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Welcome to ClixoCash! This presentations will provide you with all the information you need to know about ClixoCash!

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1 Welcome to ClixoCash! This presentations will provide you with all the information you need to know about ClixoCash!

2 Founded 2003 in Scandinavia. Registered 2004 in Belize ( More than 5000 gamers joined the company the first three months, enjoying games of skill, shared revenue and a unique bonus affiliate program. As a part of our international launch we are proud to welcome YOU to join us as a prosperous Clixo Member. Background Our vision is to give the world a unique game site with the best in skill and adventure games available with great prizes to be won Vision

3 How to make money with ClixoCash UniLevel Bonus In our UniLevel Bonus program you get instantly paid for the members you sign up. When they in their turn sponsor, you get rewarded for that also. Gaming Prizes 60% of our gaming turnover is returned to the members as prizes. Unit Exchange program Due to the mandatory unit purchase program, members unit portfolio should give a handsome profit. Turnover commission 30% of the gaming turnover is returned to the members as commission from their 3:rd - 7:th generations. Generation winnings When gamers in your 1:st - 5:th generation wins, you receive a percentage of the prize. Lucky Draw 6% of the unit exchange program turnover is returned to members thru Lucky Draws.

4 UniLevel Bonus You will earn 30 for each Member you personally sponsor. They are called your 1st Generation. Each time someone in your 1st Generation refer a new Member, They become your 2nd generation and you will be paid 20 for that, and so on… UniLevel Bonus is instant and one-time payment. See how you get paid below. Your GenerationsUniLevel Bonus Generation 1 30 Generation 2 20 Generation 3 10 Generation 4 10 Generation 5 10 Generation 6 5 Generation 7 5 Tip! Most net workers sign up 2 own accounts. When they refer new Members from their 2nd account, they get = 50 for each Member!

5 UniLevel Bonus You will have a full overview on your personally sponsored and their downline. You can contact your 1st generation via . You can click the usernames and follow your down line's progress.

6 Prizes 60% of the gaming turnover (prize pool) is returned to the winners, and is shared between them. Example is based upon a turnover of 900,000

7 Winnings If gamers in your 1:st – 5:th. generations wins a prize, you receive 0,7 – 10 % of that prize. Example: A member in your downline has won 90,000

8 Gaming Turnover By enrolling new gamers to your organization, you create a substantial residual income. You receive 2 – 10% of the gaming turnover from gamers placed in your 3:rd – 7:th generation. Example: You have personally sponsored 4 members that each have sponsored 4 members and so on. All members have played one game once a week for the price of 3

9 Unit Exchange program 50% of all commission, winnings and lucky draws are invested in the Unit Exchange program. This increases the value of your unit portfolio. Unit purchases made from mandatory account is locked up for 7 days. There is no brokerage fee when buying units, but 10% when selling. 60% of the brokerage fee is transferred to Lucky Draws.

10 Lucky Draws 6% of the total Unit Exchange program turnover is used as prizes in the Lucky Draws. This is not a lottery where you can buy ticket, but you automatically participate if you are the personal sponsor of 2, 5 or 10 gamers. Once you have enrolled 2, 5 or 10 you are always qualified for participation in Lucky Draws. Example is based on a turnover

11 Qualify for commission You will always receive instant commission from the UniLevel Bonus system. If you in addition to this want to receive commission from your generation gaming turnover and your generation winnings, all you need to do is participate in 1 game each week. If You win in the Lucky Draw, You'll always receive 50% of the prize. And if You sponsored somebody the week before, You'll receive the full prize. In the case you did not sponsor anybody, the other half will be added to the prize pool of the Monthly Contest, shared by the top enrollers of the month.

12 1. Play at ClixoCash as much as you like the rest of your life for only We only have non commercial games. 3. Participate in multiplayer games with gamers from around the world. 4. Weekly true or false quizzes, movie quizzes, unbelievable quizzes with great prizes like cars, cruises, vacations, units etc. 5. Monthly grand prize for best enrollers. 6. Get your share of the BILLION $ games of skill industry. 7. Make profit from the Unit Exchange program 8. Get paid daily!!! 9. Earn as much as you like in the UniLevel Bonus system. 10. Earn a non-limited residual income from the gaming turnover in your generations. Why should I join?

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