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‘ dreams made real’ Welcome to……... Double Income Technologies (Pty) Ltd Double Income Technologies (DITech) is a privately owned promotional, advertising.

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1 ‘ dreams made real’ Welcome to……..

2 Double Income Technologies (Pty) Ltd Double Income Technologies (DITech) is a privately owned promotional, advertising and business developmental company legally incorporated in the Republic of South Africa in terms of the Companies Act Reg. No: 2013/033617/07 Who is DITech? We are lead by a passionate, devoted and well-informed management team who have many years of business management proficiency and miscellaneous techniques in the Direct-Selling Industry.

3 Double Income Technologies (Pty) Ltd DITech’s Vision DITech’s Mission We intend developing people through inspiration thus providing business developmental support that will without fail aggressively create Millionaires and financial independence. Our vision is to establish a giant and profitable organisation that will change the lives of our people for the better.

4 Trust Respect Caring Double Income Technologies (Pty) Ltd

5 Products and Services Skills Developmental Training Short Courses In an effort to ensure our members succeed in their entrepreneurial skills and various business careers we offer one of the following 1 day skills development training courses. 1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship 2. Code of Conduct in the Business Environment 3. Effective Presentation & Communication skills

6 Double Income Technologies (Pty) Ltd Products and Services New Venture Creation Business Registration Tax Clearance Assistance in License Acquisition Business Plan & Profile SWOT Analysis Establishing a brand (Logo, Trademark etc.) Banners, Business Cards, Brochures Business Finance Identify New Venture funding, grants or loans Possible Capital Arrangements Budgeting Book keeping Manage accounting, cash flow and auditing Manage Financial Projections etc. Business Development Services We are experts at providing new business solutions in a win-win environment below are some of our services.

7 Existing Business Ventures Provide Promotional Services Business Evaluation Business Growth and Sustainability Monitor Survival Stage and Profitability Marketing Prepare Marketing Plan Advertisement and Promotional Implementation Find Brand Ambassadors Billboards Business Website Development Products and Services Double Income Technologies (Pty) Ltd IT Services Software Development Business Intelligent(data management) Mobile Compatible Applications Websites Development Website Listing on our Website for Exposure

8 What is the Product Basket? This is a collection of a wide variety of products and services that we make available to our members at negotiated and discounted rates from suppliers as well as products that are marketed at DITech. Products Basket Double Income Technologies (Pty) Ltd DITech Product Basket's Available Products Funeral Insurance (Red Chili Marketing) Entrepreneurial Training (JR Communications) Take over Installment Cars (Vehicle Rescue Team) Beauty and Perfumes (INUKA Fragrances) Cleaning Services & Chemicals (Ezweni Cleaning Services) See updated Product Basket on the website:

9 Double Income Technologies (Pty) Ltd Membership cost R1500 Once off R5000 Family Funeral Cover Cover is valid for 12 months, no monthly premiums Get lifetime discounts on our services Secured back office to manage and track your home based online business opportunity. Membership Cost

10 Double Income Technologies (Pty) Ltd It took a ‘ dream made real ‘ to transform a virgin land to skyscraping towers……..... Believe!Begin!Become!

11 Double Income Technologies (Pty) Ltd In South Africa, over 1.3 million direct sellers are involved in the industry with an annual sales turnover of R 7.8- billion in Currently provides full-time employment for over 3,200 people in South Africa and still growing. Total sales turnover R7.8-billion (2011); 9.9% growth over 2010 Total direct sellers 1.35-million (2011); an additional 81,000 people over 2011 Why Network Marketing? Of which, 384,000 actively building a direct selling business of which the total direct sellers are 87% female and 13 male. Globally the industry has over 91.5 million direct sellers generating over US$153.7 billion in product sales.

12 The Compensation Plan DITech’s pay plan is one of the most powerful plans the industry has ever seen, take advantage and make money monthly, weekly and even daily

13 Double Income Technologies (Pty) Ltd We offer 4 Powerful Streams of Income: Power Bonus Instant Bonus Residual Income Incentives

14 Double Income Technologies (Pty) Ltd Instant Bonus When a member introduces his third direct he will get R300 onwards till infinite. Power Bonus When a member introduces two people they get a position on the Power Matrix. Upon entry on the Power Matrix you will get an uplift to the next level as the matrix splits. When you complete the Power Matrix you will earn R8 000 and a free re-entry for you to cycle again and again Make money while on holiday ! Make money while you sleep !

