn DealPOINTs instantly when they customize their homepage in PI Simply mouse over the boxes and choose customize to get started – follow the simple steps

16 New Referral Bonus DealPOINTs For every new member you invite to PI, you receive 5 DealPOINTs when they are active for their first month ▫DealPOINTs are credited automatically once your new member has been active in PI for one month

17 Win DealPOINTs in Our PI Member Contests  Simply Click on PRIZE MANIA as often as you can and visit as many PI pages as you can for your chance to win 100 DealPOINTs in each of our contest  Most visited PI pages each day  Most Clicks on PRIZE MANIA

18 PI’s Unboxing Club Earn DealPOINTs when you take a picture or a video of you opening your purchase from any of our Online Shopping sites, like iDealSmarter, MEGA Deal Weekend, and more! Check out our Club for our latest winners! ▫ unboxing_club unboxing_club ▫Earn 50 DealPOINTs when you share a picture ▫Earn 100 DealPOINTs when you share a video

19 iDealSmarter Referral Purchases Whenever someone in your 1 st generation of invited PI members makes a purchase on iDealSmarter – you receive 10 DealPOINTs! Share IDS with all your members and let them know the great deals they can find up to 99% off!

20 What Can I Use DealPOINTs for? While DealPOINTs have no actual cash value, they do have a great savings on our E-Commerce sites 1 DealPOINT = 1 US Cent ▫100 DealPOINTs = 1 US Dollar If you have enough DealPOINTs you can cover the price of the item, the System Fee, AND the cost of Shipping! 100% FREE Shopping only on the Perfect Internet DealPOINTs can be used on any product or coupon from the following Business Partners: Supreme Jewels, Eeboox, Shobbit More participating Business Partners will be added at a later date

21 Where Can I Spend My DealPOINTs?

22 Website owners can profit even more with madvertising ▫Publishers earn 75% of revenue through displaying ads  Free to sign up and code is simple to install  Low payment threshold – receive your money even more easily

23 Other Opportunities with madvertising Earn 5% commissions from new referrals- open to all Publishers and Advertisers Resellers program – opening soon

24 Become a Positive Cash Flow Expert ▫Free training and tools ▫Build Residual Income now and get paid for life ▫Help your local businesses receive more exposure, customers and sales by placing deals on our E- Commerce platforms ▫No fees of any kind to get started or to earn ▫No sales involved ▫Contact me after this webinar to get started today!

25 No Jobs to do – Free Forever As you can see with PI there are LOADS of Opportunity for you Always free Fun and Exciting Get started today!

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