15 Your DITech membership allows you to earn your POWER BONUS through the ‘Power Matrix’. You will enter the matrix after sponsoring your first two direct referrals. Double Income Technologies (Pty) Ltd The Power Matrix Entry Point Level 1 after introducing at least two people. Progress Point Level 2 after first board splitting through collective effort by BAs on the board. Cycle Point Level 3 cycle stage then revolve again and again.

16 LEVEL 3 LEVEL 2 LEVEL 1 Qualifying members are placed on Level 1 of the Power Matrix as the matrix splits members get an uplift to the next level until finally exiting at Level 3 and get another free entry on Level 1 to cycle again and again in a revolving fashion. LEVEL 2 LEVEL 1 Enter from here Again and again earning a Power Bonus of R8 000 each time! Double Income Technologies (Pty) Ltd The Power Matrix

17 Double Income Technologies (Pty) Ltd A D C B Reservation D Reservation EReservation FReservation G When you join DITech you must introduce two people to get a position on reservations D,E,F OR G on Level 1. Positions A,B and C will already be occupied and yours to do will to teach your direct referrals to do the same so that they follow you to your board. When this board fills up it will SPLIT into two sub boards and give you an uplift to the next level until you cycle at level 3 (A position). When you join the board may look like this? Board 01

18 Double Income Technologies (Pty) Ltd What happens when the matrix splits? R-A G F E D CB Reservation H Reservation K Reservation J Reservation I Reservation L Reservation M Reservation N Board 02 Board 01 A

19 YOU 01 FAQ: How many people do I need to cycle? Answer: A minimum of 2 Directs. Note: To complete cycles as fast as possible sponsor as many Directs as possible and make sure they have a minimum of two and or more Directs as well. Double Income Technologies (Pty) Ltd You will now appear on the board Meaning you are eligible to cycling when you complete level 3, this is not the board but your Tree View structure. See Tree View To speed up the process, simply introduce more directs and teach them to do the same. Please NOTE; Do not duplicate your name on the system because that will need you to double your efforts use only one username on the board.

20 Double Income Technologies (Pty) Ltd Residual Income It is very important therefore that our compensation plan ensures sustainability by introducing members to Entrepreneurial short courses at R2000 only. Members can pay at point of joining or after first cycle, BAs are obliged (forced) to enroll for this training as it is part of DITech’s motive to instill entrepreneurship. Member receives training for a one day Skills Development Short Course. Training Venue is allocated once 30 BAs are allocated within 5 km radius, alternatively a member can book their space for training at our offices Member shall earn R100 for every down line on the 10*3 Residual Matrix..

21 10 Members Level 1 X R100 = R1 000 pm Level Members X R100 = R pm Level Members X R100 = R pm Residual Income A membership maintenance fee per payment of R500 will be deducted from your income to maintain your residual earnings. YOU Double Income Technologies (Pty) Ltd

22 Level 1 Incentive 10 Team cycles (Tablet PC) Double Income Technologies (Pty) Ltd

23 Level 2 Incentive 100 team cycles (Car Polo Vivo)

24 40% Medical Aid Subsidy Cellphone allowances Double Income Technologies (Pty) Ltd Or Become Company Ambassador Full-time! Travelling Allowances Company elegance vehicle

25 Double Income Technologies (Pty) Ltd Level 3 Incentive 1000 team cycles (Decent house worth a million Rands)

26 Double Income Technologies (Pty) Ltd To avoid payment delays please ensure that your profile is updated with your correct information and banking details of active accounts. Power Bonus & Instant Bonus showing in your E- wallet will be paid within 24 to 72 hours in cash! Residual Income will be paid on the 27 of every month! Incentives will be given to qualified members at leadership events to be announced.

27 Double Income Technologies (Pty) Ltd Brand Development (place your order now)

28 Double Income Technologies (Pty) Ltd Information Brochures available at R15

29 This is not available.

30 Double Income Technologies (Pty) Ltd Founder & Director of DITech! Samuel Thabiso Simelane Cell: Tel: Fax: Skype ID: Web: “ He who is not courageous enough to take risks in life will achieve nothing” “You cannot achieve big if you do not dream big” “Chase your dreams with us and we will make them real” Thabiso Simelane

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